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Full text of "Annual Reports of the Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Park, 1920"

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•tionnl x-ark. 

.vcoldonts . 

Aoeovnodatione. M 


Lodrlaca ::G 

.dialnletrctl n of the Awfth 2 

Anirvnl ltvUitftry, uresu of 

*».la, • »e 11C M.-'lB • ........ 

nt.<y\c;^e. 79 

lors Ill 

Appropriations, • LK 

rrosts ••••••«.... ••• 119 

Automobile canpa. • • 54 

Automobile en ?*>torcycle foes 119 

Autooobile Trsv^l 30 

Deere, "Oack earl Crizsly 105 - 107 


irfchs. .... 

i: 5 . 10G 

, tenaiico n . i. .>rovenc;.!;c;. • • • • • 48 

Man • 105 


.'rv.xj r . . 74 

124 lerd. 75 

rXiildia^s M 

Bureau of 1 Industry ..•••• 9 

oau of /id:03« 9 

Bureau of inforuntion 81 

oeu of Tines 9 

Camp, autouobiloe M 

Cases tried bofo:.-a the Jn. 8« Cotrai sal oner. • • • . • 119 

Ljcamka • HOB 

Church services 143 

Construction and -opair of Iralls 48 

Conventions 153 

Cooke City 'toad 48 

otas 104 

Cultivation of tho Land •••.. M 

Curio -.tops I 

*••:..- 137 

Deer 101 

Depredations by Clk 98 


Depredations by elk ■ 

Klk s .'ark 97 

ieedirg hey ard apodal cr«ro wt • . • « M 

Op.13.atir herd I- 

iiurtttrr: ^eacon. M 

irererfc Ccndlticnc. .... 

rrot^etior. of N 

•uthero elk hurt 100 

r-ncea, -eilrcade and ld;',La&ys f to Par'*: ...... 10 

--astern ^etev&y 11 

Iiortbeasterr Gateway. i< 

;.orthorn Jaterray • 11 

orthwaetem Gateway I. 

southern Gateway. 14 

.eet&ri. ^steway. 13 

ding Hay and Gpeeial dot* of 1"- . . . . 96 

iroa, ore<3t. 117 

FUh -plantin CO 

lstribution. 07 of Tlsh plantia . 68 

Rahee, Bureau cf 9 

ftahing by .bur! a to. „ 71 

FXcnere • 113 

forest Klres 117 

forest SwvSm 10 

Franchises and Gerrite UN 


Ftiel. 117 

Gallatin (erd of -Ik 100 

GaeolJnff t We— a 

Geaerel ^tate^ort. 1 

0enen»l -tore* . 

Oeolo led irnrc.- 10 

.*)/c>Oi itH 38 

we, i .• 115 

Grizzly beara 1 ' 

liaedquirtevo | 

.ot oparlncs 110 

ting eaanon of oik &£ 



• •• 

- rv< 

., 64 


JU: • « 7 

- .*■ '. - _ 

, .: i ' patina of* • • • • • • 

Liata of Xfcnlls ii. ZftUovoi ttfc •••..«..• 

Lodgl&c WbA ; uala furwitfht*<i >-oia aud C«aps • • • 20 

ISaaln ■ .1 Lodgtcg furni-iiou Ly Bafcalfl ft] • • • H 

Mftdieol oi-vico 142 

KUmm. Bureau of* • . . • 9 

4. scull'.. MMM orvico M 

wUl'io .••••••••.. ••• 

Gnuoliiia ^tat&flttfti • • • • • • • • M 

:.1U turt*a ....... • if 

ooyocr Botijfl • •••••••• ■ 

--• . ., . , vXi 

d 00 

'..o&ioo leturoa •••••••••••• Lti 

: otoro.. cle .rjiV'-l • •.••••••.•••••••• £0 

..iW.ii. |MM 1U4 

Mountain -h«e_>. • 

tSOTlBC -'ictU3X» CQJfcp«fli&fe. • ••••.••• 127 

WuSKrn-1 . 

iletionnl s'ark • ervlco Control ••••• • 3 

Organization of tha Ptffci ••• 4 

a tteroaaal ty . roml m azk •• 41 

nolt« a franchisee UN 

PursI&g, Start Ban 125 

-jonana, dayror, , r ..... . 115 

• ^fjiiin-ola 105 

. i 

loo ^p- 8 

Bawar lant aud titar -u 1. • 02 

-i.«ace.»t fftpjiltttM of 

.tecti' lit • H 


Babbits, Jacket- 1. . 

.ailrooL'.a aM l^iwaya to /ark Irt—TiT-— •••••• 10 

-aatorn 11 

Hortheaetarv: v^tetmy 15 

:«>rthern ■ 11 

:<orth«98torn ■ 15 

'-*OU t * -i* i* II • •••••••• ••• • ••■• • •• X-r 

o torn f • •• 13 

I eco-:jnorv.;«tijris. • . 144 


riolntenar.ce and Iaproro taor.t .......... tt 

arldcaa • •........• •. • M 

■:<kn I ity Rati ••• 4Q 

not Approach "ond {In the park), . 47 

last i r;uc: Oad (In l.JU: :- >roat ] .... 47 

Kaln Belt LlM 44 

r '^pprort Mi 46 

South Approach (in the Haft) 47 

-out/. 'pj-ror-ch :t>au (In the Teto nal Forefltj 48 

"«ot IggpgpMtl "oad. • til 

&M& Pavwaent a ^©eeenity. •• 41 

1 kit -ark. 16 

of the ark-~P8nr»ra©at a ^cesalt;/. 42 


school at .' eo/.quarterc • 143 

service, GtaOtit 143 

Service, Forest . . . 10 

-ervtco, edieal ...•• 142 

errlco, iocullarmouo ^C 

v-urio - \3pa •• 30 v- ti ma • I 

General stores. • • 37 

.voyaer Bacho 

JPbotoGrephy 36 

eyrlco to the -labile 29 

-er sanont Genoa ................ 30 

ttawm th Oenp 1 

hort .te -oraita 125 

Igns. •••••••••.••••••••.••.. j\ 

.noTT>lo\: 43 

MigM -V. 

Cooke oad 4 

-ast .roach road (in par!--/. ......... 47 

East e -n' (In i -?*oahoaa Foreat ) • • • • 47 

ain Bolt Line 44 

Wort til 

uth .••;; load (In the per 47 

ifch Approach Rood (In the 3aton Rational oreat) 48 

«at Approach ioa || 


southern «lk *'*r<t . 1 . 

art) en. . > . 

ApproprJ ftftiene On Itteo*^ Mflfe 12£ 

oovta la i5>e fltllftWliMMj 124 

Convert* ona • . . ............... Hi 

-lorornors • 120 

)fctfMM4teia*t*a toroatry ^eoclctio.-i LSI 

ff iolnln of | iriark ^rvico 120 

-our .... * LSI 

■tiMafl fficlftlf? 131 

.jacrotary o* M i MfttV s ■' MSpravf of ;5aTy« 120 

^•aCT-et-.ary of the Sary tad ,-ec. of Interior ... 1^1 

YiaJt by other M a ufcera of m • • . • • . 180 

;>quirral* . , . . , 105 

states, autonobU.e travel by. 20 

. toma, ,?er.oral ••..... 

.oohone «nc* Jfele pnyl iiTien H 

rrnll yBten 1C & 49 

-"-on st nation a is aH 

List, of JtgJ.Ip in •: • • '1C 

T">rwoTtG' ion <<rrica. . SI 

Ha* :feblea VS. 

2rar©l 3 3er»son . ?.G 

>a"*-a"! ifferant JSntrr^-bces (telbea) - 

btorcyola an^ ri-rato *h1d taaval (tobies) • . . 

vol f^O iff :: 

?p©r TellcrTO^ ■..<■• - - ivor e i on ... 

er ielloaatona ■ L< r lwr • i^r. a;. 

United states Geological jwrey • . . . 

Violations of re-mJafcionr Ill 

Vital statistics 

3irS a 17 


later «i;'..-ly and Baaar plant M 

aether irea-a. 7 

ii : ii fl 

till -a 



Qrisjay 107 



il rd 

• "J .fi or 7Jj 


Cacetfa Ly x, , ~x, olv rinea etc 1 .'. 

->r t &1T9C, -hp 104 



.>jsr©d3ti oV: . 


?»e eUJ • : n of 

Gel3ntlr : 3i\L ICO 

Hurting Seaecr 


rotocti nut 

3ootberr £Dr . er ■■ 1',, 



;t3T, ink, -ku'Jr, oseslSg ; .e 104 

orcuplnes . ...... 105 

tna Br-jirrels, Chi tv.irkfl, Lrrela, etc. IOC 

ftfcodchnaks. ••••••• •••••• tM 

Yellowstone rjrk v*a . . • . • • • 



i;orace • J.bri -ho, aur*rlnto;u:c»:.t t . ellouetone - ark, yo. 

"ielloviutono stional Park was establio od ;,..• act of 
Congress fippDT«d lierch 1, lfi71« In the sot of dedication 

the purpooe set forth as w a pleasuring ground 

for t c benef i - lent of t be people" and part of I i I 

expression nas cut in lbs eternal stone remain?: tne splendid 
northern entrance nreh near O-ardiner, MM cornerstone of which 
was lold by .Resident Jheodorn -ooserelt in '.pril, 19C . 

rhe park Use i , throe - tote: o , ntana, 

and Idaho. It io rectan.-ri !ar in shape, the no . south 

boundaries bein • 54 niles long and the east and west boundaries 
62 nlleo la 1 • gn the north a strip nore than two II ■ 

in width lies in tie -tnte of Uonand, and on the west . 
y: 1- • li m li.os btmt I IL-r witbll ma I MBfacy of the 
park, rhus territory on the west side c£' to park lies in 
both HNffcana and Idaho, the Idaho section lying south of the 
Continental lvido, ri i to the yorii: rae 

the irregular diTid:iv; line betveen the tates of Ida;o and 

Phe area of the park is 3,340 I loa or 2,142,720 

acrea, of t ich .;,114 suuaxo ni] a or 1,902,960 acres are in 
■ tate of HTjwJIIII, 198 ecuare mi los or 126,720 aeros in 
te of °ontona 9 and fl6 square nileo or 2l>,040 aero; in the 
.a of Idaho. 


Sith ons sacoeption Yellowstone at tuna] is toe isr'csnt 

the wori.^, fctt If exceeded in eize ox. Jasper ational 

lark bolon:tng to ths Lracainion of Canada mA not yet extensively 

I L.Uuds of ths par:. warles i'ron lass than 6,>00 to 
11,105 feet, the suoait of -leo^ric eak» 

Se changes have ever beau cade in the boundaries of toe 
sines it was croaked in 1072. Legislation now pen in,: in Jongros 
..oses to sdd the region the headwaters or ollow- 

e Zetoa ttsna tains, and an intervening n >ui:tain area of 
;at charn and beauty, ^jert* in also under consideration a 
notification of the east boundary line to include the headwaters 
of ths Lamar iver* 

:,::■ : i. :: ?xo:: or z-:j 
£fte? the park was created s wears 

■sjte for Its administration, protection, or siaintonanoe for a 
.■ri -. . . Lag the greater part of this tius the 

park woe cared for by the flrat b .endent , , ... . Langford, 

who served without salary and paid all of liio ex,>enaee froa per- 
sonal funds. Beginning with June SO, . , scull eppropriat 
were nrtdc for the port, the money to be expended under the direction 
of the ecretary of the Interior. ..owevov, dleastJsf action arose 
in Jon^roee with the adaini.jtrwtion of the pari , 1 rgely because of 


repeats atteapts to secure control of the goysers. Grand Jany- , 
and other rmnarkojl© phenoaene, whioh control It was believed the 
perk officials favored* Jho result was that thai* was includou 
In tbe aet of '*rch 3, 1333, authority for the ocrctary of the 
Interior to request ;J-»e 3eeretary of ^fer to detail troope to pa 
tbe park* I!he -recretary of the Interior did not irraedlntely aek 
for tri>op% and Congress finally refused to approbate any funde 
whatsoever for Ms uae In cerlng for the park* 'is roads necessary 
the detail of troope to the park* rhey arrived on August 30, 1886, 
under the oonr.-asd of Capt* loses l^arria, who bocatac the first 
nilltar: acting superintendc . 1th the exception of one brief 
period frca that Mm iu til v>ctober wl, lt>lo t the t illtary force, 
aided by a fee scouts, guarded and administered tbe park* 

In the meantime, the i»(;Ineer Corps of the Array wee cliergeA 
with the construction and nei nteaance od Leal iiaproveraents, 

principally roads, bridges, and trails* 

Under the aet of July 1, 191 , nds were apx ated for 

Hi Bjfti ilisl tat or wtvtl li I tsiMtftas« ImIm Lag Mm oec s- 

sary executive of fleers end e civilian reagor force, 
net, alvo, all inporofeejent work woo transferred frcrc the Corps of 
o Interior Toper tsjsnt. 
■A tmder one her . be perk was iven the sens t c 
of control that bed theretofore boon established In other perks* 


Jfort iel lie ees abandoned and Is now the headquarters of 

the superintendent Xo civilian force. 

wiado . of this nave lias bean denonatrated each season 
aince the riilitary control ceased* itot only has the civilian 
adrlnistration been aore effective in protect e pari , I it 

has Very uc>. better correlated t'» different park actlvitiea, and 
has brou^it about en imense reduction in the a* -rating 

the perk. 

His assistant n isndsnt and 1 -\ ■■ , who 

ia also the (Zioburetig *ffic--, the general hecd- 

quirtero office, ;1 . o financial and 

■r bocks of the pa. , rain^ fad , -sparing of fit 

reports, han-llirv appointnerits, and nSto m the taultitude of 

other net tern naturally appertaining t a large Government offioe 
and required b the laws, rulea. m< 1 cieo governing the A jnal 
ifcrk service, 

."be resident en -inoer sups rri see the road naintenanee and 
construction and other physical iiiprovomrats. 

rhe clef ranger is in charge of the prot of the perk, 

the operation of the biffalo and !iay ranches, the care of wild 
cninala, the fi htin of forest irea, end airsilar activltiee. 
N,/_ e park naturalist is in a) urge of the infomfttlon office and 


all aoientific work carried on In >he ;»r>.:, oi . under 

Park -*»Tice or by scientists working in the pork undo.? a I 6y 

fron the :epertnent« lie also la charged with the inspection of 

the forests for the detoction of disease, and has ohar^ of wood- 

eat tins; and tiiaber operations, when dead and down timber Is needed 

for wood, or live tinber for tin cons tract ion of build i 

also edits and keeps np to date the park publico 

Use neater neehanle supervises sad controls tho shops, / ic 
include well-equipped tola* . , m , oiobilo repair, 

.motorcycle repair, and earponter shops. 

3» i-nntor of transport tion has emerge of all frei 
operations, the wareh aces, the ehee! I :'. o i - »ut i.. 

sallies, inventories of >ark proxjer- , in general all antlers 

rolatinc to the transportation, distributl ft, 1 use of the pro- 
', i. . 

Ae chief electric! e-: operates the power plant «t head- 
quarters, auporvi .ea sll electrical Install the ovonireiit 

Ldings and the esteblishstonts of the pa) iilities, njalntains 

all power 11 as and the street li htln^ o oteta. 

rha chief lineraan 18 charge<' wit elntonance and operntio 

of t? o tol l system, inclu^ln-' the upkeep of 847 rsiles of 

telephone lines »n<2 the operation, of the swltc v board at headquarters 

?he rjBSter plamber has control of the water and sever ajsta— 


at headquarters, the oanltar f ayetens of the various hotels and 
eenps throu : "hout the par 1 , hlic aucooobilj oaiape. an> the 

construction of new caM**, Inc. . .he installation of \uter and 
garbage iiapotsel system, la under ie supervision, 

rhe naeter painter supervises «11 painting operation* la the 
park, both by the Jovern>Tent ami the hotel, caap, on.; transportation 
utilities. J* personally does nost of I he painting of sent 

property* lie also has eharge of sign painting and the installable:, 
of siena throughout the 

I have briefly nentloned only ■ few of the duties :wfonaed 
by theee various cle:*?.rtn3entn. it Is a pleasure t report t 
without the perfec: f thia organlsatio- 

past season the ireiaenSously eueoesaful results of t e year myqt 
oould have been aeeoapliohed, 

fl» headquarters of the par!.- ere located n 
Springe, I "ncs of the abandoned Fort 

used for general off lees, o)ope, and hoaee for per 
Bere It is our desire and intention to «etablieh, as soon as funds 
are av*ll?Ma, a auseuc: not only for th«i benefit of I jurists, but 
also for the use of scientists who ccrx here each year la rreet 
►re for t pose of studying bote y, w 


connecting headquarters wit.': the vnrl me ran,*©: stations in 
the pnrk are 247 miles of tolepltone linoa. 


toe* Mlaveton. was established this part of 

the fleet was enbreced within territories under the cor 

rvemmert, end when Irter is were »f those 

riee « i .-re ju: vtone Park was re- 

tained by tbs roderal Got- rnaei* . ay 7, l: 04, 

s proved the *c. Idli for the u ishtjont of offenses 1. the 

park, ouch punisujaoct to be ad.uni stored under ouoral lev by 

riiied - tetes C^raatssioner, who ess given authority to punish 
roladesseenora ad violations of the regnlctioi: .ion 

of fines up to 500*00 or i:>prl somen t of six Met , o oth 

fine read Jbapr i soment • In eaa of felony the cot anisoi oner be* 
the porer to bind orer ouspecte upon the of provable 
eeuse to the federal court at Cheyenne* .on. J* • eldr -•' is 
United ..totes Goerl sal oner, end is the only rasr to ever hold this 

■u on raou . 

Qns of the n&ln branches of the United iatsa oath r ureeu 
is ioc tod at :.eedquarti>r3 end is in charge I . -d. !ar lotcher* 

He Bakes -o obso: tie end r<- .Irod frota 

•ffiees of t la else r.r.d i < rU H : . ,ho ni ted -.toe o-::.<r 

,. In the vcrk of obeerv ar conditions the rangers 

at the mrloas stations In the park aesi-'C fall roport of 
weather condi tiona during the peat year, compiled vi 
assistance of /baerwor Fletcher, is published in another part 
of thio report. 

iJxe poatoffioa of the park is Yollor/otone nrk t yo in , and 
la located at headquarters. ut doubt branchee ahould bo 

established before She openir. | of another aeaeon at Upper ^eyBer 
Basin, the outlet of Lake Yellowstone, and tho Canyon, with 

oat Office Departeaent trucks earrying t a rain 

office to theee branches. ?horo ic another pootoffice located 
at ost Yollo*c , r ontana, *&tl rior to Jauary, 1920, was 
called Yellowstone, I on tana. Confusion in tho transmission and 
distribution of mils vms responsible for the cha^re in nans to 

est Ynllottstone. nils conditions have boon better this year, 
the ehan^e did not acconplish all tho results that were expected. 
■There is also a poatoffico at oar ontana, near the 

nort .r. r:ate, fron which a star . ->utc delivery is :»de to several 
stations alon,~ t l o road through the northeaet corner o: >ark 

to Cooke |ty f m% q, bh well as to Cooke ulty itself, re; ' 
Lind of .Jerdlner is the contractor for carrying oall on this 
route. "ho iransportstion of nails free; 0— dlwsr to headquarters 
is handled under eontract by the ello-,*jtone raneportei 


75» uroau of Fisheries aelntains a he 
Tolloiyfitone and st Tor c Meeting eggs In other ports of 

I perk. A fart or ropo:- , ~. ectlvit; its ow:; behalf 

and In cooperation with the Petional Park ^rvice 1 o published 
in those sections of this report which relnte to fish end fi 

09 mwa* 

At the reboot of the Park ->orYioe t •• ir ctor of 
the Bureau of lr.eo detailed his chief engineer, r. -oorga 

-, ice, to Make a study of t oooal nine in lount rorta, vita a 
view to aacertainlne whether or not it oe advisable for the 

national Park -jerrice Is develop it, in order to r»et .el 

of iisjmoth iiot ~-^rincp» r. ice crrirc-: in the park on 
16 and left on the 1&- . le he has only filed a pre- 

lltntnary report on his findings, his i sonmssinln' I nun will be 
that no further development work be done In t c ount vertti i , 
because there is no ovi a ■.■■ tft it would bo n producer of good 
coal at reasonable cost. 

borsau or taiVAL : 
BMh year the Dureau of Anlnal Induotr lis one of its 

aelentlsts to acal I in the ruecinntlon of the teas buffalo herd* 
3» cooperation of • . I. in Ibe care of the buffalo herd 

has been an excee . , an'.! the effoctlve rosultc 

that It has obtained are deserving of the utmost .ion of 

the lint local ark ervico. 


D» JcoIomo array maintains gaugin stations foi 

it of strean flo < and the : date 1 

regard to eertein waters of the park, pa Larly the -ollowotone, 

~nat-o, anc oala n ivers. lo these /saiiginc net I no have some 

educational value, in eg they are ntal to t » r , 

and certainly they are of no value In our operative. 2hg> et^tiona 
affect the park adversely beeauaa they record data that may later 
be uaad in the devalopnent of scheaee for corrcercializlrr: the park 
In one way or another* 

Yellow tone Park io aJLicst surrounded by several national 
foresta, the Abserokc. 3aaxtoot , hoahoae, .etc-i, torgbee> # lledlson, 
and Cfellatin. la cooperate with I ha o^^rviaore oee 

\»ste in fire urot.ction activities and in the care of . ;-. . • 
The noet cardial rol 5 ions have alaaya existed batvaan the adV 
ministration of the park and the f oreet officers vl vo 

•one in cat- 

Hware ore four naln gateway - ,all of i 

are approachea by autonojilo jroads, nn three of which have 
train and automobile service. 


rorthorn ytawa y**- The northorn or uardiner gateway is reaohed 
via the Vorthern Pacific ailva • This Is a brunch line frora 
Llvin *s on, 53 alio* distant. Dtviag the 1920 season two trains 
a day were opemted over this branch, tho rjornlr.-; train arriving 
at "rerdiner at llt25 and departing at lltl^t *nd the evening train 
arriving at 5«30 *nd departing at 7»30« On both the inooning 
nomine train and outgoing eveninr train throul ullnan care 
were earriod for the purpose of giving through connections with 
•astern and wester:-, trains on the aain line. As will be noted in 
the tables of travel statistics, these trains carrie d 9,71? 

visitors to the park during the season, and &}!£ leavin - the 

parlc availed theoselves of this train service* 

The autoaobilo road frow Livingston south to C-ardin*r during 
nost of the season was in a poor state of repair. This observation 
does not apply to the ten miles of road irmedi'-tely north of 
park, as this strip was iarproved by lardinor citisens, aided by 
the rational Park Service and the park utilities, who, prior to 
the openin~ o f the season, recraded this part a road and 

surfa-e! large sections of it with oindors. owever, the road 
north of Yankee Jin Canyon was badly rutted, rocky, nnd nvi ■' 
durin- nost of the auocier. 

astern gateway .*- The eastern or Cody fatoway is 55 alias 
frost the tow »f ody, whioh is situated at the terminus of the 
Chiea-o, "urlln^ton, and Qoteoy Hailroe . too oporated 

two train* a day, oarrvln through Fullnan oars fron ©astern 
and southern points, as well as one local train. The throo^ 
trains arrived at 61 OC a.m. and 12t^0 pra« and departed at 9*00 a.c. 
and 81OO, and *" v e ooal train reached ody at 7tl0 p.r.. 
and loft at 3*35 p»ru Visitors cortinf, from northern and western 
points changed trains at il'infte, Montana. The Burlin 
Servica at r.ody was used by '> y 07: ^ visitors to the park, and 
Uj^fo visitors upon conn lot in *, their tour loft via the 
fturlinrton ^oute. 

Autaaoblle roads cor- >:'y froa "yo* a-.c ' or^ana 

points were rennrally in exoellent condition. The Yellowt' 

i -^way, loading north iron Cheyenne throu^. ' ou laa, 3t>er, 
Shoahoni, and Themopolis was in excellent "omiition, with the 
exception of one short s tret p.' n- road nor*h o r Shoshoni. These 
Tfyostin,~ roads were never in better condition than they were this 

The plan favored by the "overnor and the Pi -hway -amission 
for the early construction of a road through the wonderful V'ind 
?iver Canyon is attracting wide-spread interest anons motorists. 
Work has progressed continually on the road across the Big Forn 
Mountains, which will be a pert of the llac^ and Yellow trail, a 
scerio routo froa the Last which is bein,- actively promoted by 
several states, espeoiall; ahota and Wyoolag. The approach 

road froa Cody to the park was in unusually r.ood ooodition V !■ 



year, ""he tretnerdous ir.croaso In tmf^ic brought -rave fears 
that dangerous accidents would occur In the box canyon of the 
Shoshone where the day is located* These fears pronptad the 
placlr ore slrns a-' ends of the Canyon and plans hava 

now bean nade for the establishment of a block systen for the 
control o 1 * trs f r ic durin- the season o<* 1921, 

Tf es torn gateway ,-— The western gateway is at the town of 
"eat Yellowstone, L'ontnna. It is reached by the Yellowstone Park 
branch of the °regon Short Line allway. "^o Tollowetone Special , 
a solid Pullmn train, -aas operated from Salt Lake City, leaving 
a t Ot^O in the eveninr and arrivin- a t SiOO in the norninf, at 
Wast Yellowstone* Trains leaving the park departed at 7 1 00 t 
in tha eror-ln^. This gateway holds the record for train passo: 

11 ,7'<B visitors a- tar in." the -uri: via the Or- ort Lina 

trains, an d lU t 522 p eople utiliti'. ~ain service after 

firiiahlnr; M the pr . 

The autonobile roads the western rateaay from 

"tah and Idaho points ware in better condition thar. they wore last 
year, but considerable isiprovetaent work remine \ 
the wain road free Salt lake "ity on the sect! ton# 

The Thiby Valley and Madison "iver alley routes fron Montana 
points were well naintaino:, bit the road fron 3os«aan up 
lallatin Valley was olosed part o tho seasor. on account of 

•obstruction work. At noted last year, the "-nllntin Valley 
road is boin^ entire! >ilt, and whan -"iniahed this highway 

will be on© of the best a-vd nost soenio roads approach: 

fm . 

Southern gateway * — The southern gateway is 2J> miles south of 
the nsain loop road system of the park, and ie located near the 
Snake 3iver« T-osds oonverfins at Sheffield* e Resort (Voran 
Postoffioo). 25 niles south of the park, concoct southern and 
central Wyoming points, at well as Idaho coran"ritlos, with the 
park road systeew The Park Servioe smintalnec a road in the 
Teton forest over a distance of 3° niles south of the -*rk. 
road under eons traction through the valley ?back "Ivor, 

south o^ the Jackson Tlole, Is not in condition for automobile 
travel this year, but It is bein^ rapidly inproved by the State 
in cooperation with the Federal OtSRMMMBt* Interference with 
ferry service by the ravages e£ the Snako Hiver rstde it nece- 
ssary for notorists coninr into the Jaokaon Holo fron Idaho points 
by way of Teton Pass to move northward alon^ the wast side 
Brake and oross the dan at the foot of Jackson Lake, After the 
ferry servioe was reestablished many notorists chose to oross the 
Snake at Jaokson and oone north over the nain Ju ie highway 

throu- the oosssunity of Kelly and thence to the 3uffalo ork of 
the Snake* 

The roads in the lower .'ti ":son olo were not in ss good 

condition as usual, due to the Ion* winter and late spring, which 
not only nude the roads soft but prevented early nainteoanca wor . 
The TTind ^iver routo, approach in ; tho park from Lander, Lvertem, 
ant -my of Twor-wtec !aso, was used this year by no re 

rtotorists -than over, "".is highway is boin c ~ rebuilt by the State 
and ?ederal Covern»ent, and when finished will be an unusual 
sc nic route. It should be in a few years or. m lar 

approaches to the park* T *~ conr-eots with the park road systen 
at the Buffalo ^rk approach, a few rtilos east of I f oran. 

-thwestern gateway*— The uorthwoctom rateway wls used 
Tery littl© by tourists this year on account of the reconstruction 
of the Gallatin roac # It will be open for travel next yesr, but 
the improvement work will not be finishod until the season of 

northeastern gateway* —- The northeastern or -ooke City 
entrance is unimportant so far as tourist travel is concerned, 
lore t j usual nunibcr - -s visited the Cooke 

region thio year, but will never be as popular as 

it desorvos to bo until the road which io boi **i from 

Hod Lod-e and ^ear Creek, Montana, to Cooke is completed. 

Construction work is proceedin- slow" ;e several 

years before the road io avallablo onobile trav '. 

vhere are 278*8 lino in khO rmlr. park road syateei. and 
24.75 talloa of secondary hi -hway. Under a asocial f*ct of Con- 
/preaa wa also naintain 28 miles of the approach rood !■ 
■Ssoahono liatiunal r'oreet, w ic. is a part of the aain highway 
between Cody and the pork. Also, under similar special author- 
ity, 50 nllea of the main approach road frun tho , in the 
Jet on .Vitional forest, are saintainod and repaired each year 
un/.er Yollonatone ark appropriations. 

.nere ar e 020 m i loo of tralle in the parka. 27 .dlos 
of which ware constructed dv. fche aeaeon or 

J. ;/,.; . 
By a considerable aargln this has been the largaat tourist 
Mason in the history of Yellowstone Sati Pit* Laat year 

02,201 viol tors were recorded at the various gateways of 
and thia year the total reachoc 70.770 on increase of f. 

por cent. .'Ms ro-t increase in ambers is ore j-eaarkable than 
noabers would indloate. In the lace, the very late 

in the western states was undoubtedly discouraging to 
people contenplrtln." notor trips to the park. .vain, the aunnsr 
ither in all of tho tates, aa well ns oa the plains 

not whnt one cool J call unooatfortablo in any senss of the word 

Furthermore, doe to the long winter and late spring, followed 
by nany eurxier atom::, road .Ions in nany western . t*t«e 

were not as good as laat year. overtholeos, sore no tori see 
vieitei the perk then ever before, end there were far Mire 
visitor* fron distant points then usual* 

In the following tables there are soae very Interesting 
sad striking flcures regarding the distribution of the 19B0 
travel. II should be especially noted tint the train travel 
greatly inc r e as e d this year* xhls fact U particularly striking 
when it io minted out that the railroads did practically no 
advertlaia-, either before or {luring tho season, .oxt year, 
should on active advortlain oeapaign be iindertekan, the t] 
travel, dosplto increased rates, should ga far beyond tha 
the present season, ■ a Is to be expected because It ia 

— flsi pi too '.all of the railroads p.p ;ro- 

to ndvertine alio .me ex tens iv ly, beginning early In the 

saw .'o* "• 

It should be noted that the ennter.. entrance, w i few 

sgo inj ;o Hi]! i satfl 'iblo pntr rv o, - i ; r o- ? fafl 
of the other entrance *lvate otorieta, 

ttM beasala*, tea ast po alar antra se l t: e ayes o ths 
notorlng ablic. 

Ga ths other hand, the western entrance et fens oloee or tea 
season atoo far ahead of lbs others ia the nosbo loitors 

arriving v ■ in. 

1 . 

rbe largest travel for on* day dtfJ 1920 season 

1.49o tourists who entered the park o n .u^> t^ 

is to be eorapapsi) with 1,256 tourists who eafeored on August S, 
Ml • -ho greatest traii, travel occurrod on Aug, 1 . . c- 
606^ pao.Jle were oorriod to the various gatewn;'-. >.e lioovieet 
train travel for a sin lo ateway was 381 . arrlv 5 eat 

Yello-rctono, llaaiana, on the Cre&ui lne, on u « ■ . Jhe 

greatest nunbor of private aut-jnobllos oritorin ! the park on one 
day was 275 on /m.-. 9 . Compare II is with 20J? on August «, 
1019* Dhe gateway havlnr- tho largest nuab r of autr mobiles in a 
single day was the Cody entrance, on August 4 . when 122 an* 
tered the eastern .catowey, carr;in~ 43C po;plo, 

Here was also c lar -e lncreeso in the number of people using 
the trails of the park, it la te be hoped that the trailers'*, 
as ti.ey ore coming to to celled, will increase rapidly each year* 

.The following t- blee make various classifications of the 
192C travel, und likewise present comparisons wit travel of 

previous years that ore exceed innly interest 


by different entrr-ncea. 

I I , ' -ardiner, :<ont. 16,11. 

tVo -mot. Tin Yello'sstonc, or.t. — X, 

Ftob the eaet, via My, yo. 

Frcra the eout? , t!« n , yo. 

.Total 79,770 

— — I ■ > ■ ! — — ■ ■ 
» W ■ ■!■ ■ I 

Yellowstone 9mA -ransportatlon Co. 

filtering Tie the northern entrance — — — - 10,558 

ijiterine vie the western entrance — — ,39o 

Bataglaq via the eastern entrance 4.H. .. 

a: in- tr I I ii:. _,v': Ai -r BBpffirl it . 

ith sutorjobiles, paid nod eorjylinentary — — 4&,T9I 
obilea, aec ml tri p ■ " ■ _,. 

• .< 
ith rotorcycles — 116 

ith niocollanoouB facilities, inc • out-of- 

aeaaon risitor; to ti « perk — — 741 



/Tlvate automobile travel, 

Altering Tie the northern entrance • 

itarlaf vi . o eater ntr v 

entering Tie the easter 

: vie the southern entr 


: bilea. 


: 4,804 


: 7-: 


: 1-.198 



C;-Cl If v ' . 



■ii ii m I ■ ■ i ■ I I ■ I ii ill n I II i i . ii « ■ 


Intering via the northern entrance : 

Sntcrlr. - via the western entrance : 

ftiterinc Tie the east'- ce ....: ZZ 

vie the souther o : 1 


total f 

fcWtl !•• 


iTlvate aufconoMlo trevol. 




-r.terin# via tear. onfcrauoe : , 

Lnterlog via the eastern en trt::oo I 

-.nfcorin;' vis the eeetern entrr ce .: 4,400 

a s out hern entrance I 7. 



l: ,:.v . 

total : , : I ,C 

\e travel* 


: o clea 


Siter . I ■ I o northern antra: ce I 

-nterin.7 via '• : 9C 

■■ ..' ■". ' ■ ■ . i* ............ • 

Pterins vio *J~.a ttttr >■ 

.'..". : 

QWll t:. 

* Includes l c 

tor c clo, 8 i 

:.•-.. - . 

: : 

: : 


■oat i 
■SI , 


4. I 


1 , 

i ,050 
1> ,.395 

ibttil • :l o.L»oO ; 40, -.1 : , 


: : , 

eirt 9CM 

act : , 

>outh : 023 


• ••••*«••• *X a' /v. 

1 . 


. ,368 



3, 025 



idea 84 Motor e. „_ ~, 

, 56 

?ha following tblea are gt**R for the conparlng 

the trarel If I le aeaaon <rit afcer of visitor? ante 

the park in 1010: 


^ivat* trar.o- : 



o~t' .: , v 

eat ,, ; >., 

ast I 4,417 

out!. : 

15*480 : 10/ 

1^,. . . , ' - 
■L- ^jl^X : t» t.*P ft 


• »•••••»•!•• • • • • •«••••••••• ■ 

Ml , 

;i: t 453 
5,792: 14,601 

2,860: 10,430 



, fSl 40,986 

. 1 i©3 30 ■atocreyclea L1(S 

• Incluriaa 36 n I cles and 56 tourlatn. 


• Ml 


.otfll :K5,57t3 : 49,490 J 30,£86 : 70,77; 

M , I 


'iar.e of - tate 

north : 






Alabama .... 
Arkansas . . , 

rizona .... 
Colorado . , , 
California . 
>ela?raro ... 
orida .... 

•ox -ia .... 

Illinois ... 
Indiana .... 

Ior?a ....... 

Idaho ...... 

n.i'UaJ ..... 

I entucky .. . 

Louisiana •• 

itana •••• 

arylonO ... 



ic i -an ... 


i8souri ... 
•"innesota. .. 
lew York ... 
New l^exico . 
!.ew Jersey • 
Km I a .'3 ire 
Nevada .... 
KtbraSka .. 
3orth Carolina 
Worth Jakote 
Oklahoma . . . 


Ore go 

Rhode I si:, 
oouth Cirolina 
South Dakota . 


renneseee .... 


2 I 5 

3 : 11 
5 : 15 
45: 149 

170: 503 

• ll' 




















46: 157 

206: 754 

42: 136 

3: 8 

7: 20 

2: 8 

1: 2 

I 507 

1: 6 

: 677 

30: 105 

54 l 147 

74: 23C: 

20: 74 

1: 3 

1: 3 


15: 50 

4: 12 




2 1 




















































1 ■ 







































































• iOUth 

a 38- 






. . . . * 




























| 58- 






: 75 


. 121 

: LA 


; IC 










: 1046 


: 448 











26 75 





; 111 




: 727 




. 893 


: 1160 












: 2000 


. 926 




60 : 

1 : 


4 : 


224 : 


249 : 


11 : 








: ••■•- 


'•" 44* '• 

Ir-i *«• ... 

• • • 

* -' . 1 

^•wili I 


8 : 
1 i 

wm I 

126 I 



I • 










: ; 

- ■ ■ « ii » i i n ■ fn i i I p« 



1 : t 

L'»i 100 

Mi m 

8ft: If* 

X: 5 












; ^kw: 
o. Mi II 

: . 

S : 

sai . 

8606 t 

I :, 


«X I 

1 I 









m I 
u a : 

X6 : 
II : 

m i 

9 t 

X : 


: l 






.;.'.■..-•»...-... . ; : 

:-»ai«ry oar**, 
HoterUte * t«T 
Cure and notorial* «nt 

i - 

w **« 7 cara, uncXasei'- 4 

•aeo&i tr! oXaaftifiacS I - as. 806 : S90X 

total, all *%rm m 

, cXaSSll 

During the eaaaan of 101i : , about t-o-thirus of the total 
trowel to the Park was of the class trawelir. 1 v oir own 
citonobilss. -f this r.uraber. It was eotiraited thp.t about GO 
per cant carried v ia their own tc . - , oddlnr;, e.< ., 

ca pet' out. Xiring the season just paeooti, 48,6o3 of tho total 
of 7w,776 viaitinf- the park, or 61 per cent, oaae In their own 
cars* and while we how© no exact data on which t I base on 
ostlaate, it Is the be;t judgment of ran^aro and others who have 
had rr. M aMavva aaaj oi I tea© tat t at kaa aaataac 
of those alt h their o\« outfits haa Increased to ab per 


.'he ace axaodat lone ruralsj^ed b./ all conceeaionars In the 
rftg were, oa a rule, of the highest order* -he tram xon 

oompany, hotel conpaay, end eenpe c re to be ougradu- 

lated upon the quality of the service rondorod, on;>ecif:lly 
the extreme Iff lenity 6 na conpn lea have hnd fo; 

peat t»ree yearr , J ' 'Z axparleneo 

Jbs total n-jnber of nsals and lodgings furnlc 
hotolo nd caaps during the season were as follows: 

Meals - . ■{* - -total 


|| M»t otol 

rul Inn 

Lok- jotol 
Canyon ;otel 

;ala • ••• 

car :ps : 

>th Cftnp .€,162 10,775 

Geysers tap 65,705 

Canyon Gejq 66,904 

Lafce 34,589 16,070 

Gsop ioosoval t ( ibwor alls ) 7.9- .608 

Hotel* ng»89Q 77, 



50, ^ 



itcm t ont« 

import of ©els and Lodgi: 

1020 ^«ason« 


-J A Jj J 




.otnlo 7 , 


i , • n 


02, 6£I 





(JU#8t ° °^ y ^a ".320 


Ibiel nenls to aiania - - 

1 , ■' 

■"■ . 

Ibtel .vml8 to 

.al taenia to •unloyoes - irk fiM 

fcrt«*l — - — - 80S,. 

to gM «ta - 


T S L L ff v i' u a B PA 

a couPi 

Livingston, ont;, 
. , 10S0 

:r. :■• . lbri ., 

3ttporintend« ^ervldo. 

Yollowoton© *ferk, 70. 

Dmt l^r. Albrl fcj 

>rt of naals sad lodgtnga 
19S0 rark «easor.. t as requested Is 
circular letter. 

:>rreation you at>»irtj la Kflilrt to :»ala and 
lodging. If not, do not heeit st cnll 

latum truly. 

ec'y- .roaoi 


. — .otolo were operated t.^i*ou ^hout the season at 
>th, U althful, Lake utlct, and Canyon. Jlie travel 
tables Indicate tlmt almost 57 par coat of the train trewe I 
the park stopped at hotels, fhey were fill; I ouriota 

beglnnln '.he Tory firrt day of toe seaaon, and I wda 

eonilmed almost tejyrtaailw until a few days of ita 

close. Sbm hotels also accanodated ciany of the travelers who 
went throng! In their own Cf : r8, but no exact data ae to their 
nunber la available, for the reason that a rxt o? khan stop a 

i or two In ho to: f tonal ly part of the tins at pemanent 
aanpa, an<! part of the t ovu canpe. 

£je aervioe was excellent and oany mnt out of their way 
to expresa their setisfactl .:*> ezcollort oervlco re- 

cc'V' t c :v Ur. ' anatlallw OBM Mm fMHafelt H toe. EbO 
few eoaplaints reooiv: 

practice by a am of the porters, and by he?; 1 , waiters whs 
sold preference In the dining room when orowds were so {Treat 
as t reulie two or three sit- 

Jhe otol Company constructed a new dor.-J.tory for fenale 
help at Canyon .otel, built a new porta c^chere on the front 
of the Lai , a tan nidition under ennvaa 

to t.'.e ffAMag roon at old Faithful Inn, giving the dining roan 
added eapaelty of 125 seats. 

Is Ccnpany ereployed two Chinaiaon to cultivate the garden 
on Gardiner River, w I .mi shod on abandonee of frosh 
Mes for ill hotels in th© 

_Cari22j.— : ^» Yellowstone .ark Coops Company, ml: 

tained permanent eaapa at Mara v. , I iful, Lake wutlet, 

§mmA Canyon, and eaap Rooaevelt near lower Fella, rhe letter, 
however, was n t jne o; tha regular si - rail- 

road tourists, but «oe nainteinad aa a apodal oanp jee 

who desired to atop over t root or fia' , on it in loc t 
of the beat fi. hing regions of the ark as a are zaany lntoaae 

intere. tii.. v ; side tri:>8 that can be ta here* .9iia casp 

\mz ^ell MtMBl Mil i 1. atl M UM J 48 MX c Mi »f Lh< t u.-i.-ta 
wooing to the by rail and goi Jttghwlth the tronaporte- 

tlon oonpany patronized tha wsnps, and they also received their 
share of mw patrona.?^ ■ privets riot tats* ha service 

was excellent , and about > eon lainte received were due to 

the | as at Can? Rooeevo , woro tha reault of tha 

unfinished i MMMMtly maattl 

aas still in prowess or c r 

-he Caaps Con_<my aiade axcallent : oa 

its bIm for a nost exto oive rwnodelling and general laprovanant 
and enlargersent of tho canp aervlc t jaet tie needs c 
e j w ae a fl travel, A large eeatrr.l b : .r.a co: 

st lata 'i ■? roora c ir alnilar eeotral 

building wae constructor of log* at Can? Hoosevo . 

lar<?a, artintlc st)nc fireplace la a feature in each of these 

b 11"'. v. 

s iHBfM Ofctjp ska old teats ore -II . m tern tmt 
new cottage tenta with aebectoa roofs wore built instead. 
Ranee tente are arranged in rect-:,<*loa of ei^bt cin-le and 
three doable tents around r , . the center of each 

court in located e eater cloeet, provided wit'; iloto. 

.The sets of tents nro arrang e d in streets, a very 

neat appeam.nco, aaNfajfca 31 wee also b lit 1 

with Hajanoth Cenp, 40 x 100 feet in size, 3~.-5 feet deep, and cc 
nee ted wit . e natural hot e a large pipe* ine water is 

of special:- fine ;uolity cad this b3th woe s 
large sanber of tourists and anrployeee the signer. 

rossl 10 were >e sides o.' the plunge, 

Ike ;la for the farther develo;ioent or this eaap contc. . late 
a roof over the plun .ill in com. 

with I . 


;o Tellovnt one nrV' .Van. apany fur i 

pnesen er serrlcc 

:rist season, neetia-- all Incoming a aeeeacor 

trains of of t! 

. c Ore," r. 

at ntena. at the nortker 

• ' • 

Short lroftu at the ©st , .tana, 

and of the !3urlln; ilway , , ,. •., 

of the eaeto , 

is company h? tap' paa—ager amteav 

-and 40 seven- paaeoager towing ears, i#f these, SO aeven-paee- 
enger tourla;; cara aere Mred fro I o balance 

baln^ /hit a care belonging: to tha Camper. ■ I ; - : -ay»» a 

total of 30 .£36 p aanenftem war© cnrriod an average dietc 
of PH. o naah. s a earonple of the hoary dennnda mate 

upor H I COfapany t some day t of the aoaaon tha; 

were called . > sioto aa high an about 2,500 tourlete fron 

ooa station to the next, the et tl ] ilea 


2h* aixftn^onont of sailing tioJcete ao that tourists any 
ante? et on© gateway and ret M, or either of 

r two, rime a aarlaa of eo 
nine MffUJIll tripe, vr fron 149 .r to : . 

HUUI Ilea. The atandard rata for any of 
theee tripe la $8C.t , Terse* °- H« 8 vr lie* Care- 

rally -jarepared ached ilea, vMeh aunt bo abherod to on len a cood 
raaaona for variation on, be lv^n by tha r'rlvera. Bade it 

>neiblo la toll tan whereabouts of any oar with raaaonabla 
nonuracy at i tha aaoMi.e-lilca adherence to theae 

las, which abamctori tad tie wonderful orsnnlantlor 
la company, brought fro.-, tourlate aany expreeaione of lig- 
ation aa to tha efficiency which ana ■ -«»t- 

Aa big «• ara eioaI aorafortabl*. «2dltlooal abaifaa 
are BB6e to parti** doairing tha *xclur>lv* »•* f a « *■* « ■ 
!>■■■■ iijWF •**» aoA in tank «mm the oar la plated 
at th*ir dia.joaol, nay b* ua*a for *16* tripa, and core latitat* 
la per lite! M to eahadul*, ate. 

U» erlvere vera carefully oeleatod before V* hmm 
a p a uog fron easy ap?lle*afca. Aey ara not only aJdllnu, hot 
ara required to be *l*ey* obll-ing^ oomr t ao oa end o*r« il. t 
only were ft w .*y solid toua of the *af , ar«d plee 

of their 

private* ■ateaebil lata ena.-xaiteved alcag *b* roed t and 

■say toariata of both claaaaa took pala* to expree* t ..air coo- 
■■ art at ton of certain drivers, or eonatiaae of tfe* ye 
In gaornml. Jbeee edition* aara la jajaeg ooatraet la tha 
service and attitude ia ooaceiiy*e drivers c 

M a* a n of 1519, vben xeefcleae dri- 
regard of per* rag l«tioo* o^ra*terlsad tbalr eervtoo, 

Csrfced Improves*; «rrloc c-.i t * Creaeportatlon Corny* ny 

garage*, > aalanelned at aafs'.. , /'pper Jeyeer Baei , 

. , , ; ; le 

eervlce II -iiii fnr rro» aatlefec '. c papa 

r atal Ihe eervlce elvan private saftterlete at tha 
foaed la the a*mll village* near she park entrenoea* 

-Ma condition la a result o /» i:i:x>rtance 

of fee© 0onpany f 8 oars In run 

the denands of the private ootorlst for repair servlco, 

and often there nre m Sclent raechanlee employed to 

keep x ov up to n maxlnun: decree of efficiency* 

tourists la each car *ere furnished el i Lea r>t 

Company's Ine lab lee vlted to aee to It that 

driver followed the ached loe, Zbaao t Lea c vero-. 

every trip made by | 'etvee station . v ov 1, 

Gardiner to (ajpsaoth, is co : >i«*d below as a aac^ 1] . 

BLLQ .... I Z\ .-...:.-■ J'; J • jH.;- . C, • 

It o> iablo no 

'"»olu ;y\ 1-Gears drivers at* to use between 
atatio*. . ha gear shown opposite one atotlon 
la uaed to the next st • ti 

~o1vl j- •• >t oar In jollea per hour, -peed 

one station Is used to the next station. 
"V3 ouster ran. 

CoX,^ £* m mi of stitloi . 

slow" appears, 
cars are to §0 
5 trllaa par . 9a account - narrows** 

j he roada an 
cable for c cone to a full sto/ at nany 

of the stations, on sccount of t'o conn, 
blockin of the roadway. 

a table for oar leaving inltle. 

Colngp 7- ->ok at 

the sear tir. 
. > Ov la .a aoc . tanoe, a 

ear Leavln arwaatfa at .1 . . aa tlam lafcl 
vo at the dlff< 
than a 1 . j. C. 

- aaaer, era are 1 rited t^ t< 
wan the 

atiU no. y checking this tl « 
age i no Coluan 6 you cm: tell whether yoo ara 
running on aebedula o^ :. 

ofce Tar ftfiVtfa.-On c oror : 

an* giar hl^ha* t-tan ahown In r '.a. 

rheoo era abject to necasaer; 

as a raault of a? variance In operation. 

"Xellowotono atloiua 


iBHSaS-iflB£-L..«. . . . •. 

fellowotone ntlonal 


o tablo no. 1 
Gaxdinor to 


a 1 

.In* sYour /oar 

: -tope: lot Car : 3or ~ar 

t Arrivee: rr* II 

: :ivca rrl^ 






•0:Qardl . ... 
0.1:Jntrance M 

l.G:Drldge Jt i*jglo*a -oat 

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3iia systen worked out splenliUy and had roeh to do »?ith 
the aar.eral satiafcctlon of the transportation service aa ax- 
pressed by thousands of tourists. 

Ih* eoaapany last fall remodelled one or the old stag* aom-» 
pany buildings at ISaanoth into a rirat-clnna rut .raobllo repair 
and nnohiae shop, aai It is admirably equipped to do autcooblle 
repairing, nothor of the old barns at liawttotfc was reoodelled 
into a bank house for dr Ivors, and at the present writing a 
atean heating plant ia bttaf installed to servo both the repair 
ahopa and b'ink house In winter. Ae boilor for the heati 
plant io b-ains raclal-ad fron the ountain otel, which has beer. 
for coreral years. 
A new gas-filling station has recently been built by tils 
at '^SHBOth T ot -prin -o, on a site between the poot- 
offiee ntorc and the Cottage liotel, and waa in operation towardo 
the close of the season. Jhe construction of another new f illin 
station noor ..ittakor'a conoral atoro at Janyon Junction has 
just been begu. . 

"r. J. S, Ilaynsa, off lei 1 photogrevlior. Maintained 
shops at his headquarter* r. t ri; , Id laith: 

and .tower /alls. a slao t La photographio wares fron stand 

in all hotolo inu caspa t and throagh the -eneral stores . 

Park* itr* loynos built a now picture shop at Merraoth not 
. prln -o, near his resiuanco on venue A, on plana approved 
by tha National ."ark *ervice* Ihe new build in -, as ell aa 
the driveway, cenent walk, end IMM«*nt«l illunlnsted oiflp In 
front, ore all vory attractive and a decided credit to tha 

ttr* George "fbittalror »lned -An <~er.erol store 1 c. - 

?toffioe at ?4nnot!. '.ot . prings, onrialso 
maintained a ccrc;>lete ©tcaral store at Canyon Junction, 
new lor building at Canyon, which wee oonatructed late last 
fall mdi In early opciag under moot difficult circumstances , 
i3 very attractive, n.,- ic c «veniently located 

entoiaobile tourist . 

Br* C. ;.. liaeilltan oe ad his too aeaeral atoree at 

Mj£c aoz -iaain ^llo#atone Lake mtlnt, r. 

also psrtdLtt' brar.c. store at -bu^b of 

Yellowstone Lata near Soaks Ivor ri noai. ot the 

lo MC ' :• - - 

, hie branch store sea ntdntalm buildin,; fornerly 

mood no a lunch station 1 >*el Conpany* r. *wiilton 

baa for nearly a year had in nroeeos of construction a fine 
now store build! Lake , on an entirely now alto, 

on the lake shore* Be anticipates havi iohed in tine 

so it can be used . 

eonstructod a new filling station at in, mi 

his general •! re, v at italic . ine 

to operate 1 1 .! . . - . > 

walk, obotit 850 faat In la: 

Hemilton front bis Upswar 3eain store to 31d rallfcfal Inn, 

-r. eur v . -ot'-jero, • , operated the 

Geyser 3ath« at IHper -eyser the sea son sad gave 

satisfactory s^rrice. o -©port* Vist a total of H t ClD bath- 
wore fitrnlahad, of 0,959 wt~. P rnlebad to tourlr-ts and 

2,059 to pari!: a ::>loyo»2. 

©r - >n r:'or ' *-! cham Bperated their auric shoj .-..:•■. 
ice creera pnrlcr at Basset h in vary jjg - rtor: 

■■war. ?hc conducted weekly oictuix) chowo and duncce 

twice a weo: !c * 

wea sapeeii»lly apfl te tl atc n 

eliqW shear 

of the - Itoct, e. • •? - 
a pml renoTTiti! . 

rhe Ta lewsto&a r* ^ont Oocjpany operated siiall gasol 
and row boats at Lake atlet when there wee e seamed far t 
for ptemtfl 'labln^ c xou r a l- 

11 of thaee public utilitiee rendered excellent eerrlco 
to the public and complaints agnlnat then were rare. 11 o 
Joyed excellent patrona e. 

Previous to this year there has been do settled place 
to .©cure inf cassation, the clerks handling ns best they could 
such Inquirers as cane In. Ais year, however, a arwll orficc 
with photographs, a ground relief rap, and a collection of nil 
f losers, on the sails, was established under the charge of the 
Park Ifettirelist. Ihe office was further- Lis n / a few 

geological specinonn for exhibition, rrith saps, pamphlet , 
and circulars for free distribution and for salo. 2l\o result 
s»B an astonishing one. In thousand ono hundred inquirers, 
or lfc£ per cent of our to sal traval, visited the Information 
Bureau sad apposred Tory rsich pleased with the service rendero • 
,*bout 9,000 gjsneral infarmtion circ.ilara of .'e lowotone .•tional 
Park wars given :., :. 1,500 circulars of the other 

nn tional p ■ . "wo thousand Glimpses of -ur I National *orks were 
diatributo'l free; 079 psnphlet a and 848 nape were sold, and 040 
additional colls received for sale pamphlets that were out of 
print, sad wore than 1,000 calls for a pamphlet on flowers. In 
addition, uuch research wao dons to secure Information and seas 
answers sent out by w 

JL further service was the preparation of ■ 

i c 1 - '. . 

mont , ' this led to a call for extra 

776 eets were i it free. Zne August b 

f T ♦ ,. t-^ ff 

I | MMi BM 

..l — c 

1 i: 

on M.rd* t flowers, etc., 

Izuwrtod hero. 

further nost valuable BtoisjN of the Information werrice 
and one which .roa appreclftet | ,urietn aa she giving 

of free half-i our tnlka or locturoo l>y Park *\n. or Isabel -aseott 
■aaeon three tliaea dally — at 4:00 p«cu at Mejamoth Camp; at 7:50 
p*au on the pore] of ertnoth Jiotol; and at 9:00 p»m. at the 
Public Autonobll« Gaap at ttswaot: ?.& ot a camp fire 

r*nt:.orin ■• Bm litis sf fcfes lecture u .u'.ly -ivo . Ml "BM t.-o 
Yellowstone Cane to Do." La aaa a a of the 

gaol ' fomntlcai of the park expreosed In non-teeh: 

gaage* 3>o lecture was soaetlaes retried, l.owovor, by giving 
talks on the history of the parh t the c.:re sf lta did life, and 
other aubjeets of interest to the traveling public. any fc\ 
able cononte an the value of theeo talks ooro heard di ran 


— v : [ . ,(J 

Last year 1 consented at lengt the need of adopt inc 

a progrsra for perr«nently a i> the roads of Ye lows tone Park 

or at least those that are hnrdeat and eostUest to nalnt' 
rhlo discuaai;n appearo on pages 164 a: of the 1019 annual 

re;x>rt f and I call attention now t i the fact that every* ing eald 
in that report la Btasj Inportant then ever no a reoult of another 
••c opomti.jna. 

the pest sooson the roads hove bear. 
oondition, but were ko n ins taking sfforte 

on tha part or tho officers of tha park and the road forsaeu* 
Eun&rede of favorable ooxsasnta on tha smooth condition of 
highways, and the affootlra sprinkling, were nade at ti*o central 
office and at ranker a tat ions by pleased tour lata* 

Mash of the success of thla season In road Maintenance Is 
to be credited to tba scploy- >out or General Chittenden's section- 
crew Idea, aoriet lng that had been abandoned for nany yearo. 
xnla plan inquired the use of coctio cro?m evary few mlloa apart 
on all laain hi ;hwaya t these crevra bo arged with the filllnr 

of chuck holes nnd ruts, and the ina collation of culverta - nu otbf 
aueh repairs* clipped only vdt> a Tf-vel r'a/^on and a teen, each 
crew sought simply to keep its own section anooth and thoroughly 
plsasaut for . w plan worked so wall this year tlmfc it 

will bo utili?.ou isjrt season on a much lnrner scale* 

.o vtvr . It pH - - Mm roads closed • ntll sail li ei 

■ ay* and &rawe fears wars antortained last it vould bs iapoei 

1 open the pari, in tiue. Jie early snowfall In Oc 
-topped nueh sonatruotlon ac . is work 
had to be , tho hotels, oaaps, and stores had to be 
rationed, on.J roads and bridges had to be reialred before June 

2 . 

■: >. 
HI MB M.0 . 

Faced with this dlnooureaciri MMHi iion of anow and a 
des;»nte necessity for overeonlng it, a plnn havl to be devel- 
oped for clearing the roads* B» result wan the oonstruc. 
by our aaster nechanlc of en 1 laauee snowplow, which waa nnde 
of sheets of boiler cteel 1/4 in<^ , and fastened to a 

75-koraepower r.olt caterpillar, tho roads from 

Golden Gate to Lake Outlet by way of Grand Car , a distance 
of orer 40 niloe, were cleared of snow, leovi: roadway for 
raotor vehicles eleven feet wide, 

lbs plow left headquarters ?iay 12, and arrived at the Late 
oa Ms* SB* Later, about the aiddle of June, this power plow 
opened unravon rase* 

All of the raaln loop roads were ready for tmffic on June 
SO, lit first day of the season, exec k te Dunrevon ^aas road* 
Ala, however, was opened on June 88, sad on July 1 all cars were 
permitted to paaa over the road. Jnly five days thereafter were 
the yellow ears of the Yellowstone .'rana porta t Ion Gonpany 

routed by way of !iorris. 

rhe approach roads of the park were opened on tine, ej 
the exception of the south rond, which was opened about June S£* 

as was opened on Juno 17, the snow beln'- shoveled on 
crews of raon wording froa be- -Jb paylnc tar 

one crew, a notablr ratlve effort tlwit tho ervlco trenena- 

oosly appreciated. 

"lof sttcition of work performed on the 
roads, the folio *iu,~ 1a submitted as a raere sketch of our road 
naintenanee activities: 

flfcfc, Jfrjj;, J frl t ^1 r -e ; — .b are for this loop system and 
Its oroowroad fron Harris J>mctior to ' anyoa Junction, sprinkling 
end na'rtenanee (section) cr«*s sere st- tion&O t Matrao 

i, Heaver J.«ke, Gibbon oadows, ! ladisor. Junction, .xoelelor 

hutsh, Lake Jutlst, .rout Creek, 
Oread Canyon, and la ISeadowa, Jhose cress sprinkled the 

roads, except several nlles on the Coaitinontal Jivlde us] be- 
tween mica Creek as the '«* ral 3rldee on the nanfe-Lake road* 
tbo cen stationed with each of these crewe, and charged with fill- 
ing ur> ruta, etc,, worked with rrrvel wagonn and did wary effocti- 
wor! 1 nys stxx>t; . 

Between Canyon ' <m and Ibuer 'all Junction the e - 

; ->n crew in Is naintenance sorl' 

on the raain road, ns well as or I ashbum rood, -ikewioi 

trc erew organise^ eawy rot»ci repairs also did li.^ht main- 

tenaace work between Sower Kails J n end the three-olle post 

east of Mewr >rlng» # 

rhe construction orew In Ounvin lass, with atea-i shoTel 
end eir ooapxwesor outfit, as well as credere and travel vagons, 
continued the wldenln e rood and awJrlns of fill::, /hroo 

large fills end one wall one were ocnpleted, 1. idles of ro d 

were widened , one 10-inch (*• I* culvert ni m 24-inch • I. 
culvert wore installed, and several lvorta were tempox'.ii 1 

repaired, During the oumer the Pxt\&GT crew nade three tripe 
over the Haunt 3aa2fcurr, road* 

A gravelling crew waa located part of the at Mid 
cano end the remainder of the season at Lake, 2iis crew 
?ed 300 cubic yards o" -rr.vel o -Janyon road, 

taootly on that oecti; ..?. . 

I Lake this crew widened tho fill just west of tho Lake 
Jjotel, B5i. yards beim; adder, h o fill. It also co i.lofce 

the grading of the new road alone tho lake shore, peat Bvailton'a 
new etore, and t ^ravelled ti.:ia new s-. . ieara roUav is 

now co 

la crew alao did hear: r der and aalntananee work on 
8 sdles of the road west of Lake Junction toward xhuab, an., frara 
Lake %j irout Creek, and lifter -ork was performed on the eeat 
approach roed ."ivo .'alias beyond Lake Junction, 

A large crew waa on the 'ower Junction-fitawaath road from 
ab ut aiguat 1 l ,3-ibor in, llo crew furniehe-' eode 

Creek fill and placed a 2-foot roc':: cap on the fill, in addition 
to carefully dltcMn,- it as a "ion against becoming soft. 

Ibe crew is now building a new road to Uewaoth Gasp froai 
the na'n TlauiiiitV-. orrl.--? rood. 

Ae crew alao improved the aproaehea to Canp Itooeevalt, 

later retur'd:. ; to tha etx-ullo poet eaat of Hanoth Vat 
It made general rapaira to tha roed for several !.ill<ta vest and 
east of that poi . oar the beaver das tha roed ves raiaec and 
400 linear feet of I $my ess gravelled near Hlaektail ©or 

Creek • Nina galva iizod Iron c .averts ware 1 natal lod between the 
four ami el ht-«allo posts on thla road. 

Jn the aeet aide of the loop syatea clurin July the poeer 
grader outfit, with a gaeoline roller, rehired the a 
Harris road from the eeven-ollo bridge aver 
to the eigh t ee n ii lle poet from Hi • It aleo Improved the 

roed to E4adlsoa Junction fro 

Later In the season thla outfit vme moved to the >.:i aa, 
where It repaired the rjeln road around the Car tel and out 

an far ea the rrara; . 

.o :orth .pit. , r e o^i ; — OmtUmmMm crave Hi ng van 
done on the north a p. roach ro«d from Gardiner, on.l protection ea 
given I ■ ~acln~ iba ir. the -ar- 

dlnor 'Ivor to ;>revont washing by flood eaters. Grader work on 
the roed was aleo performed fron time to tine. 

flttJfc^LJUflQMlLJHiJ ~~ to •'• •* rQ3 rv ^ it^nd b: Mb 
crew at Madleon Janet' ... Airing &&gaet the poeer outfit, o 
grader, eeerrlfor end gee roller, , reshaped, ssi 

jod lT rllas of the oil neeiileM roed east of t>« IveraiJe 
Renter ti >n. Later in tha aimer the oil naeedem roed beti 

Is station and the west entrance was patched wfcerrver hole* 
bad been wort In MM surface. 

Hal Tit* M^ronc^ : pu<? : — Bdt road was Maintained and 
repair*, i crew stationed at Qub Creek, twelve Eiilea froa 

Lake Junction, end a saall eu- yards was made to 

ellnint tc a sher ve« Jim arterial fro cut van used 

to mice the rotvlm Zae crew also »ad the road nnfi repaired 

culverts between iiylvan l^aa « nskn. oeven Galvanized iro; 

col verts ware installed* 

ivo outh AoowmwA lead: — Jnis road was rehired and 
Maintained throughout the eisaaer* First a snail crew nade 
s j. e ars j U i.iey repairs* then a l&r~s crew did considerable heavy 
Maintenance work, eroding* di'sinin;, re pairing culverts, re- 
oovin.: fallen trees, etc. io ti » n second grader 

went over i'te PCSjia 

3 3s»t ^woach Hoed (In the Acwacaa Jswset): —In 
aster »t deficiency a. ?f V 3*00Q, a log < 

cms built to protect Ihs bi ridge* Ao crib was 

It of loja, with lo«- floor sji rock fill. It ' s 200 feet 
•, 5 fee* l , and 7 feet vilo* Ms •oftatruct • »w ale 

tlsjejMJl I ■ sJmmhA ■ Mr t] tori at af triftweod* sjmI Um 
i-ents of the old brides were floated a:j«y* 

In -'a;/ and crew graded and rehired the forest 

rood the perk boundary* tben assisted i . clearinc ..ylvan 

Pass of snow* 

.^_. . prop? ,:— IB 

road mm li^hcly eroded and t$eneral repaira wro uade aa far 
ns . acific oroeK, «ra it ya*oparac to build log o lbe for 
she jproti-v .f the road and bridges, , -o- 

ealled to re «ir the road near tsa Creek, ana on account 

of shortage of funda had to be ordered to headquarters oJure 
any crib work could be performed* 

2* Head* — na iiilu of thla road between 

lower Falls Junction ollownton© ivor ma rebuilt. 

Bel j/m M i«re pednced, - n ■ &w |eja > r >? n&PMttl mi 
led, and the road as* wide . lbs road saw graded ea 
far ea the lansr . S I expense of 

it ens borne ntore # 

: — • steel 'or 1 vice over the Yellowstone, known 
r-G iiio .^orunetl ri ••, m MM Lsjbjb* ivur brid. f were re.rlr . 
sjal atom g| ■ Ml ' . '.; ,.o.-.- . 

3u aa* under-peae bridge was completed and nade 

reedy Nv i~a fill on u/juat IV . , . fhie was built by 

tee 1919 ar< 

BUIL ' ... 

Sl*» •-all crews with pee* trains ware enployed aost of 
the swear bai new trnl)i, -leering out end repairing; old 

ones, and bulldin? a d repn . 

and ono-balf Jlos f new tralla were opened up, sanely, 3& nil 


to cona<*ct 'umm Star Cieyeer with Upper «;<-eer Bi Um 

west aide of Sit© : ire :ole ;Jl*»r; 17 d.laa fron the Cod. r>; 
near turbid Lako to the east boundary Tin Jonee Pane; Ml 7 
;illea to c Kux/Ct the Upper lanar trail c 
Creel: with a new anowehoo cabin and lookout patst hh roat 
Lake* rhe alienee of old trails cut out; arid repaired was 
S&4£* Jjc full Hat of trails In tha park, ahowius ullaaga 
of new ones built and old traila repaired* la shown below: 

iwenty-aeTer; and one-half nllea of raw trails were con- 
during the eaasxm of 1S80, and bS4' nllea of old 
trails were cleared out and repaired • Of the G80 dies of 
toe park as lifted halo*, 506 i;ilcn *ere used by 
tourlntn, and ths amber of tourlats aej 1 - ia 

estimated at POO fc- , .. 

of JfraU Us** j b Lit lies tf«ni out 

in nlloB 



re aired. I.: 

• porta ■ .a e 



-" . " -o . . - .1 



.'awn Pass 



•ftoow lane 



•Crystal -prlng 

aw<* ***» 


•Lake of the ©ode 


%K &a±l 


Medison Plateau 


T*l Ma 





Mil Wto 


*MUH : ^'o 


*!fcry ! taunt a In 

*Lono . 


■ * ?■•■ 


VMt bona 


8tok»- cc'.lcr ?Tull S2 

*^oath Boundary 


•Upper ftsllowafemo 

oa built miee cleared aut 
19g> !. 132 






17 17 

*Canron«LeJ» 14 

'^ro^o «*i 


'- -or oa : 


• _ ,. V > . ,, 


.. «e;;burn 


. pociB«ui >ad#» 




Naoe of ."rail 




•?oe»il /oreat 


crystal ^iMk 


* Jurkeypea 


•IN Mi 






ji&. Creek 




*?roct ^a)m 


•Heart Lake 


♦Lake .-bore 


♦Zoaer fella 


' -..: .,. ... 


*7» -1 jry 

HLlee built ilea cleared 
i£80 ap* reared,. 






I •-• 

Jhe largo wooden eteble south of the atone garage wee 
renodelled for the storage of to hie lee and road er-ulpro . 
-tails vera re. overt and a row of double a Hi log doors, fifteen 
In nuaber, placed clear serosa the est side to provide easo 
of access. Sixty vehlclea of average else ea; : be stored here. 

Part of a frane building formerly used as n bay shed 
was altered by tear \t the floor, neJclng c3 

an,' partitions, en* providing plenty of doors and ventilation, 
for use ee a general lee house, and the old unsightly lee 
a oa oo e near Haseeth Cany? torn down* Oaa hnrwlro" and five 
linear feet of this buJ , La 20 feet wide inside, 

wee ao eltere «n£ two ^artitic- 

partuento for use or the -ovemnent, the hotel conpr.:.; , 
Ito m • c . . , row setlve] . ."ne two cc«L>anioe pale, 
expenses or renodelin- this . is 

750 tone of toe. Jho balance of thlo bull, in Is still used 
for storing hay. 

fee eotta e occaple. by hlef Ranger toBrlde at heed- 
quarters wee ro novate, and wster fran the aelea, wallet, 
roon installed* 

anall wooden building near the atone garage wee rewjodelJ 
ko en exeellent prtlnt al Jh« ehengea were not :ien; , re- 

qulrla.j new floors la part sad new doable doors la peztilt the 
entrance of lnr 

Haw voter aya ten and electric 
In the lo ;ne mile south frooa headquarters used by 
the ranger In charge of the a how herd of buffnlo. 

mo mm otMM . 

ewerel new ww r: , log taMae, l feet 

1 1 also, *»ere is stopping plates for pr.r!: rengera naki 

patrols In winter en cnowohoe.-i , name , oar 

the east boundary, another at '.nreboll Creak on the bc. 
bounder , ar to replace en old one ail Cascade Greeh 

Nil out: bounder , Mi ai '■'. I la fcfea Mrtheaat corner of tea 
park near the Cook entrance* late last fall a no* cabin 

was built at star urmek on the :>nako Jwer road to replace 
U one «Mch was badlv loo ear Lewis Lake* ifcle 

cabin aas 14 x 1C feet In also, vit? shingled r t, ->ae» 

lash board floor, saotber cabin was built lata last fall at 
Perk Ms*, apiece .Id one there. is cabin else, 

new cabin was ssatly 

fare Creek in fee southeast corner, designed to house two 
rangsrs who will be statl ned there all winter. is c 
built near -he 1 , be utilized as a ateblo, 

aac* in lc z 30 feet In size, Ih two roona. 

11 of these oablne exee. t the oner oek 

and fark I'olnt hr»we r i 

end eoverad «.bout 6 inches deep with earth. Jhe floors ore 
of „oloc flattened on t too sides, aod the doom and window 
•hut tore are Bade - ovido protection fron 

bears, -"ho walls are of peeled logs, iroll-c. inked with cud* 

Xhe eablne at portsaan Lake, end .Juffnlo Lake were 
repaired fey putting on new rubberoid roof and furniehinc floors 
of squared poles aed heavy plank shatters and doors, and those 
at urayling art East Lias, south of Riverside, were repaired 
in the earns smnner, except, that the roof board under the rubbar- 
oid, and the floors, are of one-inch boards which were reclaimed 
team al I .ii la i new lea net aatn •>* ine^oo aaoaj *> 
oeblns were rntioned or otherwise supplied for winter ues. 

ri» development of a system of much ■ n ee d ed eamps for t 
use of the thousands of tourists Arlv- z oir own autosSbil 3 
through the park was begun durlnr rvst season, and excellor.t 

progress was cede, ."ho roost essentia t : i develo 
these eerspe are a good e ure di ; water, ■ 

nar.itery toilet iioa. Be ioae 

oampa, Sue t increasing travel, the work of devr> 

than at eoae of the t 'nta was begun early In June, just 

as soon aa the roads were open* 

On Juno 4 we began the work at Canyon, and by the end of 
the aonth the -a tor system was nearly completed. It oonaloted o 

• pip* line bringing *ter frota the hotel coapn .y*s eater 

eyeten at Canyon :3tel to tho cl^o of iho a** c 

Oft the knoll Bftsr Canyon *' .-.notion, for*serly the site of the 

5, 00 foot of 1 -::. . ■ lvnaftaftA 
iron pipe n« laid a foot under ground, fr he 

©asp eite, a-ud at Canyon Junction a branc -an tr.'ron off 

to supply the Canyon Hangar station -r onoral store* aa 

iNMb line, a:.:' the distribution of the netea . ^eta 

which are pieced si -stent laterwala ! ic coop, 

required the 3*yinr a , feet I 

3/4-inch galwaniced iron pi . .3an: % * 

of »ix Tore provide:' ~nc neeer.' jr 

guidance of oeaupantu of the caag> rare wr.fic ^ in 

~e, 3ie old bulMincjB left by the /li 
camp cite ma abandoned inrre t : . - , 

with dead end fallen tir.ber cleared fror the camp site, saved 
for wood for the oaqpere. .'his ceap ana filled wl Lata 

as aoon ee opaned t as it replaced a bad!; loo ted and poorly 
•quipped nlte oppoalte the r oncer etatt 

inilar eccomtodatlon* ware ;< ' et a new eajap 

locate r.t . . ar ^oyner JJaoi , I the II ic :itep on the 
opposite aide ■ rood fro*} old Talthful* fere, however, 

the eork of clearing the aite «u> considerable, ea th*re waa 
Much fallen tlsber to clear away, tad ereon tlaJaer had to be 
•at to provide roadwaya to and t .rougn the aeap* Axle oanp is 

Ideally located, on levol, sandy , ->ut entl rely 

—r a i led by tree* froa the road; convent ^ I be I jeots 

of Interest, stores, etc* iier > ater was a serious 

problem, ae there Is no adequate aupply of ;ure eater cloee 
by. As a ten. orary expedient, a pipe Ha© ess oanneoted vita 
the hotel company* o syatera, an -ch-needed esnp en iod 

to tourlate early In IsMPSSf ubandonin; .ho old etas juot be- 
lov tho caapa conr>any*s site on •ireholc Ivor, shies was W- 
located for tho lnrge an bare or people was isese 

0»e quootlon of as adequate aupply sf \sirv 
for tils nost tsipiitust camp see solved b;- low oonere 

data about 15 feet lon^ acroa.? & enwll atree . <f ol*ar, ./oi-e estec 
located obout a cdle fron Old Falthf «beesterly 

direction. -Ma foroed a snail reservoir, frur Lc *he water 
ess plvod to a 700-^al'on concrete sett i >ugt a 

.'Vinch main. 3»ere Is a fall of about 100 fc ; the 

baaln to tho easy* Froa the r« f or i for 

, O feet :: - od lror 4-x, * 

■eln pipe bresehee Into teo 1 - nine, one 1,800 feet long 

leading It ubllc canp, an ' the c 

the canpe eonpany'H Old Pal tliful Corn. 
Its proportionate ehare of the tc 

lbs publlo canp develo *' lect yeer at Msenott 

the poser bouee prove of tea 

two, end therefore the one at the old bams wee abandoned. 
I mprov e m ent e were mode to tie lower Oanp by incrono 
else of the WAter . ipo whloh supplied it, and eddln laterele 
end wore fnucets to the tjyataca* distributing then over a 
larger area* -he water system as now developed corral ste of 
500 feet of one-inch rtain taken from the he edqe artero water 
syste at the power plant, extended further by XO feet of 

'-Inch -ain, with 910 feet of 3/4-lnc! laterals, Additional 
toilets were also provided at t v lo alto, and <?arb«6e cans, 
whlc?- were emptied dally, placed at convergent intervals. 

Bo work has been accompli: -hed for years t?int is of sore 
Importance to the public than the Improvement of those camps. 
rovldinG plenty of rare ROti&mf water is especially important, 
Ihe number of tourists who make tl.air own eamps has bocttae so 
greet, that the ;ain eamps at HMnoth, Upper Basin, Lake Jut- 
let, and Jrand Cenyon, are crowded throughout the ee son, i 
It requires to sorvloee of one to two men ?uad a tear* con- 
stantly to keep then cleaned up end supplied wit: ... Jhe 
improvement and development of ths earip at Lnke outlet, and 
of sevoral of t o minor camps which are used extensively, is 
important, emd this work will be oontinued ee rapidly ae funds 
will permit. 


H LBK3. 

On the data of ny last annual re.ort we were nai.- 
t alula,- 269 alios of groendeJ telephone and tolograii lino* 
In the pert, which included 22 Miles of lino between ->nake 
..Ivor and Bechlcr . -tntionfl w'.lch was seldom in use, as it 
was inuracci cable to kuep it in •-, serviceable} condition on 
account of the roteji country rhich it traversed* Hhin 11ns 
was taken down roce tly, an : therefore tlie totnl nlleage of 
lines In the nark la now 247* 

Heretofore the heodquartore-. orrla line consisted of two 
grounded circuits on the sans poles, aplitti >rris 

Junction ao aa to serve both aides of t>e park. -As Induction 
between these two lines has always been so -rest as to cause 
tmc* tncaavo:Urjnee t and often it was so bad that conversation 
could be carried on over but one of then at a tine, lb avoid 
this, tw additional wires ware strung on croasams on the 
•ares polos, providing two aatalllc It lefts ths /.lace 

of the two crounded ones from Mar: .onh to ; orris, improving the 
servlca wonderfully. 

■ether t ttfwa | |aaaj vo:i? I la I saw* 11;. ess nana 
by run ,o .tires into Mascot h Gasp froa our ewitah- 

beard, instead of having the Cenpo cora/nny's attaebrasnt nade 
fron the heedquertere-. ktrr is line. 

aaai xne and July heavy repair work waa required on 

all park linea, to repair danegs lone during the lone winter 

and jat the line** in cM» for rtood euuu s i service. Ae 
MMM»B naS llS», '*c v vxr.n fro anyea to to V tSJM 

■v: ?? fcj ttoftj •;:" lc BM MM *MI !■ pi M '"'- .-co IMC, r.or. 
it wbb built for th* purpose of checking nuionobilo3, was 
thorou?,hly repnircl, re ie reset tine of nearly all 

the polos for the whole distance of ibout 20 niles. Ibis 

Ivee us two lines to Canyon Station, one Tie orris and the 
W ria lower ralle. Lake Junction to -ylvan Pirns 16 polos 
had to be reset, taf about a wile of this Una at Jackson 
Orade vas changed so as to prevent farther troublo froo poles 
weehlnc out tela i fa water* <3iirteen nllea of the line 
between hoadquerters and Jbwer ^alls totion was practically 

III! ima e i a ble smll electric storis thrm; hout the park 
during July sad August caused nany ceeas of slight •anags to 
to the lines by burning out of fuses, the burning out of two 
pairs of wires in ftfca. cable laadln ■-.<■ aboard, etc, 

rc-ulr' .stent attention of two llneaaft to keep the lines 

working satisfactorily. r .m the ni *ht of ftafjtei 7 we had a 
h a srj windst-nm in t>e ilbon Gen; blew down consider- 

able tinner and broke the line ei^ht tines. Repairs to t 
line were not eonplete< until about c ':. .n. on August 0, 
on account of the inaccessible country through tr 
line passes, it bein : neeeeeary to oower the territory on iot. 


?he <5^-ecre fleK nt t M northern on trance ns re- 
to tlnothy aw? clover lnat s;; id ma kept Irrigated 

durlnr *** c n w iiw r. JFfcrte of It hawe ■ f*ir stand of graae, 
bat the crops nars not heavy enougi to pry the expenee of 
euttlnr; It for hay and It xm» left op the stalk to be erten 
later by the elk and other wll<! cmlaalc. ?he field ie utlll 
foul fron weeds In olocea. 

■ i" '.'o Iti "> I ■:• iltivatlon of mm ma ■ M 
do . "ie old seadowa at Laesar ^lver wer< '. Irrigated, end 

the iseodowe on 'ou -reek wore irrigated and cleared of 
brueh so that the h*v n liwrveatecl ~K>ro oeslly. 53oth 

. ■eadowa yielded excellent crope of hay* 

«re *rc vaat natural noadc>wB on ^lou#fc Greek and they 
can be to yl< « utilized for fee 

buffalo, elk, and other anliaale more economically than can be 
furrlahod by ooltlvatl*? Mi floodlit- ■cart owe on the Lenar lror, 

-oflded the winter cow'itione ae to enow ar vill per 

ub to nnlrasla there in i ter to be fed. 

In ay vaammadLatlcuw at the om' of this report I nd- 
-rocate the expenditure of n occn eer y f inde in developing theee 
bey lande. 

... ._- ... ice 

lea ferns*, and aaOMrely packed for euaner «N. 
the eork aas doao by raja? nr oroloyaea, cad Mm MOt a i - 
..* aa&ea, aes 1*S9 pax 
Tory eeoaiderabla aaonnt if work wee accofetplietiod 
- a /oar In the e roct ioa of Aiga* iu different sections 
of ti* par:;, Raj siilepoet &i$is were* placed between j-ako 
Junction :jud Canyon June , ; as.vaa.. -oayoa Junction ana 
foeer i'alle Ano ., and oatv»o;» A>«er » rJLla Junc.iea and 
Meaaoth Set Springe. Kev ai&ut deeisnating the public auto- 
mobile oanpa and i«i|ir atatlaaa vera nanttfaetured In tho park 
and prove j to ba Tary eff active ahem Installed. Large sigaa 
vara alao plaeei at each entresee, ae well as at every road 

evsre.1 hundred cr.^11 ircctlcn algae for the pah lie 
>ile cenpe, the goyaer , and c&acellaneouo un- 

set nara aada ia t J inat Ilad 

by tba neater painter, vhe tea baas 
algr. aorh trirraaghrmt tha park t not only of 
alao of tha various airfc utllltlee* An effort ia bein& uede 
to haxnonixe and unify all park ai-u. 

Ibe colore ueed in tha nanufacturo of all algae ore 
9aa)B and white, «1 en red for dancer r 

N . 

Park headquarters at eraaoth Krloge Is provided 

with an adequate supply of pure nountain eater fron stream 
•even nlles outh, brourht through a substantial syvteci of 
pipe, roeerYolrs, and nnlne. Jhiii eysten famishes 
eater to all 3owrmo t build lags at hoadqurrters ; to the 
public utilities whose headquarters ire located iore, including 
the hotel company, eenps company, transportation conpeny, and 
store, curio chop, an picture shop. doscri./tlon of this 
system will be found on page 167 of the annual report for 1919. 

irin~ the peat season n pipe ens connected with the 
system to furnish pure water for use of travelers usin • the 
public la Csop near our power house, and half a dozen 

f meets <iere placed at c-nvon'ont intervals throughout the 

Xhe hydr oelectric jiowor , t ) Ich rras also described 

;ot,ail on i-e 167 oC the 1919 annual report, is sup llod 
with water for power fron the sens system. 

tetensiono of the llcbting system were nade during the 
eeeson as follows: A pole lino wee constructed end a new etree. 
ll: v tin; circuit 1,EGC feet Ion was establis od, providing 
street 11 - to fro the at the south end of the heed- 
quartere grounds neer :.ibo ;y Ccp f up law hill past the employee 
quart era, nr. ■. ,n toMeiD'. C«nj. c natruoted 

fro a olnt >n the south side of Co. l ill, Boat! ft* w> |00 

foot to the oabln used by the ranger who la In charge of the 
eho-.T hen ae buffalo* 

o northern entmnoo oheeMnc station nee also con- 
nected up with the Gardiner 1 ctrlc 
providing 11 tit for registering eutonoblles after nisi-, 
the entrance arch. Dila took a line 400 feet lo . 

Meat of fine outside wire rc.uired for all of the above- 
naned extensions was secured by reel.- old wire that waa 

formerly use! t > connect u >r Cany ido *lth 

the power plant, shore It van no longer needed. 

3» total production o" the power plant for the fiscal 
Tear 1020 was 140,200 kilowatt hours, .ihich was t isposed of as 

..loctrlc current sold 18,184 kilowatt 

Coaouraad by Jovt. llritfltTHT. 3 ojs, street li 

lag, and lines K50.076 H 

peak load for the year waa 50 kilowatts* 

2ae east of the eloctrlc aysten for the fiscal year 1920, 
as shown by the cost re.ort, waa , . . *. , he actual coot 
to the Ooveraaa t co produce oarrent waa 4*7/40 co tu per 
kilowatt : our. rho electric eoxrent was sold at ! centa a 
kilowatt hour, the total o , awH houra sold brining 

In a rcwenne of 909.20. 

Thar* ara under discussion In the tatos of ontana 
•ad Idaho eebeaes nore or less epoculutlYo In t?oir nature 
which oontenolate the utilization of several of the aoat 
beautiful sections of ienottstono Lake for storage reaerroirs. 

ilkt itaatiiws. project coatea&latea the erection of a 
da. at MM outlet of Lake Yellowstone, this dan to be used 
for the storage of water to be used in irrl ;nti;i£ lands in 
southern end eastern Host ana* *he proraoters of this project 
first asserted that they wanted to construct a dan that would 
store water eijjht feet shows low water nark, but now they 
aeeart they went to construct c cix-fo5t dot* 

.<3>ere are several Idaho projects* One eontenplsteo 
the nee of Lake Yellowstone, this -rojoct beln^ similar to 
the out* a scnane, except that the water is to be tnken Into 
the Jnake irer ^ns of tunnels throorJh the Continental 

-ivl io. Another It- "nn contemplates the erection of dens 
at the outlets of Uvia sad Jhoahoco Lakes ant* the raiei 
these lakes to a height that would bring about the destructio . 
of nuneroue areae of t lobar* 

foe noet -ctivelv pronoted Idaho jroject, howewer, is 
the one that involves the erection of dans in whr t is called 
the Falls iror BaaJ . ;»so . tr jcturea touM storo the 
waters of bec^JLor iver. Falls dwor, Ilountain ah Creek, ar*i 

other atrsaw* and eould flood between D, :-J , iOO aero 

of fino raeadow and tirabor Ian i lyinr: at the baaa of aconic 
cliffs and plateaus, trithln vhlch there nro moro wnfcerfalla 
than thara ara in all o f : o remainder of the park combined* 
iSiia la the ..rojoet that has already baen praaanted to Coagreea 
an>? recolvod the approval of the oenate, 

Sana of thoae pro jocta should be favorably considered 
under any circumstances, because any one of than will result 
In the daaeeretlon of the vxrk to a greater or laaa extent* 
Uore important than this, boaever, is the f MM 

approval be ftVau to tie leaat haraful of the plans, naiaely, 
the one advocated by Montana promoters, a proce ent aould be 
eatabllshad that would aean the ultin-te r Loa of the park. 

• -L f — i • 

aurpoea of deter i ; .a relation of several 

propose irrignti oa achates to the Jppsr Yellonetoae region 
and the ooutbeeat corner of the par!:* taotm aa the ?alls 
lasirt, I left head :unrtera M -*pteefi>er £9 nnd r»de an aztanslTa 
trip throughout the exithern p rt the pr*v' . I first Ticltad 
the ielloastone -1-7 • iley heyon-J ihe eout>eaat ara) of 

lovetoae lake, s region inhabited by tbe park's l->r,-est 
aooaa hards, and or. - ae f- !^ar La 

lnapaatlr * new Upper Yelloaatone 

which has Just been ewctal. 

owed the south boundary «Mt to Fox Crook 
unowehoe Cabin, tiieneo over Bis Ctoer ° end up to Hssrt 

Lake. **hs Heart tiver and cnake Ivor valleys were tmvereed 
to the unake Uver t-tion, and frca that point the sou 
line of the park we* fwllMMl to the c>iler Ivor Hangor 

tion in the *:u trees t corner* I eMSft two days exaaininc 
the basins of .falls '*iver, * 'contain 3h vroefc. Bee Ivor, 

ani Bo unda r y Creole, ae well «e reservoir itoc couth of the 
BSSjfe, FwM M - ftwft&MJ tons Mel I Mis. MM Mil VJ MS 
■MHUV ' iTor to its headwaters, nnd thence over to Shoshono 
-.- . 

• trl took ae through a wonderful raountaln region, 
■ash of W*i*J Is visited by only n few hundred people each 
year, and the rest of w alnoot unknown to any but 

ran^oro. ractlcall is territory' was cowered 

lir. h, 0, 3rscK of I'aekenseek, Sew Jersey, whose or.plomtione 
awd leperis are mentioned heroin in other connections. 

."i ■■ . . :. :■. . 
Ihe total cVLlaction of egge of the block-spotted or 
native trout by the ..nited totes yieb lieteuary at Yellowstone 
Lake outlet was o,&l£,0Ov , >, 388,400 were colleeted 

Yellowstone Lake a -rlbutariee, and 029,600 frora Kioh 

Lata, near -oda Butt* trtion. 

Mr # W. r. rhe«pson, Superintendent of tho Jul ted 
Jtatcs fish Ilntehapy, at Boaenan, Jjontoma, who also o:>oratea 
tho park hatchery, states that the quality of the er.cs was 


iatplbutloii. -- f the o : ^s e lloeted, 1,901,300 

•ere hate lied ot the park hatchory and planted back In a all 

streams arouu \ellovstone lake and In other sat or tl the 

park. Jhe balance were shipped out and used aa follows: 

-hipped to Leadrllle, Oolo.,batehery *. planted In Colo- 
rado an--: adjacent waters 1,0G0,000 

(rhe LeadTllle iiitchery furr.laihed part of the nan 

tho coll ctlon In z) e park.) 

51ven co Jepartr.ient of avnl Service, Canada, In ex- 

nr-e for aal'jon e -rp '■■-' , 

i«nt to BLacior lark atchery • 

J«nt to D o a a n s n 5stchery an<: Jed fron there. 2,417,000 

• rstone -'ark 1,. , 

rot-,?. n,;:. 

statistics, It la erlde , ,d© 

fish eggs collected i m , Ml , 11,300 sere distributed, 

a Ions lu hate 700,700, or nearly 11 per cei. . nothop 

Ldopable loss occurred In trana^rt/ ti I hatchery to 

especially In the Lr.ita that necessarily had to be nsde 
with peek train, yar; in.-, s o sor d ini to distance and oars taken, 
fpon 1 to £ per 

Mr* Xbompeon also fumlened Saetern Brook and Rainbow 
it for reatoeklnr streacs JUi the park* rho detailed liat of 
fish planted In the park during the paat seaeoa fallows: 

&BL2S 0? WOK PLAT&BD 1980 81 

Dfcfl MHO 

^ KjBjfc 3BBtr 

9 .... 'ion Creek 10, 

.... Oboidia- Creek 

July If ••• EM » at Virginia do oir, , 

Aug* 21 ... !3©a iorco Creek, In Loser oyaer >nsin •••• , >00 

Upper .irehole .Iwer near Lone ^tar Jeyaer. 5.000 


Aug* 87 ... M iver, in Gibbon fieadows -, 

. otted -IV' ± . 

... i'*Bear Creek, invicinity of aat a 4,000 

§ I oak, la vicinity af «at .'ioad...... 3, 

-Yibutar; to ..ylvai. Lake (-aet of Lake,.. 0, 

L«l r 4,500 

l&ddle Creek, t ree—iile poet to rancor • .0,000 

§ Crow Creek, near perk boundary , £0 

olacy Creek, in vici 

# Mooee Creek, about |) -liee fron outlet.. 84,000 
§ Is tributar stream, outlet of .Ihonhoao 

Lake (near Outlet) :: , 

eter Creek, ir, wl - post, 

eat Bbbb 80,000 

.Ylb tary atreorui of Lewis Ivor, near 9- 

ile post, est tor-b • , 

•Crawfish Creek, want of road fc above fella 12, 

.••■■aula Lake 

vor, ear >rka,vt 3eulr . 14,000 

*Jalls Ivor, near Caeoade Creek end \ 

of joowahoe eeJal 14,000 

•/alia ftlwer, north of 8 and 4-nilo posts & 

eaat of bi*raee Jail I 

•Falla .{Ivor, I of 8-aile Toot 

weet (Cnlfee Cree: ™ 


.... •Caeoada fe«fc| tributary to irallc •• near 

°--in," v: 

To. ?a::*on Creek, iiarth oi 
I Hate, ok, vicinity X nion .alia 

.•iry to -nllc R., near Bechlcr Ivor 
Soondfcr: Creek, ebout S§ all on frou -utlot 

& fieucdar. <~oek, nortl lis 

>'f';tT to : otl.iaon ureek, vicinity of 

13« .«st, Treat boundary 

I bnrve r&plda 

Ivor, «•:■ jffalo 

3atte -reek, near northeast ontraate 

# Cache -reok 

Buffalo Creak, near park lino 

■..-.-.. .... .owor Creek 

3,... ; .: 

•4 • « • • slouch uree • • • 

11. • . . ad • 

!*ear Croe 

1..... irem hoadtmtera of MV . .... 

1 .to • . bureau of Plaheriea. 

... ;p- fmtk 

'..- ■ 

Clanr Cree - - 


-e Creek 

real : 

11 can Jrocl. 

>reek • 

o He -roc 


t ountrir m 


- -juae a 

Sept. ..... aa uroe • . • 

ub Creek 


1 , 



1! , 


1 , 


ctero . rerioualy barren. 


As will be noted, 834,700 of the blackspotted trout 
planted wore placed In efcreene previously bam , and 10 of 
the plants made, with a total of 503,800 fish, were plaeed i 
atresias eo reaote from the road that they had t be trana- 
ported pert of the way by 1M& tre 

rransportationfbr the fish planted was furnished by 
truck and pack train by the national ark oi-vlce, oxoept 
for a few loads taken with truck fron Leko outlet to i - 
Creek and Laaar Uvor fey the Yellowstone Park Cesape Company, 
6h© 875,800 planted by the ... . reau of fisheries In the 
snail streams around the Lake, mi* one lot of 84,700 planted 
tl the very ) ea wot ere of BttlAev -Ivor on opteaber 13. Jhis 
lot ess handled froa Lose ^tary Geyser to destination with a 
pack trein furnished by r. $• C Gregg, of sckensack, I lew 
Jersey, who explored the soe tswen t corner and Beehler Ivor 
c *intry very thoroughly duri t o past -unner, and who takes 
n very strong . ersonal interest In Its doveloxKmt. rhe 
heed Meg of this large nuaber of fish with peek train wes done 
principally by sw permanent ranger force, and the aen who did 
the work are deser*. I f upeciel ore It, b they usually feed 
to work wary lets at nlsht to r ;ot t v e fish to t eir destination 
without delay and sere exeeselTe losnea. y ry lant osde was 
apparently succeeeful, and the loee ees re: tiwoly stall. 

■die the number of eggs of black-epotte<l tr ut taken ess 

sligh tly less than taken during iho season of 1019, the 
season's work was nasi, nore of a success so far as the In- 
terests of lollowatoae Park are concerned, as ftfca nurabers 
used for reetoc in in the park Itself were nbout 33-1/3 
per esnt of the number of egg* botched, w l >ile eat sboat 
psr cent aero replanted In 1019. 

On September 2L, . Ernest ohaw, supervisor of 
Ibemroka National forest ( plants , B bledr-spotted 

ve) trout fry in ■ sioall lake called "SIMM Labs" 
located ah ut a rolls north of the park line near where it Is 
ooed by Buffalo Freak, fhla lake is soostiasa conneeted 
with Buffalo Creek duria* periods of high eater, but r. 
Jhav thought the fry planted in .uffalo Creek 
seer the park line night not fin: their way into it, and 
these waters were prov- >usly barren. r. hew transported 
the fry through the perk by peek tie in from Lamar Bridge. 

waaxm m :. -ukis®. 

Majority of tourists who viait the perk are 
either not at all interested in fishing or do not here 
eufficlent tine at their disposal to do any fie ing. Of 
those who do fin , far the greater majority cow 
that class of tourists who are asking oanpin • tr 
the park, and the nost of their fishing is dons in the 

close to the oain so ad, or at the . iahlng Bridge 
near Lake Junction, where the flahinr Is easy end aoet etery- 
ono la more or lees successful, rewards the end of the seau , 
hossver, the fcrut are not eo i>lentlful at the brid/7>, p.rui many 
are disappointed. .There are eu nany flo tn/: In tie streams 
close to the road that the fi h are cither frightened away 
or too well educated to take bait or ■ fly, and not ■ very 
greet Many ar-* awarded wlt> < • oatehoa In the street that 
are readily aceeselMo fron t s entomb" ■...;. .n the 

Bo mp s iu tlTely small ounber of tourists .1 the tine and 

ftaeliaatlon to ~i*ko trl->s eone lilee free* the oal.. road. aye 
for the -wcrpose of fla'ln-, success In baggta it eae 

the usual 

By a -x>ll Increase* -Oar.'., . all the 

that are easily reached by erorvono, It Is ho e 
f labia? aay be- lnjprored ■ enjoy 

A twenty-pound aekinnw trout see caught with hook and 
line In ..nek a <lwer, not far from the south entr-ineo, an 
^eptenber 21, 1980* 

At the tlae of c 1 < i L . 

look for t:«o wild rnL^als, niv the elk eepeclelly, see very 
bed. ..hern as no forage on the winter range at all, and 

without warning Sana the id itor of ctober 

when fron fifteen to twenty-ej >no!/»e of enow 

fell In all parts of* the lark and effectually sealed up 
what little forage there was left on the eucner and fall 
ran (Tea • '?h» animals were drlTan down in larr*e nurobere, and 
■any croseed tr boundaries only to fall a prey to the 

aercileea hunters woi just across to line, iarre uurabore 

of elk, aa-iy bear, and sorae deer were destroy • .no entolopo 
tried to leave irk and even the buffalo loft their ranges 

•gain and again to aee : ouu rorase still left uncovered. ther 
s.oms i'oULoweu taring -he lest few days o iad 

eerred to a-yhasiae tue aireauy severe eondlti .... . 
sane anltiln leaving tho -ark m aHJ aidee It certain uest. 
tion by ri r starv I jOitus neeeeei. begin 

feeding bay at once, never to oeoae o ;i.-oiy until Nej EM , 10" 
-oveLi>v3r proved another reoora oreeh 

January and February were ooiapar a -iveiy nild and le I jjem 
of a& early spring. 3ttt Ite I, and ^ proved J >erti«- 

cularly sold and rtiiwyy and were lee bit bar end to a long, 
hard winter* ix long ran the of continued work end hardehip 
to save the lives of the T&ztix 

our service. As aeetions of oar wonderful herde of wl 
Bmm that reraain are a aooune:: he hardships of bl 

cold and re la: atom eheerfull, eodured by rengere end 
other xaeabers or .aid lbs 

I . 

•11 .toerica lo duo to the frlori.'s that eo unaelfle wlded 

the fuade for the work* .arly In ay, the :reu began to tow 
and things took a turn for the better for weakened 

anlnals* Heeowery proceeded rap idly v there has been a ne tie- 
factory lnereaee In young enlnala, forage hae grown well, and 
there ie ample hay cured on the etalk for an aTcrage eeaa 
In add' ','■ ..o the forage distributed over t- e ranker, there 
ha* eeaa 830 tone of excellent hay secured and stacked at 
various point a for winter use* 

?he worst feature of the w>rk ahead of ue to reserve 
the gene enlaalo throu;b the aintor of 1920-£1 le the 'ion tana 
gaoe law permit tin elk to be killed fro l . If I - c at, 
end a second elk t > be killod on payment or . • It le 
tho ease law that permitted the slaughter of 101 &-2 , It 

la n dls -race to the great state of ontane* 

Owinc to the loaaee of la at winter, not eo rian. elk have 
been eeon as usual by the tourists, . robably an additional 
raaeon le the ateady stream of c r^ 

a ten de ncy to keep theee tlnld aniraala at a distance, the 

ot: er band, antelope, Acer, noun tola cheep, end bearer were 
•CCA anch aore fro .o tly than ueual* Oqr wild aninnls arc 
• great source of intoreat to all our vial tore, and even a 
or n porcupine creates sane exc' 

L — ci wild buffnlOg of whlci' nine 

7«ro Wtm 1:: S:\ ■•• •■:*:■ N p -•• i:. 

roiloan Yalloy. k bull wae aeon at itarbld Lake m -1 14th 

by range re; also two bulla a- ary^a Bay on .prll 80 th and 
tjje.ity-oix buffalo of both aexoo In talioan Yalloy on 111 
27th« m deed anl'-iala haws boon fbund, ..ho herd la oride -j.y 
apllttlnc up anil It la thought that the reason ie on account 
of the nee<! for new poet urea* I eaw eight near turbid Lake 
along the aaat road early b no and next day .ncinoGr . L« 
lilll eaw fifteen in I o saw locality. It la orioani tbrt the 
wild huff nlo )»we inoroaeed, at least to the extent 
cnlvee noted above. Cold weather ;ld not seen to effect theee 
anlriala at nil and the effect of 'eery enowa was only to nako 
then reetlese; wit their iTeat strength and ponderooe welgat 
buffalo can break t. cir way to fre >d # oo It la not sur- 

prlnin/ that all soon have bean la good c.naUxon. Jheae 

buffalo will undoubtedly find fraah pasturage wit ark ae 

the herd lnerooeee; the wild hard probably containo well ower 
n i.a M a 1 tale at * | i-oj « I U 

Baffalo- Iw/ie aoaKU— orio calf wee born In ctober after 
the drte of iy leet report. 2ble hard been.*) uneasy even be- 
fore tie first bin etoraa and aaay euooeeded U brooking away 

i tha hard and or w la to JJetaooth repeatedly, ifl the hay 
at the Buffalo Vara for wl tor uoa wee none too plentiful for 
t:.c- l^r-o bard larlaga ion- viator, it eat eaairaela I aeea 
tboa grazing ae late ae poaeiblo. in 11 v. : . , 


bulk of tha hard was taken to lo oak, where hay had 

put up during the au*Y%er, r.nd fe^. there until the end of the 
month. Ab calves rare asperate'' fron their not here and corralle 
at the Ptoa whore thoy were fed h- . 

8»rln£ Daoar?ber, Jc~uory, and nrt>liwij w 365 buffalo Mere 
cared for at the Buffalo Itaiaw y 2Crd, the bulk of 

the herd was driven fron the fam to lou^h Creak to utilise 
the hay otlll there until '^arch 85th, *en 127 bulla and steers 
ware brought to Msnooth to be fed baled hoy, leavl . | r^ MM 
and ealvos at the Buffalo Farm* Hay wae exhausted at the Pi 
end by &*tit exertions ei -ht t >na were hauled out fror. 

JUL bsjffalo ware token back to the Buffalo Fata about ny 
lot and turned out t > Teste* Jhe anlmla T»re t'sln La flesh 
owlnc to short rations, but soon began to lnpr ;vo* urine the 
winter about three od tons of hay was fed at iJuffnlo .arm, 

sjbeu> aerr ive tona at Jlou£h Creek, and t -nine tone 

at "tn . urln#; the ausrwr just finio :od the herd has rom?ed 
on the slopes of p^ciaen Ridge er . I-orrls, and 460 tone of 
hey were pat up for coating winter at the ;*iffalo /nn and 

915 tona at the flold on Leagb reek* 

Ob Daee rib er 6th an old bull waa f^und deed near Junction 
Butte; a cow and a oalf died M > nouth of :*eer Creek dur 

January, and two bulla near Inowlee c- i ; In 2 larch a pee* 
bull died near the south of Dlaoktnll Jeer crook; an e: - - 

old bull wne found deed August 17th; on* bull killoe mother 
at ?!ac:^o5h on April 19th« i"ortun the only ralua le one 

of those eitfkt buffalo sua tho cow that died in January and 
aha had been badly crippled for 3 vso tlp» # 

tliree-yoer-old bull was shipped to tho "It- |« Jouia 

owerabor 1 , i:i: ; a ix-7ear-ol: Ml to 'irorn, Illln ic, on 
Ja-:u-vy oC , 10^ | | riTo-;-3-r--'l: M] M lbbir , i ., 
June 3C, 10.TO; a throo-year-old Vail ta >ierrsopolin, yo., on 
June I . II to t:» veel4ejri or Pufc o^loicnl 

oci , llwanfcee, ieconsir:, on -Tuna ISO, Hr . iril 1st 

tho new calr*** begar to a o first two 

aero "ro*en to deaf or Hod fron Lose tlien 42 

sore calvco hnve appeared and the tans herd now totalo 

On June lth, fifteen bulls were brought to Liejsaoth and held 
in the araallar corral for the tourists to soe, Jhey created a 
Great deal of interest and it wao osti atod that they were seem 
by over 30,000 wieitoro. 

Jhe entire herd is in excellent condition; and barrin;* anotl 
h e a r / fall of snow early la the aeaaon, the nnturnl range should 
keep then in good condition for aoras tirio. hlle tho 450 tone 
of hay in steak at the Buffalo r'an should prowe sufficior.t for 
the winter, it is possible that we amy h vo to use eons of the 


iMqr etecked on JXo\ vor inoreealng Banter of 

anl-elo In thia hard neane that mora and nore hay rttat be 
TiTjvldad each year and the only aafe nay la to coed raore and 
noro irrl^ted ground • It la bopei provlni >r ouch li>» 

prorod lam will be zaade each yaer eo the Incroaae In the herd 

jfeunt p.l. Jhoep»— foe uoual herd of nour ~}?eep om 

down to Gardiner Canyon during the jotober ntorra and renalnod 
the wlclr.ity all winter; at one tino el hteen aniridia were 
seen* rhere wee rice a anall baud on the walla of Golden ^te« 
On October 80th a aale larab cane to fche tout of two laborera 
..«i. uffalo tfam and aatera nf apparent fear, 

wee thin but atlll eeeaed a bealthy apeeiae • She buffalo keeper 
took Ma to the . iua end fed hln niik, broad, etc., but the 
finally die. 
Daren aheep were aeen near 2ower falle In toc*c:tf>er; Hi in 
ifty-three oheop srere aeon nort^ of the Yellowstone 
and fl fty-f oar raore to tne sou-h thereof. ly a few deed 
bodies were found during the winter nn& It lent that our 

eetlnated nunber or two hundred * nrh la too low If enyt lr 

-Tie nalorit; of the noun to la eheep apent the winter at low 
ftudee where they were able fnlr livi n ■-. n arc 

my began to : ar*e back on the Ugh nountainn, end in Juan 
the laabe began to ap^jeor. A snail hand renainec o 


and at leaet two bende on the Mfc eloac the Lonar Valley. 


MM l« . »t, I sar four female shoe, la She main auto- 

noMle roed bet we- n ►leedauartera and .-ardin-vr. 

rtoloj5 »— Sua MflMi of lua. rought the antelope 

doTn jrlSh a ruah fee tbe nelt&borhood of the lowlands about 
Qexdlner u;d belo.v. Xost of the autelo.w fcriu re .jeatedl;, all 

■Ku i'i Cw bo:, iV; c.-, . j: , j c . r.iv , Ml 

• flood /aany did leato. "ao latter ■integral near . lsctric, 
, .at returned »af«sli 

» re ^ were in a 

special • »aall >pe could 

condition.} tbe bard eaa sr 

• and nineteen were r 4 m dead* In April and Uay, the 

antelo ;o be$ m ver and rwrc lr mw raiiflii 

:a in lot:. *r and 

Hjioufcur* As the ;ld ahoabho case off. It sno fo 
nee borne had already bo (be tip of the MM core 

so t'.mt et no tine eere tie tda eerncenblo horn. 

h > -.i* . :-il, a. , ' -, ... , B P»*1 ■ ' I I » I fcfl I I 

iltlve for uee 
fhe antelope attention la e aerl 

heed left and tbe number eeene dooned to deorct 
ntelope will not breed In eaptlvit; and sc 

not even! liere are not many 

antaloT© left I n6 ^Jtotea end the total comber 18 

steadily ^sttlrc omller and mailer. ->.ereforo. It behoowee 
tts to wisely enre for jron fcorn If wo vould prevent she ox- 

letlon of thla ronderful wrmnal > 

• oo3e . — urlr. - the winter tho noose of the upper Yellowstone 
iver, and Bsehler -lver Bfeel Lias and al 

rations, but sear va eoae throu-rh Tdth only a allfjftt loaa 

of noetly old Mi decrepit narfbera of tho apecieB. Jurin i e 
suzaser they hare recovered mA are now vigorous and strong wi 
a satisfactory number of c- lvee. I bolleve that there are at 
'red noose in the 

Is addition to t'.a r\V .'C*lltla4, little c ■ hare 

established t;*er.»elvej near the T?iverEide, Gallntl:.. and Sylvan 
FHes etatl->na; on the hesdwetare Iroerir.-, lough, end 

Soda Butte Creeke| and on Zagla reel: to the east of the ark* 
They have bear, aera occasional! iGta and always oaused 

the wildest enthnstaaa* »f our «.r;ortant noose reneee Is 

^endows end forests of the 3eehlcr end Falls Rivor !3ealna. 
In t' « fi- ^mer . Tiere le en irri~n:i 

sehTBO bein~ developed w ! > '., -ad, will doc kble 

Mnfte r ve out these xaooee to er 

t.oro i n Rm > Ml ef sU else ehosa renM stU bo destroyed 


-.Ik, — -he eotlnr.tea of park suporl. servients aa to the number 
of oik in the atrk up to 19U varied froa t5,000 to 40,000, but 
were usually ■Mfttmtl -> bolns "tbousanda** and no fl^urao 
at n ted. 

In pril, 191", a censxis was taken of the northern herd by 
Park eti.iloyeea, and the count of 30,101 was t .uldoreil as 

apprcodnntely accurate. 

If the Park fumiahed atjplo win tor rang* for the elk, aa 
well aa sir nor ran-o, thore would be no jrol.lan, but nost of 
the graaa In the park la covered with sno-j in winter ao doo. 1; 
that It is not available, and the only real winter mn -o la 
lowest lend, two to twelve :iiloc in width, along the n 
border* In ordinary winters, thia would furnish a Good rang* 
for fifteen to twenty-five thousand elk, but over a lar^e por- 
tion of the Aboaroka otional -oroat, wMc: joins the park on 
the north, the ions are the aarie as .re in rk. 

Until grazlnc permits for cattle and 3bee? were /^Mntod on t 
range, 20, U00 to 30,000 elk normally included in the northern 
hard, hod a'..lo mbjmv rmx^o in the park and roaaonablo winter 
ranre included on hoi aides of tla park line I i north. 

ftaaTlBlng the aituatlon vhioh confrr tod t:-a era elk 

hardo on account of the ■ of ite natural late 

nn ' 1 lat NMBJi b o:\ci'<mc x : ,o I 9t aattl n .' r-:.\tii ..• af 
-r ■! >r lta on t j adj aaal aaat roservea in v, < 

T waa tea office o - ebe arh uperl tendent in 

. 1013, In which represo^tativHa of 
the -'tok, the Uniiod Jtetae Blolocieal 3urvey, and the United 
3%at eo Ibt r oo t Jerri ce t participate . loua to thin date 

the question had not been entirely overlooked, for, acting 
upon suggestions of the tender rjpartoe^t of 

Agriculture had, In the interests of the r -dted the eras- 

ing dlstrlets for sheep in the , bsaroka Ifetional orest adjoin- 
lag the .ark, and the .tntes of 'ontnna and jyon&ng had aet 
•...Mo . ■ ■ pMMervoc abuttia Iht MM riMN - ; . Ml .r-a^ou 
abaolutely from hunters. 

At this nseetin::, w ilo it sraa the intentl >ider 

the situation fron every angle, it has since baeotaa evident 
that febc i >noe of keeping the irinter ranc? ial 

jst entirely' free fro? ^razin • aes not realized. Ml 
following points vera unanimously agreed upon and 

1. i>tat the whole elk problem ahould be handled una: 

. ^hat for the prase ,000, which 

'.idea the park herd, ti-e Jacksc I ose that 

range la the forest reserves ust outside t , nhould be 
naintalned at its present size, of vli ord should 

exceed SS,300« 

-reaen; ;iono the annasl erop froai Ma 

bard (billed under pane Lava of the ad J tatee, shipped, etc 

ahould aot oxeeed 7,500 I , 0« 

<• Jhat cane equitable arraaanai o nade ahereb: the pe 

of the -.tote of ! ontann na;- derive their due proportion u: the 
bencfita of the 

• rhat for »be present the axletin^ aheap grazinf- lines 
on the Gallatin i : .at tonal -oreot be maintained. 

C« Diat co far as elk are concerned, the present lines 
bearolBB 2Sfttio:uxI Ram i - : . 3) creek trail > 

reaeonable end ehould be rjr.insalnod. 

About the only result of this meeting was to oxclto eaoagh 
Interest to keep Mm subject alive and causa an occasional ceaaae 
to be taken of tia northern herd of elk, ami ti.eso fibres are 
not* useful for c <: pari so: . Ae figures :iTB.. below are aufficie 
to show just hoe eerloup the situation as finally beoono, 
how easily possi ■ exter d. nation of t. a elk herds nay be if 

better protection and rjore winter ranpe Is not ^iwan them. 

jjaeqlts of Census •.- -."'he first census tehon, in prll, 1912, 
itl'">ned above, s> o^er 1 3. ,101 In the northern ord, Jhe next 
is was safes* .prll to .ay 1, , J o'-owet! an increeso 

to C2,S57 I: I ■ iflrtaaTS bar . - , he next a , prll 11 to 

»sy 2, 1014, the count o v owed 35,303 in the northern he: . 

.'olio Tin jhe teat excellent conditions of the winter of 
101 - l r , no census was taken of the herd, but a eoneorrntivo 
estimate of increase was J cent., ■ ic would plaeo 

■saber in t,'e northern herd arount I .-7,1 2 # Beginning nprl I 
191S, a careful c ant showed 29,544 snlnals In the herd, and 
1,9 jG were known to have been killed durin. 

aad shipped out alivo to new raagaa and I rks, t us Air.t- 

lng for 31,002. ."he discrepanc. was accounted I reliable 

reports to the effect . rs waa an unaecour. . c-.oeae 

In the southern herd. In nc that a • oevy migration from 

the northern to the southern bo- 
r.ot surprising, as their aureier ranges oor. ©tinea ml<$it overlap* 

The worst set-back to the nor thorn oik herdo of record, 
except thnt of the winter, occurr*- > very 

severe winter of 1916-17, Ala was said by HO] t rs to 

bare been thefcngaat and hardest winter In their Manor: - i.. 
feet, It w*»e niic worse than wm; last winter, though tl>e elk 
did not differ ao mch ae fora/je conditions were bettor and the 
open season for hunt.' 1 .. m was shorter* e had but 

212 t na of bur/ for foedin.: tho wild anlaala I Lag e.ntolope, 

deer, and aoantaii. aheap, and up to this tire it hod not been 
the practice to fe« elk aft all; but efforta ware drays 

aatde to Snas? than away fron the feeding so as not to Interfere 
with the analler aninala ■tfiieh are ac rc< r ar:d not so 
Hm winter ams so severe, bowavor, that it was irrxjsaible 
hold tie el! viA they o«??ae in and ate nuoh nore tbaa ihoir 

ahare of the hay that was fed* .here were very heavy losses 
of .de of wild arinala, as well as of tone 

aurrowadlag co' o afftajtal asjajnt -ade fror 

22 to Juno 9, 1Q17 placed the number of elk In the :ior* 
herd at 19,545, but - t cc -anted fir 8L, , ■ differenee 

ng asa s on, and a i 

sovaro wnathvx- wae acoathittti like 2- ~o 
X rsord, 

Trinior o wae n , he sbm had . . of 

winter foiYifle, end the locaes were nil . 
of *,!» elk* -hor.t 53C tons of hay vox* fe<. 
19, and £. , ?Jc eruae In to c 

- t xiuolopo, niio. tsxintaln aheap. 

;r of 1 «1S wae also wars - the cildeet on record 
with warr: torajioroturea and hut lit«le cw\u Ifco wild anlualc re- 
:miti?:i ccr^tiHl all llfttM Ml IM W>t I I ■ in at nil for ror ■, 
aa thay had plenty on the range* «houaand elk want outside 

of the ?ark lato the T ittWl ffeNMt on the north, a^pareir-ly 
froa force of habit, aa feMj I Mi need to 30 for forage, but 
this happened m£ - 1 close of IM oxa a e aaon for hunting and 

7 were not nolaeta to ay extant. M Inereace i:. the herde 
ana apparently nor.jal and the leases ft© >.U ccuoca sllcht. Ho 
|p, ...• .;1 r; NM 002. •■ Mttte It la '■■■vo MM 
, all winter, the snow :ol:>g 

eo annllox that oar.y of than rwwitnart on the eumer range all winter. 

M hiatcry given above la reviewed for eor..x<riaon and 
to better cr.phaelsc t 

^ar of 1319-r: . 
n the fljirea given, 19,^45 all ;he northom hard in 

Juno, 1017, find the fact that the two winters followin were 
quite f±1<1 In character with no apparent loaaea In tiso ;.ord, 
it would not aeea 1 appsnsM « that t ore were 80,000 In the 
herd a year ago* -est June, after the coat dlaasteroue winter 
which our wild aninals haw© ever hot! to fnco, our rangers 
eetinated tho survlTers i I rthe» herd of elk at 11,.. oo 

and I an reliably informed that MM southern lierd fared but 
little if oi.y better. Jhis loaa of nearly 00 per oent In one 
winter ia ilamin.- a., i I ic tea aoat forcibly the possible 
danger of complete extos ion of t v .ls noet noble race of 

animals* The s f tho lone; win tar of Imager and suffering 

la eart-broakir. > Jho conditions rrhieh e ao eed it were antici- 
pated and reparations on a scale thou -lit to be beyond any 
possible necessity were nade. 

2be wery raild winter and early aprinc wore followed by 
Lly dry summer, .he winter snows melted c , rains 

i t and lack of moisture >rswented tho usual growth 
on the ranges, s it wa- lain before the end of 
that there -.lould be but little natural winter food for 
the wild animals , preparations were nade for acqulvimg sufficient 
hey to cower the necessities of an ordi 

already on hand SOS tone of hay awa liable far feeding the., Ul 
addition to th-it provided for buffalo and the domestic et 

:■ Cvobcr ??,.! Bj | | vor. Ml M SSJSSJ St r ., w lev. c vc-r .. t xs 
sfeole country with fron one to three feet r enow and etopped 
all no -nffic t -ouchout the park. liwen the rood from 

* quarts re to liardiner, w'.lch aeldon Is rilled with anow until 
late in winter, had to be plowed oat with a power Tader before 
it wee paeseblo, I first it wee token as a Joke, as it. wee 
hardly thought possible that this could bo the borLnninc of 
winter, o relief earns, and we finally had to b* 

our trucks that were snowed in out; i:. baa ark with tha eater- 
pillar tractor, vrhic). could tmvel over the snow by packing it 

rhe elk istoeJiaiely began going dow LMCfiag uhe park 

*houeakds, ftafl in an effort to hold then inside where they 
coul *>« lau.htcreu, ws IsBM&lately began feeding bay* 

It at once becaao evident that wa would need all tha hay wa 
could gat, acid during iJoraBbor every cent available fr- . or 
approp; was used in purchasing hay in stack fro., far .ore 

dom a.'.lorotone Valley, just below the northern entre. ce. 

juring she aonth 870 tons of alfalfa hay were purchased, at 
$*K* a ton in eta* , at it .ceo varyi: one to 

■Hal im I o ftpwalna pronn •, end prepaNtl • ■ m ail "<>r 
haulinr it on trucks, or oleigbs If snow cane .00 thick to use 
tlio trucks* Hh» whole situation was onrefully reviowad end 
plans ware nadc .\>vluo what was thought to be eneagh hay 

to bring the nnlrielo throu h in fair ohapo. l doficlo*Ny 
appr .ion was asked of Congree* and was passed, inc 

990*086*59. which was ueoeeeary to pay ^or sufficient hay to 

last through to nearly April 1st, when wo could reasonably 
expect good weather. Jut to provide for furthor co -infancy, 
an additional sum of -.8,000 was carried in the bill to be used 
only in case it was actually needed. 

Iron the tine of the big atom I ^ort of .►ctobor, 

until ay 1st, was a period of I aradoty m& hope that 

the weather vjouI.. raodarate ive relief o starring elh. 

2bm ,6,000 had to be used to continue the feeding beyond April 
1st; on pril 9th no change was In sight and it baoane apparent 
that tie hay n ha: Id not be enough unless aoderntc weather 

were to corae suddenly, end we had been hisappointed too often 
to count upon this. It was c-uite erident t?^nt we would be out 
of hey befor 11 20th, and with contimod cold, backward 

weather, the elk, whic on a Short ration all wi 

and were already thin in flesh, would all die for the went of 
a few tons of hay to c o the feeding until Taos tow. 

An appeal ens raade by teXegran to the Anerican Tied tar 
Anlnal Relief and a few jrooinent nan who had becone lntorootod 
in the unusually carious situation which wee confr* 
elk herds end who had offered to assist if such n deaperrte 
contingency arose, rheee gentlemen res pouted generously and 
quickly, ng a total sura of 4,703, vrit) w: ic luJ tuns of 

additional hay were urchssed, r ic serwed to save the several 
thousand elk which we is boon keeping up on e daily ration of 

hay all winter. Hit nnnee of the . «irtiea 1A0 eo gan e r o M t.. 

contributed Is tic fund are aa followox 

Jbatriear. tar :«nL*iinl Tellef sooelatlon 1500. 

National nr':3 'aaoclntlon 

r. '1111ft • ' ;3, Tulrannec:-, ow Jeraey «... 2000.00 

r. . "ttaein t ig Co., Jonver, 

U 500.00 

2:-. . • . .^ector, "stlosial - 


3a vara very fortonat evtag the laot urclmne of 

hay located and being at It on a" ort notice, for it 

grew near* >!rt dal ly during the t 

l— H a y She ;;rlce o«e aulnala vorie frcn 

> 25. :«r ton in itach, nc , In iovanber, to aa high 

aa $52.60 por ton f *] Lfalfa hay delivered at Oardlner 
in vpril. .\ total of 1, *y naa fed out last inter 

to t'off nlo aaa* oV.av oiirals, of vr.lcb 428 tone aero fed to 
>j t ■■ .o ffi }a aaal i I H i :.• I mm 1 1 an Natal • , law , 
noon tain shaap and about , : . la hay eoat ■ total of 

$61,209.23 of v?hieh j4 9 70S aaa doubted ao above, ^be 

balance of ,06, HOC. 2-3 aaa expended ti roiwiation aleo 

refarrod si above. Aa stated bad' ^cna of bay aere used 

for feeding *il<5 ante- a aavere wi: -17, and 

360 tone aere fed iur: 11 -1- , compared alt 

14S9 tone uaed far the aeoe porpeee d-.irir. the peat winter, flat 

va not boon prepared, tho loae met have boon nonetl.i fonr 
mounting alnonfc to total exter~.i Ration of tho he 

lb* follo-dng tabl contains data e: aone of tho extra we , and 

la designed for coapariaon of conditions froia year to year effecting tho 
welfare of the buffalo and other ::niaala, and particularly ouphaaiaeo 

Illness of tho winter uf 1910-10, the dryness of the aunncr of 1919, and 
the severity of tie f .llowlnr: ri , 4 ; r: 

Jteethor l>ata 3o Illustmto tototrast In 
inter -eas.ns of 191o-19r:*, ■« 1.1-.T . ^ra 1 

ct, ov. -^ec , J.- ; n. ol- t | .art jr. |j > j 

Lowest ife.perature 
IftU -1019 C ila ) 17 -o -CO -5 - -6 15 17 

1.10-192C Uol , -6 -It * -LI -11 - -- Vfl M 

vor« -e o • nil o 

1915-1919 (illd) M 27 :.l U M ■ 47 .,1 

1919-1920 (Cold) *30 ■ 15 1 M II 

I Ssj I 1 -e . Ml M 

years) 42 ■ 22 18 M 26 47 30 

AjtRl precipitation 

1:10-1919 2.27 0.66 0.. 0.00 1.6-' l.CG 1*41 1.80 1.1 

191' -1920 2.C . 2. 0.88 1.02 1.90 1.35 2.84 1.6 

!crvl reclvltatlon 

(33 yww) l.M . 1.02 .'34 ". . 1. 1. 

al onosfoll 

-1911 . . . .0 . 7. G 

1 1 -1 »B6.6 . 27.7 * 2.9 UbS 2^.0 4. < . 

•Rscord breaker for nont . 

2he dryness of t ,e sumer of 1919 is shown by tho following figures on 
to. .per&ture end preclpit«tlon as coopered with now. 

(191 ) Ju-e July m ^j m 

■fcsj-perature I am) pi sj | 

Jenperature (33 yrs.) bO M 39.67 

Ibtal Proci.-itntion ( >ry) .1 - 0.00 0.40 . - 

Preci.Uotlon 1.64 1.1 . .*: 1 .26 

?he severe winter o^nditi -ns suggested b **" above table were un- 
perallelled in the records of the See t nor uronu. 

K, oo el' Thick- am ataalng 1b our 
northern herd on June lot last, vjiir reeordo In lccte that 
449 were shlppe ;JLivs to city nrks and for otocklng 

other ranges, of which 890 vent to Canada* It haa baan 
aefclmtad that about , , eere billed a hunting 

oon- . in onts a - Ctobajr IS fce MHlMl M • M 1 Ml 

illed eere wounded ao that they crawla away and died* 
Raporta h^ve It th*t ahout 400 eere killed i 
Jallatin country from tha cm 11 part fceara herd 

known aa tha JctUotln liesd before the hoary snow ease i 
kept the huntore out of that section the balance of the 
so *>n. It la east to believe that the balance of thooe 
niacin?; died of a .ear otarration and expoe.u-e, yet auch 
vac pr ■ case If the n.jifcar In tba bard leet fall 

aaa not greatly overonti»tod» 

■ iintlm; ^aa aon,«— I ■ Lava of the - tnto o . 

the killing of oik 1.- ark County fron ctobor 1'.. to oeea>» 
bar iMt).. hose loee are unworthy of < drill zee*, atetc* 
rhay are Ii defensible. !1m reculti r' :-.,.•, aj nvt 

In ovlJenee las. , trould seen cri I 

Tkia alanghtcr la on i- the traaandoua olau\' 

of buffalo o the early dnya, I " la well 

known finally racticnll; resulted In Do ox tared a* 
tho a acleo. 

Butter* Mte in clrcve*, rrcn all directions sad every 

nsthod .»f trnna:>ortation - on foot, with saddle end i>ack trrJuo, 
autonohiles, truc!:a, but by far the greater nunber cane on the del 
trai\s to C-erdiner. -'or several weeks the outgoing trains 
were looded with carcasses of elk, often requiring an extra 
express car to handle then, end the depot platform at Gardiner 
and the next station bel - i : ;« looked like 

slau-^htcr pan*. 

'"/ rsdMaVti If MM WtTfH Yr:Ll\ n ;j-r fcMsty -lie:: 
deer, enjoyei -pod buainer , idition to Rett! ! lr 

own asat, M all kinds of transportation, peek 

out: it , fam waeone, autorcoblleo and tr.cks, hauling deed elk 
from wh«3re ere killed to sho depot at hi^h rates* Aey 
also charged ra tee that brought then a good ;rofit for board 
far the Buasroas hunters who cane in by train* 
•ere of all and jrof. salons - farriers, doctors, lawyers, 
nerchants, etc., and .tiao ir cludei nany wonen and children - 
ODSrtly, however, fro, entaria points. any of then had never 
hen ted before, knew bd 11 -tl o; . se of a sji, end n 

TrliAtover of beteberlng and earl n .7 for the ne-.t after the wnlianl 
)Md been killed} and ee for the psxfc line, noet of .rusted 

to good lack or the Mnd rrcies of residents of rtxz* 
eight Inrelro as to its loctl. but few engaged end paid 

for the services of s guide, rhenka to a kin I rovldenoe, but 

few of then .ray aeroee she Thciae wbo did troflaaa, 

towwu' i thaugft M ft] threap 

lt»soT4*Sft v uere arroetco ead trlei before the tark OGexdaelonor 
end stid tbeir flute. 

-o io the ^.rge nv*Jbar of inexjnrioneea buntera lit the 

ate fciiat no one *&& killod b tO« which were 

■Ml *>-« ii r u: ..aa. MOM HOM w tc MM "•'! etrec:u, 


;Jt pepeler aetfcod of fcMrtlln wee f« e nuaber of hunters 
lie in «6it until a bujcl of I , eoaoiatiic ^ . ^oee, 

end oalvea, catie eeroee the peri- lino t sane lies aero 1i— ilstely 
am _• saatal a] ;»oyj-:!.: aaata*** ell af aaaa eseXd sat La anas ting 
3 tiio herd, and all would continue ebootii .heir 

ji, vaa exhausted, or until tbe oli ell dropped or -ofc 
*, Mini 1 j -Toweaci . Seta eaeh r j ea ber of »hc perty efae ha# 
partioliiated In the f de would eoae forward end uliii. uia 

or her elk, ->ped mro elaloed. 

I c /xtfiSere who ea* h«id able In, 

their aUt* aocto of 

of one on who eaae to Carols 
-it a feu c«? aBintalned there noor tho reilrooj, end 

Doming killed He el tbo oaot Had °* *&• brid<av 

the -*ir ■•* Poaarwo et . we 

Btf the aidclo of XiaeaiJir the nunber of hualora had 

dwindled, probably besaraee oil who oared to had secured their 
•Uc t thoncn some «wr* billed dally ricdic ■ k cloco of 

MM MM*. nMi IMMHMH 2 . • S « fSC* MM Mtl H Ml Mel 

. 1 ..•.: fj tior Mssaml&J ktll«f tl MtfMN -u. i.. -.«o HMMMl 1 
season, but no accurate fi^uroa ware rooured. It Is certain, 
however, that, the nuslbar rai: n§ Ml MMSMSal thousand nod that 
SHOOT «w • led of wjunus a&u sere never ttMMM • 

I pj| -JoU dffi of ..p >. t — .;dsqas.fcs patrols acre aau:teined along 
borstal..: throughout the . ■ , s*B wti: 

who vara found across tbe line eith unsealed fireame, 
i-.. oti&o+BlQiL ej -.» vara arrested and triad* -Airing 
tbe hunting season, the .teso Jane 3e*daae alao haJ .t»e on 

the job to a. a leva were cospli lUBtare, aud 

a few uere arrested and rined far :umine without lloanae, treo- 
psssin- upon the gene preserve, etc., but trans gr es s ions usually 
r > ., l ..;... i 1 n Me* • IAS! .. kkssjm mhm MsTfft* 
ciently brood so t ae oms was i a to jot 

IMalr -.. .-. . 1 • . vie. - ■ . jv. . .' . w A *t .: . u< 

In the ielioestQM Hall r snqagsd In pal: 

for gene protection after the hunting season was over, and our 
fores eesioted b„ nafcrtuc s ua aopoue patrol:) in MM) -«llr 
. ro.ierve seat of -■ 

Cher* was n-> occneiun f ;r crlticiem aa to tha nanner la which, 
the alk vara roteeteJ, go ororythlag poeolble aaa dune si 
tha naa.:o at hand to protect than en ore*. a; fron n tarring 

to death* rne ?»lu drawback aaa tha fret H at the « tote Lava 
par ilttad unreasonable aleujshtar by sailing so loag an open aa aaoa , 
and leak of euf ft cleat hey &tl: open ran *o t provide then wi 
winter forage to keep ther; frots etarvntion. 

oedln,^ hey, and •jPs^frl, earc of olk«— ao previously etated, 
1,420 tons of hay ware fad t 1 >jUaala laat winter, rsost 

of which wee eaten by the targe alk horde. Ji* naxlran nunbor of 
elk taking f-ia hay at any one Una wae satiated et 3, jOG. /eed- 
ine wee begun before the mv. - ar ar;d continue 

May Sard* !5oet of tha work wee done by park rangers, aid at tines 
It me rsoet strenuous, especially i lap* when the norcury hung 
away below aero, during blizzards, otc., JMa the ueceoeit for 
feeding wee ore jreatcr in loeaant weather* -rue' a were 

ttead whe; : the roada were free enough fron aaow so they could get 
over then, but for long periods it wee neeaeaary to resort to 
tha uaa of teams and alel ;ha, changing to anyone when the en w 
d leap. -eared on a pert of tJ-e road i . ce. 

More than 1,000 tone of the hay f^A waa taken fron the ataek 
and haulod la racka, the dlcta'.ae hauled varying fron one to 
twelve lloa. It took aereral rr.nrere* entire tie to handle 
thle worV:, and overt! j*\ ftroasn fingers and ears, and going 

up so loos food ns required, or nhen hauling 
frou nearby points, the epare tirje was tai.on up repairing 
•quipcasnt, ebnngl&c h*y rac!v. fro . slel^ha to segon* or trucks, 
or vies verse, end hauling eeny en-: disposi:v~ ■ ilead 

batten 4 111 MM o.r ptMi ,:. -*.o feoi I | pHf : , BUS IfcMf 
worn not fo«. Jurlng ell of this period, the elk eo well ee 
other anirasle, qto:\ inwladis. our tane buffalo herd, shoved 
a continual strong tendency to go down to loner levels, end 
•very effort ess ante throoghont the sinter to keep then beak 
in the ejartU Bel onsen b of ovarii*: , nxiety, sjsi constant 
responsibility tad fear of disaster elk herds nsn 

continuous, an ouch credit ie due oar ranker force for the 
unccoplainlnc end patient manner in ebi <j handled the 


near tiordincr a ttejn« end shipped to ally parks and for stock- 
ing renass, en follows t 


-lis, b: 
• % Untt 'r.tional - r. , ir, Ids* .express • . 

iaeUoa I<:tor~atato ark, J few tor*: 05 

Jenoary SO - -o oc enndn, Banff, Canada SOO 

21- y of Mlannnpolls, Innesote £ 

21 - Jo Agri ral ea>2 oehanieal Uollegs of «v/xss 3 

£3 • A> Ci t n-om, 

c . 8 • 3o >onora -xperl er.t tntior. vt "exno 

^ 1< - Uentc , 

fePsel 2 • »b Jaspsr -ari:, Cannon 96 

86 - o onorn ixpsrlaont ^tativj , £ 

3 - *> Jen , oxs 8 

April 10 - lb few . e: loo H 

: .. 

to v.! od In the * shipnent 

nines this practice sac begun In It 11-1. 1;.: ia as follows* 


r 1911-19l£ 






















1C1 -t 


corajalaints fron famero outside 
of the park of dampcc fron the presence of ©Ik on their reaches 
eere not ©s iiwmcmiii as wmal, fc : is probably accounted for 

;he fact that - at a sood flipare, eo 

they bad noth.iac left except faneae to be denaced. 

■ pact cesser has bees one of the 
em r cce i ' fl oo far as conditions far srowt: of vagstation 
conaerDw 4 ., and -oepeets for an easy -winter for tha wild 

•Is are first-class, .11 vo;;orSe received durin o .© latter 
part of Vm wmm n rangers who few» been in contact with 

the elk herds indicate a -ood cro 4 > af er.lvoo. »?» deetijs fru. 
starvation last winter Included nearl: erery eclf in ths bard* 
-?aay eases the aethers ware s' o huntlne eeason, 

fcaatiafl I o veeme; M o*ift flee flceete&ei , aw Bfeef aaai i<> 

of cold end lack of a aetber'n care* *• are not prepared to 

read the wild ani-nlo this wir.,ar, as no bay except abet ana <it 

cad stacked oo lou -h creek and tha uffale face ie awallabr , 

and ro fair's are available for the purpose. 1th the heavy 
growth of excellent forage on the ranges, it is to be hoped 
that the elk and other animals -will winter well without bei: 
fed hay, an t>ere is v >nt little doubt that the annual feedi: 
of hay tends to donesticntc then and Bake klMB dependent upon 
bein.-: fed every year, .von last winter when the no the r won 3 
severe anc conditions go serious, report o indicated that the 
few hundred elk that remainod on the usual ranges along the 
north line of the park and in the national -'ureot Just outside 
fared hotter and the percentage of loss ras less a on ■ those 
that hun£ around constantly wait in;.: for their short rations of 

hould the emergency arise, however, it ?rill be necessary 
to neet it by calling for a deficiency f ion for pur- 

chasing hay. 

:ortunatoly, hay will be cheaper than it was last year, as 
it is nth nore .lrntiful due to a good season. It is to be 
hoped thnt the fall r. bo 1< ad opon, so the elk -ill not 

leave the jcrY. in pnat nu. here before the close of the Montana 
huntin- season, an another a] or like last yoar will ean 

^st their externlnntion, and there has been no chenge Jn the 
law since lest fall. 

dallatlu herd* — Ml* usually oonaidered aa n part of the 
northern herd of elk, the herd of —11— here around a thousand 
elk that imiiwrn ir. lbs park and always winter* in the -alln-lii 
.•etional .ores* Just out aide of the northwest comer la -.uite 
separated from the naln northern herd, and oondiSiont* are often 
quite different fur thou* 'heir winter ra,*vt> ia usually ajaj 
sufficient lr needs, and even Ins: winter the loaa wee 

not excessive, .boat 400 were kill* . tors <;ftar the 

season opened and before t a onrly snows stopped the uee of 
antonoMlee into thst section - -wfcoaofcilea have eoae to 

play a ler,~e i^art i hunt In- 1 I nd oany 

who risks trl^ for this purpose would no do so hod they to po 
any other way* .T» seas -isntsna Gsae Lews, sfj| sswjMftsJ the 

beery slau~±:tor near Gardiner up to Chris taass lest fall, apply, 
however, and the danger of complete oxterr:' of t lc 11 ttle 

herd cannot bo overlooked. 

JHflft ftsm elk her: . — "!:.- c-Vilnis in Jaekaon hole where 
southern herd always wiMtere were siailnr to thoee that n^Yerned 
on the north er . . I tote Lecra | rot octet! t:e elk hy a 

shorter open season. Jhe heat reports reoelweU indicated thet 
about s thousand were hillec by heaters durin: the opea season oi 

/ : . uch re ort" I worn rocoivo." ftftj ti *i k tl o by 
s e er l ay during the long winter indicated about to on a difficult 


in securing sufficient hay no vo enoaantere; , . t and I understand 
that tho i^rloo of hay want eren higher. Cotton sake ems ;ur- 
cfcase-. 1 . aluo and fad c! . t is a sell known faot 
that r».:y eettlc owners eho ua* the Bimaar range In Jackson 
Bale for pesturin 3 tloir ofeoek had to take than out to ali.tor 
last yaar. Jhere are nntfpeoert to bo about; to aeas nutib'-r of 
elk left in tola bard aa in the northern horci, :o, 

Assistant Chief Sanger Brooke aooot-vaniod represents t iron 
the United tntoe 34ologic-i onroy ar.<: Dlted ..tatoa 

forest . ervice on a tri uj Buffalo I'ork to axanine the coa- 
dition of the elk range in that aecti 

A flaw hundred elk spend their suonors in tho Boehler and 
.all iror cuuntr/ in the southeastern ooruor of the park, and 
in cart: in nild v/intora they sooetines winter there also* Laat 
or 100 of than* left the park into Ida] nd never returned, 
which red.ieea tMo s^<all l ;ord by ■MM Una hnlt* 

ear*- — rha el .tor atorno and aoeocapanyi i . cold «o«ther Ud 
not hare such a qy. icV effect on the freer, for t S] browaod a 
great deal and sere not de.-eneent on grass to n eartc 

till, even in I , :*rfe nunbers left to -ark in October 

:oreri>c- , *, od by hunters. In 

spite of it the f ' -ni la deer and two 

,o-: lis sere found dead, I do rot Lelieve that they suffered 
any serious dinunition in ambers, oat of those that did loaTe 


the Park returned when the proper season arrived. It we: In- 
teresting to note that vrith the deer 
small bands were cut off 

of the nd managed to survive . , out 

two hundred deer were fed at Gardiner and fifty near ters 

As early as January 6th, the deer began to shed trxir 
As it was noticeable that these early sh were 
I believe it was a consequence of their L led to 
early sheddi: . ne buck was ser as late as March 

25th. About March 17th most of the horn butts began to swell 
and new hor: tow, to complete their growth during late 
July; and the skin on the new horns began to wit] 
late August. About the 2cth c bhe color of 
-nged from the gray of winter to the red coat of 
nged L ain to ;ray coat about iber 1st. 
About the normal number of fawns have appear*. 
1st, until now we have about twelve hundred mnle deer and a 
3-tail deer in the 

.-- oodchucks , 

were out a f < :, the.. fr ernation on 
in 11 was on ^epl 

are so ns-wroue In the hat there to 

preetieall; M say of or - tiaa; ths nuafec. . irost every 
atr s su has ita colonies. Hmw signs in the shape of dans, 
houses, canals, runways, eturipa, and pleesa of trees cut for 
fooc are abundant an-1 excite such intaronfc matmg the touri ta. 
Asro nre occtensive worl-ings In a snail gala along the read 
to ^ooto City leadla; dotm fron the west to the Ycllowetons 
Klver* -11 lc!. no f orderly filled «l th quaking , bat 
Is fast being otrif^ed of Its trooc *j the beaver* :.*ay 
tourists fro. Janp ooeevelt saw the beaver at work there in 
the even in • • Another beaver dan an. pond is at the junction 
of .^»vn and iajtas Creeks beside the oain read fret; ibser :alls, 
five nilos fro . t this rx>int, it ens e co 

for tourists to soo beaver :aervo their interesting ways 

in the late afternoons and evenings. 

orcu :lra>8 »~- oreupins* sere auasroue all over the ^ark 
plateau* ui a rule t: oy lived on .-*msB and smll vo , 

but la sinter and early spri . t a ears fT'-r. pine and 

spruce trees* lbs dsaaqs sss not great, hotrsver, I kas trees 
sere too t lc 1 Bast 1 sss ro not often aoaplotsly 

girdled and killed* Ha i aa pl n as were often sssn, especially In 


Jack .abblto.— Jack rabbits changed eoegietslv fron the 
white i>elace of winter to the suucasr coat by .ay 101 • Jhey 
were quite com on about toewetB en: .bwev -'alls end the other 
open, low-lying porta of the ear . Ac little 
robblts '.id -- c .••a»;-e tioir color in winter and were 
below Mwmoth and alon-? t >r iver to tho north boundary. 

- e •n* > «»ftos rabbit was a/-, abundant inhabitant of tho foraeted 
arena of all porta of the ark and changed to a pure white coot 
in winter, -hoy wera seen rig the Imp rede. 

Hinwg the other anlaals that were often soon and proved in- 
teresting to the tourists were .ia n , nc nlrre}^. throe differe t 
c ijmnks. two species ol „ to- ttLa. BttSjkrat- conies or 

r^ck rabbi to t badgers i: ontry, and five specie 

bata. gsfjfjfa lyqg. froboqt. fo^s. wolverines . 

here, at were so rare as to be saloon M e m even b. jur raneer*. 

yjc*. ^i.x . . v r >u. , i. ... a j ^ -w 
mill i i » > uloe> nine other 

epeeles of alee, and tares different shrews, were eocnon evei - 
sut c: oe set- -u. iota because aost of 

were active only r 

Coyotes, wolvssu and ■osntaln lions— Siese are by far H a 
it doc tractive of jut c'r.ivorosa, and efforts ere 
•distantly nede to keep then deem to a reasonable ■ . >.bor. It 
Is hard cticable, even if It were deeirablo, to entirely 

exteralnate these animla, but a certain anoun, of aavtlaf and 
trapping by our ran^era oaah year has a aoat oelutni-y affoct. 
3»y usually kill annually uit« n In -to number of young 
elk, deer, a- , Met aeai shea?, rata year, hoeeror, 

: : joen heavy, apparently the 
aouattii e severe 

we- . a^l the coyotes acid eclvas found so many nead end 

dyinc animals tnat they jxto owe:- 7 hu&ttns to a large 

extant* Deo ranaore gsve ell their attention fron Jan* lat to 
May U t to auntias and trapping toe a&raiwera, and other 
raagere elded enaaewer ^ la all, 1 . I pate* I 88 
. _,- ,,^ ■,•_•, . ; ■ 

11 > Jfjg . — - - , I • , - si .:.'. . M on:-. *** sj i | . - 
el rial 1 Hel %erii •'black bear*, aa eel en- I *Te agreed that 
eeeb is but 1 ii'fereat 1 phase of the semi speclee, lilaek 

beara ware nuaeroae ej .-.ndaat right up to the socro atom and 

cold weather of efcofcor &3*£3r.'., and then all disappeared at 

3iere had bee hlbemati >n-den dlgglni 

ber .^d the snow \>r all of the* to 

- ■?•'■ , 
eaa tfeow*"' t probable that aoet of thex left the -ark» 
reappeared in the s^rlr.-, it vac laie and not eo rainy beara ne 
aaael aane beak. It la alte i any were trapped nod 

•hot euteide the * i ark» 

2arly In the «» awre aaa consider*:' I tnent 

a* toorlate at fche an* oaro, ant by cho first at 

tb b«er« ear :/j Ma. lly evaryoae that 

wi: m • otshborhojtl of 1 4 . - ■• , ■. .. 

Lake, Canyon, am! :.o-»er all*. •5pn»4« .1 one .0-9 sere 
of minor i-yortanee asd -ion© acre killoJ oxce; t one at La' , 
early in the seen , MeJN fcl * o" out a- utiles -jid atoro 

■■■n • 
-he garbage dumps at Lab© and Canyon vara used an heretc- 
fora and a nan dunp aatabli ; L« It aae a 

re 3 nod eamps to go 

aaa the beare congrega^- g: Hex -a* Iras wore 

streteLe MB troee and poata to keep people free 

gpiru? bayi>ad the ean£ >, sad ncera eero placed on 

^mating feoturoe of the ."ark to the aa;or' Sourieto, 

but re^lrea * regalr 

- jt7o. I Log than the bear dunpe aaa a clarer 

; . :i . the Beat 

JQasab and daily "hv .aaiac autoooUloc. 

touriata sore allli^ 

then a-> lek be: tea Can- 

nieeloner for rt ark re .7 

)roaehlntf, ooIcaV •*, at* feeding the b e er s", rat: 
turn n deaf ear to the da na nde for eanfy, sugar, oto. Ala rule 
la the oat difficult to enforce of nil the ark Holes aud 
Rogulotl no. 

lfobably we still I awe a hnndrefi black bears left, ant 
no reeaon to dou that ftasy will ooon beco-e as 

aa ewer, Certn: o an fnt aiifi sleek at 

tine aa it in -OGBib o to be, 

^Tniltf J frfTr*»f-~ ^ rifles do not aeer. vo hca" ao 

rauch trouble with the weather laat winter; at ory rate a 1- rger 
proportion roeur-io.: to the s'ar 1 . ft r t>» scare caused by 
the operations o: the bow an.} arrow huntero, e :;>loyed by the 
California .oadeHy of cio cea, under .epei^ , 

I to wear off, :«e began to appear again near 

Canyon, whore fron five to fifteen ware seen every after 

aunsot. few appeared at the e} o also, an. aona at other 
re />te points. 

I believe there are at least fa* -ri ••.alios la 
now* these bears hare beer, wary eel 2- is year* Aey 

hnwa nade no depredatlone, an--: none had m bo shot* ^hey 
are now Ln the best *f con. ltion la ont mat ion. 

ocenber 1, 101: , to nuaeun o California 'Oadeny of 
8tlencee applied for aioa to col ect four rl oare, 

re reoe ting tfc, Ilowctc ■ tlonel ark waa the only 

piaoe where they could be secured, and that the noonted group 
would be of greet aolentirio valuo. Juic , - r dnolon waa granted 
by the Department, ana e ine Is. eee n t tivee of the 

arrived to see e apeelaana* 4m 

to tli* wfread £enyon, rdiera they « need heart (jimrt ere* 

. ooa three rrlzzlios oere killed and the party «■» notified 
that only one wore beer could be killed* 

As thoro were cliff lci;ltieo 4 nno; J. table 

mMftM ., perriaalon ene HNgMftM I ttii I alor 

seer. WW the Canyon garbage An - U&a pmnlaalon I ro- 
foeed oa the ground th«t I fel v * oil M 

the t url*ta wr«> *".'•.■*• I see -">»• 

<-trthelees, the pnr —emit 

trail Wfd by the ,tt e jgarbege, end ttW 

ur »re beara. 
After tttfl kU , no boara, »it*»r black or grlaaly, 
aaarly tea days, ihtti e*rcaln;; uIee:»pointr»uit to 
z. . - .-, . ot onlv m>r« never; beers killed, 

fou*- young euba wart-- left ojt erleae end one other tree 
believed to ^ve been vounded. 

.'. full ru.ort on tie let nils of ti one .-1 Hinge 
■ate to the •ervloo, o^rdlng pert -its 

of t .In cv-.ract ". 

*fcile ee lava en even two hau?r:d dlffere-t s:*>c<eo ol 
birds or our lleta. olxty-flvo are eonaott end Ilk 

be noted by tour late 1 the perk. Tbm Boot remarkable 

interest ire «re the Calif ami a culls, white pelioana, raallerde, 
Canada a ae a e, bluo borons, .*and!.ill cranee, ic .ardaon grouse, 
ruffed grouse, oapro , iTillirs^on t era, 

red-shafte* flickers, .'ocky fountain jays,, ci 
crackors, eMadow-larka* 3ra«er black.irdc, -asain purple finchea, 
Tender, ^hlt o »«go r i , Ml aong spar ro ws , - : u-.cos, 

sreen-tailed to wh ae o , wester tanadars, tree and allff vwallowa, 
yellow «ad Audubon war lers, dippers or water ousels, inwtiil.. 
chickadees, toreisend solitaires, eastern robi-s, n,.ii -.uuntrln 
bluebirds. a?r:8, 07?la, M , 4all?ird© t gaoso, awl ia 

create a :reat deal of interest because our absolute protection 
nakes then ao and easily studio • 

•, .-• ;•: . l::«-;i'. Ml ' i.:v: tag n*rly ia arch •':.■: MM 
completer until aftor 9MM 1. Ml a re. t ■ backward 

i, ttlssrsfcion «as later than usual, and, omn- '-oo 
and lakes still be • , very few shore-birds, d-ioka and 

reese stopped here at all* 2ha fall nitration began wltL the 
willet In July and is still going , H «lly> ot this ti o, 
California nulla and a* its .die na nested aa usual on 
.aland; there vera eb *ut two hundred young fiolls and a 
hn a d re d pelicans relse to naturi I . o benror ponds and along i 
of the upper lalloeat-aa rclley had n reat many nests of nellnn! 
and blue-w ln<;e. teal, I arrow ,^oldan-aya and 

jther localities MM* . 


Gonads g s oss >.au their hat a i »»;o BSfttfc end of Yellow- 
stone Lake end on re e haJco. la neny places to showed a 
preference for the to ;s or beaver I ousco ab neotLn- Bit b. 
urine t v ,o winter there were start rifty \? in t ling seen in the 
perk, aostly about the lake outle . 

■Jfl to IMIf MMMwl MM wt Lssjrt BW .1. If km pottj 
seen here, but the ne^t erne net fa , ,<1 though It uas ;ro- 

babiy here soasshsre. 

ihe oajsrey nested in MM) visual nunbero in .nrdinor and 
-ellowetone Canyons and ahouc /ellowr tone Lake; unrortuantoiy a 
series of heavy heilstoma in late -uly &M aost of txio 

at the ttsayon, out the :^st» about the Lsi» and in the 
>r Csnyos, ana near the roau to Oody, essayed. c uouiti. 
Has nesting oaprey created a Test coal .crest as the 


A pairof oeld eagles again had their nest on a pine on the 
Yellowstone iv f , • north of tl.e . lahlsg &ld£e. 

Lest -c^ooar and ove ber, the Hooky Jiour joys a or, 

es c . linlly calls , \.x> robbere", boentae very ^old 

sad frsQoente^ c i seep sitss, end even beearw^ so shrewd 

ss to wstoh I .e park roads for possluio c : ars ihnt rlr;ht 

here food for the*, .irk nuworeokers confro- 

cated about araoth i r In ssereh of sorepe frasi 

the Lite hens; la tar, r.e found ther, destr ;l< ■ 

-bedding grounds. Hoy euro later then uouel in start lag 


their neeta although ore 

la <■*§!*» and lan be .;» anow Had ^no. 

Vesslly nil our ssgplss jja dow:. I . i-inn oslo* 5, 
feet elevation bo ;.cat, out this ye or ble for the 

fij i occupied neat i. scoot \ alloy where four 

youne oagpie* were reared. 

3atar ossele began to sing at. vlot-i-ati-j© sad kept 

it u- til through th* trinier, often glrlae n concert i the 
noet ri A>rooe part of a rsry ! ard wX . a pin© siakins 

•ppen: t dandelion aoe. i una end wore c - 

trerwly busy for several "»tya dast r *oat quantities of 

this undesi; 

Iff sea.ll: , . , '.irons, and robins nested about 

the ings a* Heave , ;r« f and robins ab 

-Id f swallows naar the Lake outlet; and cliff 

the whole, the Mi iss boon e favorable one Tor the 
Itot one . tfefj aeny cycles has been lee 

i*cc hjSJI jar... ages. M OWWSW. IJ us . r^a reSBjel ..o 

iblo part of the attractive feature of I 

- -■•- 

, -he wonderfully taaw heoka end geese and dusks 
of the road aide, or the sails and great white poll sens at 
Laks — aoaswhere along the tri irda eero sure to nake then- 
selven rotioeable even to the novice la bird-lore. 

11 . 

for savored Tears peril is \nve been "Its'. 
elk horno out o . <*rk for l ..-•■. ji the bull elk 

shsd i sir horns every yeer, ud la cortnin years many nore 
die, these horns care "ul, . le they ere very 

currant in _»rt of she «et, If m ©esternor, especially 

to the boys, they ore vor. hi^ily |S€wi :*a of I 

perk and choir oetaoreble trip* -ravel was so heavy and horns 
so plentiful tom m past seas , - I jeened as if at 

leaet hall' of the private cars leering the park, had a pair 
of oik horns, sad mukj who had aet then on . \c e ss o sd 

as ea -er '- .an at »ro to via.? the wonders of 

c5 ■ demand for then thet parties 
were found ftMMblag j - !■ several niloe awoy fron I 
road, end the danger o Ir beeonin lost or of setting 

forest flrea see so great that it was decided to bo u tor 
or 5sod po . , 


Several -.nrtios who he • le flolag out wit ■.«• 

fcagast 31st, were vor were 

owed to eoqaire a pair. 

11 . 

-si two thousand touriatn rwde definite in ulriee 
of our Pork iJaturallst, and ne is that nijsbor shoved 

interest in our 'londerful ?»alt'. of f lo /ore* •■* hove over oix 
hundre * apo: io3 listed, besides a hundred or rsore {trasses. 
Of the flowers about 1?T3 are ao con ion .*\s to att; OTOTJd 

attention. Conditions vary fro •; the warn, lowor m 

the tittorroot, *Ud rose, pric 1. .)«jr c , . alias, 

el 13 irla ,^row t u.^ throu^a the lodce.olo forests and the 
Ttnfjeliimiin spruce erea- ilsuljrfw sons vhero there are 

no trees end onl.- the hardies'; e spocloa, such aa the 

alpine forget-ne-rvot t the dwarf lungwort, or.: tlie ijountei 
yarrow snd lupine gros. ^° •Xiaele Is dry everywhere in the 
park, snd ecstse uently there -to sadden sad greet c: aages of 
•sapereture with fre<-U' MOT frosto* 

- large, blue, m ,»cque f loser see ooonon at 

low altitudes durlnc earl 9m* . o dc, .jurple lartapur 

began to bloac* a little later end gradually worked up, step by 
step, to tlr.l. >. .till , o Jcshood be.Tan bloorlng 

In a' rcV, deap nooks shore I ed heeds sere very eon- 

epieuous. I Itaes t La betveo , 

about :bwer tils, -xts? i 11 torn 11 y covered by the r se-oolorod 
b lessons of the '-lttorro . 

lass sere our ooonooeat floesrs i 
eowerls.~ ths ocjntry fr r tie lowest valloya to 

with large bassos I it low elevations to 

lAirplc at hi#> altitudes* 

rtld a tias berr l ss sere abundant and asfeji *<-■* »•••*• 
Tllfi roses sere nuaer- >u9 about Maw ntib and rove* 
June, the eerriee-borry bushes ware a ness of 
elite Dlooe ab , only to extend 

aa hlgSt as %bo ? *id Volcano by I . lreaeoit began to bloom 
a*eu ; 80, and H» park sas lta flaniae, 

:nt laws' sptk©*| prob I aa* tbe rost conspicuous end 

aboey of the amgest flwwi , u.-ru3t mm also tho bleeaondae 
Rsjr l" -. ro ! -.1'^ ; " 3 -.). :- ■-: '.-. 
tho rmrple asters were aoundact fro tho lavas t olova- 
to the v .;* • 

■.-.tir. -..-.'. -i ff ap e d Pao :.i ether naaavi la aat 
1 as cowion as . o noet dis- 

c-iv^ QaanaTf and aart lal i '• la Nm tobS a©' -~>r and 
nor. n*; of all* 

r*ha Maant leshb- i n aaafl ocsjm ouch t&lkad about c ea s es a 
l tha aoadc irder of a ' . nore of daop par. - 1 

pheeelia, or wr is an true sad arran aa If eat 

oat by ftuaea ?>anda. .Mr, border lasted t.'jroughout tho season 
and ana one of >ur floral * ndetre. "aig a i aa as as of ahvsa 
spaeles sere particularly abundant along aha :• -els, 

najerdtoagee bloonad in n ssea of lone, •* :• 
lc a nunber of localities boaldea the roods* Jeaaas tha eaecee 

of bloaaone, the brilliant Indian point brueh nan act ae 
mmytmiQUM ae u«u . -hide were abundant, but rovor 

ntny in say ono g&MMa Jfce ir undent:.- In 

a fee vet aaesdoes belxm 7,000 feet« .be oaneaa coo to 
atomAant on a lara» tjhmmpw las *e tl, 

MM »i"^ only a few bleaacrae elacrtiere* 
« » <*£.* " i vara wonder 

t tiajae tbo ehole eevntryel&e flaraed eitti a rich :. 

:.'.. - *•■> , . : . ■; t, ■.:-. . v.. ■ - -' , e*U - 
distributed ty of wc t e. 

,• -Y .■•;. , :...; - ".: f . ^i hl i : ^;...: .:. . 
I ft I » I :u i3 eprlng ebovo Jupiter orraco 
laaa enter than ueunl, and eeencd MMh le*e aetiro; 
Jorroca beeaae acre actlv , bor of new, or recently 

ioned terraces basan auilAlafl ap asd llM diociip.rses eere 
active t-an arc . ta slowly drying Angel Jorreoe liseloeed 
a beautiful .ink tlntl ; :, ere baa been a wonderful Growth of 
algona setter In tko Ujama .urvaoe. 

At Ibrrie, the Jonstact haa ^mcticelly :ieoontin..ed 

, • activity has been transferred to the nlrllgl 

Ceya r directly across to " onereb and the n.htub 

have not lnyed at ell, Ae Black Qroalar a v owe evidence of re- 
flair.! lta Tower of two I 

11 . 

A* floantain, both the fountain i*>yoer aid the Great 
ountair. Jeyaer rood to play at quite roller intervale 

of about four hours for the former and fron eight to twelve 
hoara for Mm lottex*. ^e . mntain *e; scr played frou lta 
oldest cretor. 

.Tier© were no ssarfced ehangea at the Upper Geyser Basin 
except that the Ad M»Y deereaaed its lntorml of 

eruption. It played at mi average of 77 5: ion la ctober 
of 1£1S, 64 minutes in una, 1920, lee: I C3 ninutss In 
-uly, and a little looa than 04 s&nutoo in ur^ist. : x> Jaisy 
./oyser played at an average interval o; inuteo i. ctober, 

1019, when Ite clooo si.iilnri I 1 -no .stable, 

96 (sinutea in Juno, 88 ainutea in July, and 90 .dnutee In 
Aaguot. Che Jrotto Geyeer played frequently but did not de- 
veloo any regul . laa* lnyed on an avorage of about 

mwry eight days. 

3m Gianteeo played irro0ilerly at a. intoi'v seven 

day* or oore; on u > B*: jeyoor ctorted a wary fine 

tion and played inter litter ^i "or 3?g hoars, the longest 
erupt ice. of wnlch I have av.y record, ^he eruption was, st the 
sane tine, a Tory beautiful end powerful one* Usually the 
Deehlve Cieysar played two or three ti «o after the .lrr.toss, 
but in the c.-i-io of t Is powerful eruption the Deehlve did not 
follow at all, thus tending to eonfim suspicions of well-posted 
of ce that when the Giantess rir— a fine 

eruption there Is not enough water left for e diaplay of the 

rhe Qrend Geycer km bocone our 202 1 notoblo geyeer; It bat 
no known indicator, but it *»a played once W t.'loe e day, and 
lttoly has ahoen sorae evidence of ptaftfig oilte regularly every 
eleven hours, ."here is evidently a oloae connection between 
the rand and --ewnill <-Joysoro. ^*e Castl© o 
lrroerilrr Mel isappointin^. ft or a .;ui ascent period extending 
over sevomi years, the Lioness and the two Oubs gave c very 
fine eruption, la&-' IPHRel minutes, on Aag« 7. 

!*> forest fires of any conscience occ ;rrod during' the 
pest season, vhie co . ans due .nrtiolly to the fact thst 

the e s aso c ess unusually tiet end parti- 11; ,0 t:.?» c reful motor- 
cycle pstxols and the tfflltsJMj -rco in {general* 

3 ess in -.wrXed tMftMflfl to the season of 1919 when si 
oerlous forest fires occ \s45aet alone, ovor 

en eggvecate of 6*380 acrea, 4 wo tbe total cost of fijhtinr, flroo 

2he strike of coal nrtnen lnte last fell ens felt 
by the olties sjsji Till: ontana, but fortunately . • 

purchased our e ml before it occurred and were not effected. 

Z> relievo t v o aborta£ft in the village of Gardiner, a- she 
.V, i .or-., I „r ico, Ms UMlM Ml ivo y MM 1 >Tico M 
alio* the townepeoplo to open ap e coal Mice la bbe par*:. 
1 vein located ftt t. 1 * loror Ml of U<v-':" nor -^nnyon, which wee 
■ view a roeA but which had never been prospected, 

•paned up, an3 a tunnel run for »*ro t!i«.n eijhty feet. 
t, ■•:-! vr-o - .->' -.-.•,, •.'.?;•-' Htyof the Meft 1 Ml 

warrant fnrt!*er aarfe, an* tt **• abnndo . 
soon eovera! Ld«« 

Hearly everyone who travels Shroud tbe park nerve la at 

'/:0 -O-. a.»U- " Of •• ■■". Mi ■'•■• lMJ t~ wr--io, ;.. PMMJ 

upon its value, if only near a aerfeet* 'rSle thiu le true, Met IM o>»t of outtiac and hauling 
|1 is rto ;.ro i, | I >ur headquarters si U— m tfc «s rind 
it cher.per M My oofl in tho outolde market, ably it in by 
rail, and :eul tt five miloa fr .-.- Gardiner, then to cut and 
haul ttte axx.d, tl GT*?.jxi 9 „ir»ctlc/\lly everyone living at 
Haeaoth usee cjaI nod bay© juat enough v 
Off course, fu. thaw ar > par** wwd la used entire. , 

aa it is rare oonveaiai v ,l; located to hoteln and c«xpo, end 
MM* cc Ni ' ISH Md Ml I • LM lie . 

lbs totnl amount of tlnber cut or gathered in tbe peck 
vorioua .urposea during tbe past fit 


Flraaood; - 

or ove.T. Ml uno , - | :':•;. In! I Mf I I ■:•::,. 

00 ■ 

Out b; Jtrotono 1'ark Cenps Gonpe: 

at". and doan riwd ttmbor 879 

a;. -mpa Company, graon ti -be 

Out by liotol ^or;;»ny, rroen tlnbo- 

Setal far firewood 1939 ■ 

For building purposes: - 

By Ccrape Company, 40,100 linear feat of standing green loge 
veryinc In dlaaeter fra. B Inches to li inebaa aero taken. 

Hat of eaaen triod bcforo tha Jul tad - v,U>s 
Comleeloaor, :x>n. John '. .aldrua, durlnr t -o -oriod fro.-: .ctober 

, 1019, to ajtoaber 30, 1920, tot nil , speaks well for tha 

activity and general officio*^ of our park ran or fore©. 




-ad states 



Oat. 21 

r. 10 

. •: 

r. 1Z 
oc. 1 

Doe. s 

Bart (tent 
obt. Gant 
la J* Buah 

Hunti anlrv 

» • * 

P. G. Gilkareon 

*"<x>tlnc a (pa 

od v00 * 

a. C. rsodi; 

Hont lug wild anicals 

Louis Laraoa** 
Harvey Halrereon** 

Kllllnc an elk 

UN IfO * 

art i£ll 

1 arJUanls 


John J* Jackson 

• • • 

1 1 .o ■ * 

Bert Herod** 

Killing an elk 

^•ined a00 * 





United twtea 


herged with 



Juno M 

June 30 

• uly | 
July 2 
July 7 
July 1C 
July li 
July 10 
July £1 
July B4 

July 87 
July 88 

Jul- M 
July 90 
July 31 

July 30 

A. 0* 

. . eLa 
. . arry 

H. ft* Leferty 

. U layers 

. ?• *>cbultz 

Chan, illor 

0. o. urren 

Lao Oreher 

. A* Garrett 
J. . *-ck 
J. C» Lensr 
i. Joucleii 

. . .: . 

L» L. .ialaloy 
J. U Jeart 

T. g. Jul:: 

ag fame 

H H 

I* t» 

Violating flahlag 



efaelar; forw-;: 
Sfcjaatta • 

Lag fbsnat.i 

. L-itlnc flying 

Jefacin/: foroetijn 






I: I ■-.. 

Vlolnolon trcTfic raLcnTlnod ,25 

jofociag formation 

n it 

Jefaoln^ fomati 


-• for-^ti 


Leaving eamp fire 


- i. afl 

. 10 





* -oeta vara aaaaaead In addit 
••Hlflee forfeited to the -:.ited tntea* 



St i tea itataa 




'largad rifch 



Ail". I 

ABC* 7 
AS* 9 

Jag* 9 

u-. . 

lug* M 
Aug* 12 

Aio. 11 

. : 
■ . i 

AlC 16 
teC 16 

r Jfcnftan 

OttQ O0.« 

Loci on -oucVaCowe 

x;:.iic: ao 

Leatln^ cany fir© burning Fined > .10 
-xtfaoiag formation i .3d 10 * 

! orderly oonduct 

n-in cttold -»pa© 

. *ith 
«• &» fioaell 

J* . ortin 

- • 

B. lu aaei 

lirer fci belU 

••ot c i.aiey 
Ida owsll 


Is ted 
::able Flotabar 

P« L. jovis 

• • 4tj>ar-& 

K. . i th 

-vofQClnf: formation 

•tfMl&e formation 
j»fa«inc forraatl 

Lanvi r 
*if sains fomatl 

U* F. Cleery 

. i:vjd 10 

Ined 10 

od 10 

NDd 10 

. ItMl • ■ 

oc E0 
lined $ 9 
Finad H& 

( i 

($15 reset 
ined *10 

(Pined ,40 



Fined 910 

i • : 1 

iflMl ■ 











ll««6 tateo 


PfcMWd rtftt 

~uc. 17 

B* Ltmcjolat 

-tefa©tn<5 fo met I on 

ledvi • 

M** 20 

• -p.ylor 

« <• 

ttned 10 * 

iae* Id 

H» H» Byrvl 


Fln*l .TO 

Jtt*. !■ 

2» U Bororldflft 




• .. Mi 

Leaving «np fir© 

10 * 

. . : > 

• '■. ^anfcoa 


. I 

« • 



: . .' 

, . 

:*fa«lne fometlon 

•i alio * 

. r-'C 

J, . 1th 


i -j :. v j • 

. 27 


»» f 

.1:. 1 * 

. . .. 

U nlli.» 

Oteoadouo ooivuct 


| ined .75 • 


fl*pt # 

fci I'). . 

Qattinr? £r««n tiaber 

m tt H 
*i ft « 

» M 


• L. -lore 


-ln«d • 


i A«pLttt 

-■•- ' 


fispt. 9 


J. I« 1 


ined ,26 fc 

■tpe. u 

XU«« vhlijfl 

o. . ■ 

. . - \l%m 


Fined .26 # 

^••ta aero aart»»nr» '. ir. • ■ to f! 

••Htflea f^rfaitpd V Iftt r.itod t ton. 

edition to She forcrolrc rjrrest?, there wara Tom 
far Safaelng foraaUoaa, two for 4aatroylng gowararaant yroyori;-, two 
for o;»aJilsc» fotrr for leaving «np riraa, erul thraa lor cu-tiTgfjrwsi 
tlsfcer in tho Park* In ihoaa cabas tha daf ardent© vara teken tc 
uTorintendwct'n oTlce end diatileeea with a mjtflai , beinc 
that tha ari(!onoa obs L~aafriciont •„ -ecura conviction bafora the 
'Jnltad" -tatae Coraalawione . 




m m 






U W 

! I I 



V . 









I 14 


4* O . 


~4 O 











1 1 

• . 













£ o 





! « £» 


* « 1 







3 1 i 


I ■ 




4» *» 

| '- ■ 

I ■ 


«* e 
B a 


5 5 





1 8 


t i 



M -< 




8 8 8 8 8 8 


rl ^4 H rH rH rH ^4 

M q <u ea m A «q 

«-( <H r-t f-( f-4 r-4 H 


8 8 8 

I I I 

H »-» H 

J J A 





8 3 6 8 8 

i i i i i 

»H rH t-\ r-i 'i 

I I I I I 

ri t-A iH rA rH 




- | 


^ -I 

■M ■ 


■ M 
I I 









- R S 





« I 



. g. 




§ 5 










i J 



T/.ry. -1 in HIMMl"" **> followU* aaned IMUIiirii 
or oarv>anl«0 operated aorl. .are cruras In the lark under 

opociel persltti froa the -«rvlce: 

APMSfl ' • ^ - *• *-• ilooock, , ., for the )X . iL: 

Corporation, of !$©» I t;-. 

Jan. bi ept.- • • -uclor, of owoll, yj«, fop the Inter- 
notional iln orvico, Km Hrti II . 

Jan., "»b«, I - J««aa ft* .>ill, of .ortlai.J, Oregon f fc. 

July dventoro - conic ^ori-omti , WtlMij re, 

JiarcV, pril • 3* • Ftansc;-, :^c.;r©8«nti • • oat or, of 
and Tay est 41st ./fcreot, 1 ow York Ji 

. lalt , rtli , m v . 

Aug. & Stgt, - Leland J, B«md f of Junse «i ic-olol 

Coaper. , l^rr.ia. 

-!*•&• Levla, ao:x>lle 9 '-linn. 

lug. fe c . .. - Etemafl HoClintook, of ittaburgl , 

- .oi-v.l .leGwgor. of ,*irbauk # Otttl ., ro t re- 
••ntinc *>«ore<i . iL. Oonpe ; . 

July i Au-uot - ~a;rt. . . . ..loinaataldt, of i<m York . . 

• . lie:., of Jiedford, Ore,;on. 


Vjalt of -ecrotnr;.' of the Interior ^114 -oQJftfjy oft Vhe ^ITy.— 
ecretary of Mm Interior, BMn ^ohn ilarton IfcfMt neoonTenlecl by 
the secretary of the Navy, lion. Joaephua Jtoiele. arrired in the 
park or. the noroin S6 by way of the northern entrance, 

bavins raotored fro* Bslena, ' ontaaa, with • • senator & J* 
3alsh 9 by way of Fouidor, Aroe -orks, an<! Dossnan, HMMttna* t 
they tsero joined by Oovomor &• V. ^towart of Montana, 
»ral carloads of cltlaena fror ivi , itater, 

end Blllln^e Joined the party aac aocujapanied thai a to the park* 
ZS*>y node an official inspection of the park* going to upper 
Geyaer Basin and oakin- a aide tail to Lone ^tar Oeyaer on the 
27th. On the 26th the party visited ..^o j , returning to 

: , •• ..-•;!- . -v . . n Jul? M HMM MM M - ■ tof 

of '.'ount aahburr, lunched at Booserolt Cenp. returned t!»rough 
Smi t Wfl rasa, and left on the 30th Tic the -ody ontmnoo. 

Visits bi ftlclclo of ^tlonal >ark .xxrrlco .— on. tephen 
. "t r, Irector of the rational i-nrtz -errice. raade an official 
iction of the park •attending fron noon, ucust 10, to noon 

SO, entering and lea-Tin-: - ' 
aietar.t ireotor Arno 3 # Cenneror Ylsitod the park officially 
fron June 14 to lLth. 

Q-veraors . — -overiior (obart • Cere; of lyoolng earn in at 
the eastern entrance on Aogost 23, sent out Tin the sooth entrance 

into Jacksaa Hole on .\aguet 86, ..«! to Cody thi 

ft ha Tarh, epeaftlae IfjM of Ao^iBt 80 at the Lake Itotel* 

vemor •* V. ..t overt or !>jtt. ; an vlnifcod the park July 
86 to 29th v ^orotnrioG .ayna and Dar iolo. 

ovemor John J. OaanrxMll of eat Vl\ t -;inla too here fm 
, vc, eeoanpanied by x-Jorerr^r -anry 

. stfield M the (MM* 8t«Ati 

orereor a. . vr.rier of entered the park at 

('•ardiner on July 27 and spent a few days earning niv .13 fmlly. 

AoagoiprlaMejyi Cejffftttee lour? «— Bef HfPe prtrtt— I -xriaitteo 
of the United ->tatoa louse of iiejree e ntatliea raade an official 
tour of the park from -uly 19 to July 25* &q f allowing Mobera 
of the Coxdttae ware in the part : 

Tamea >•• -rood, 
i?.ll- . ■ ', ' .na| 
Hon* Louie- 0« 8raA , I igan; 


i J, Sa0P , ew Jarac: | 
. ■ - • • r eo, nrollna* 

ccortpeny . . ;t a Chalman of the 

iuhlic Lende Jcciaitteo, r. J* : • -Jeo'lo of the naolaaa ion 
-arrioe; and vst m A« K* art a, ric of the Approprintioaa 

Hie alvae and friends of aevernl neobero alao -set the party 
end accompanied thers for at leant I of the park tri . 

2ULo CooDlttee arriYoU a t eat Yeiloaatone on the wnlne tral 
of July 19 and proceeded that day to inyon hotel by way of 

Basin, where they rarmlned ov«r . 1 July CO tSey 

went to the top of 'taunt eahbum, arrived at Cer > ooeewelt 
for a one o* clock luncheon, and ^rooeeded In the afternoon to 
■■ . ' - . 

v >o rwrnirv* of July 21 «aa spent view! 3$ Um ;xriHg» 

and inspecting the ^lrr.ta and build irv-r. °** *J» 'National ?arfc 
orvice and the concessioners whoso headquarters ere located at 
Unsaoth* Ae party ;rj>c«ei!ed in t:« afternoon to -Id I'eithful 

Xbe next day pert of the party vial tod Jackson Lake, the 
balance d»ifig on to the Lake Hotel , whore t]*a tiro rouj* re- 
joiner each other late that eight, jet by iioiu 
Sraiik • ondell, sMber of Jou£xoac froa fiyoalng sod floor 
Leader of «t» o. , and also by trustor 
/••• -• evia of I ■ N&e«ftft&ea 9eVft€t «.u i construction 
engineer. As party left Jfce : - sing Tie the 
east entrance* 

Vlaito bj Otfrsr Msy sssffle a* Caaffreae.-- HMt sneers of 
>ae wiaitln': the park sere as follows: 

. . anator, lies .indeTter of 'taaJiin^ton; 
. . • icks of ew -o: 
Both Hat ton cuanerc of Texas; 
Boa* 0er2 • Riddled of : or; 
iion« ;ddir . i? Idaho* 


WUtrt "fiflTVtfi*- ■» ^o following 3rooln«nt of fl dale of 
the railroads ■ Mil are latorested In briajjine tourinta to tha 
park were eouiifcad assxag ius eftMal vlaitore duriu« the paafc 

.ice -reoidsnt,. . | I ., and Geno. 

Orals, and P iMMcngar -Yaffle an«G«~. • • Jaaiagsr of tha 

fie yatc , • • 

of tha TT»?on hart Li , 

-~>*»ident J. M. Bannaford, anrt nseenee- "to 

Jlevolsnd, of '/e art acifia Hallway 

M -reside- » • rrihan of t - .lc , rilngton and 
■Uvaal '•*>.; General Sfeaaen^ar . . ^ack 


' .a*, floor «— I o QffialeJ ndlag Xbar, uadar tha 

auspices of tha Itatlonal talfc to tu*;; .i.ghway Aaaoci ion and 

tha Aierlc^n WaaaoedXa Aeaoei , Ube op;>roTal of tha 

national ^rvioo, loft -envar, Colorado, on ,u'3ust 2£> and 

reached tha east entrance to follows tone i-^rk on >^epte rtbar . 

The leaders of the iterty were ... va-ir&rd, of asalagaea* 

• .; m -1 *% or Cody, .yocain ; cott Leovltfc, «f ^ront 

alia, 'ontana; • • S« Bktrbane, of Jenver, Oolorr . 

._.— ■■- 

of tie aaaaehueette .oraatry iaaaelatton naklng their annual 

tour af />arka and laonu * er the leedereMp of r. >rrle 

K m Heynolda, ecrotary of the '.aeoci^tion, cane into Gardiner 

on July E and laft via Ba#f on July 8 # 

or llfitlrqpilaaail visitors, abo are mentioned on eoeoant of 


their special interost in the welfare of the park, vera as follows! 

Brigadier "er.oral John A. Johnston, . . Arcy, who arrived 
on July 17 and ronained ur.til August 8J • 

Kr* O#orra r'oraoe Loriner, iditor of the Saturday i.ver. ' 

poet, arrived with his fardly via Cody on July 7 and laft on 
July 13» 

fir* Kaereon Tlou^h of Chicago, waa hora from July 6 to Aurust 


Lieut* "enoral Hunter Li~r,ett, . • Airy, was hero fro* 
August 2 to AuguGt 5, inclusive. 

Lieut. General S. 5* ?.'• Toung, Ba S* Aroy, Hetired, and 
!-?ra # Young aotorad froa ;':ashi:irton, Ds C«, arriving at the aaat 
entrance on July 1* General Younc waa twioe superintendent of 
the park* 

Adclral Oa Mb Kinslow and Adasiral rlotoher, TT . I« *?avy, 
spent a lar^e part of July in the park with their fanilioa. 

r. "ftl • • rts, writer for the Saturday ivenin- Poet, 
•pent several weeks of' July tad / upjat in the par . 

Col. '-ranMir. ' '•' li?r, oaDar.der of the American Le ion, 
toured the pari: r roa Au^uet \C to 19th inclusive* 

• I ester, * ir ctor o A t»-c Coast and Geodetic 
Survey, oamood in t> o park with hia family for ten days, 
ninr Aurust 1?, and after ■aking the park trip loft by way of 
Cody on September . 


Kr. Willian '. *ro.v of 'aokensack, T?ew Jersey, oer»o to the 
park by way of "ardiner on /uguet 8 and spent several weeks v. 
a pack outfit exploring tha southwest corner of the ^ark. Ha has 
eubriltted a data? lad report of this country, with a nunher of 
excellent photo;^ra;->hs o? the beautiful soenery In the Hoc I •. r 
and Tells ?iver country, "r, ^rcrjr left the ark on September 

Mr* 'Herbert Torey, writer for nusvsrous ne 3 and news- 

papers, entered the park on August 29 and left on September ". 

C on v ent lo ne* — vrhile no conventions were hold in the park, 
several that were held in western States durinj the tourist season 
brought )arr,e parties of tourists to the park that otherwise nij^e 
have cone. Dele^tes and others attend lag arranged their trips 
so that they could visit Tellowrtone and other national parks, 
oither en route to, or returning from these conventions. The 
four noet important oonventions were as f»1 lowsi 

Sss utionnl lencofwtls BMMBSiai bsjl4 ll M wmtmB t 
Cellfornis, the latter part of June. 

9 ! atlonal Convention of the Ancient Order of the !*ystic 
Shrine, held in Tort It* , r«J , July U to 7tlu 

The "ationtl Convent ion e rlwania I , be] In 

Portland, Oregon, la #■ e. 

The 3ational Z nvention of the hutionel Iduoat.ional Assoolatl< 
'eld in Salt Lake , , ' ' lye 

1;' - 
Wy Saojgts 1 __. — he unusual opporturities 

for recreation and study of fore*, by 7ellow8tono "at ion* 1 'ark wore 
I lll-cd b" Nh eouts oT /.marie* in increae' -ibera during 

the 19C0 season, *?*in£ .atural wondera of tMi re- 

gion appeal to few classes 1 iaeaa nor* than to Scouta, and. 

aro understood bettor by none, the park administration offered 
the lads every facility tar c. "'ellowrtone thorou : ly, 

eaoecially those sections o r It in which vil.: life abounds, 
"o eneoura-B Hfet nae o ■": a , 

the Park Service will to roudy at all tinos to assist la plaxnin- 
trlpe, tc ^jxt-'. irta who can speeX 1 t3 ■ ba y i or. the natural 

rk, cn£ to allow the Soouta wider latitude 
a»ue.Il- ir 'y ^ , beee^Kse met -txinod 

to use without a bun In . 

^uts frost Kew Tork, Iowa, Utah, a- ' -ho vleitod the 
park durin- the year, the largest party bain- fron ^^dun, ''tah. 
Save of the groups chose to hike the en J Lf istenee around the 
pmrkj othera rode between the roet, «hioh 

they uaed as bases Tor expeditions into territory soldor visited 
by tourists, where they studiod bears, noreupinee, deer, wild 
ducke, and other ani^le in their native environaiant. 

I an aooi.ient or r*ee of ilirese mrred i. art a. 

Many lata left the park ten pounda heavier than ahen they entered, 
and every one learned rti or life ma4 how to neet unuaual 

condition*. Soout I xecutivo ~oorre /■• ~oate& o^ ~den declared 
the boys in hia party of C5 learned acre in the two wacko they 
•pant in the Yellowstone than they m ' avo learned in a year 

of sooutinr otherwise* 

■' ■ ■■ "I.'^i - . 

flM » R ra NrtetitM wm.&* available aiaca the data of tha 

last report are aa follows* 

19C0 fiscal year* 

-ct rpo3e Anount 

^ov. !;, 1919 aalabaraanant of funda expended fl-hting 

• -. ', : • w»ent of fttnda ex- 


i^ar» 6, 1920 Seisbureanent of fund8 expeneed in enere-.cy33.05G. 59 

purchase - "-- • 1 . ! . 

. . [ Log crib in Ilk It , . - 

l'/gl fiscal year* 

June 5« 1?20 Adninistration, protection, naintenanoe* i:27 • »00 

and lup rc vaoent* 

-> deficit, r^priatloos che total funda 

mda available for the 1920 fiaoal yer.r to IJafc*? • . .300 

havin- bewo appropri*' the n it , : ' , *u stated In 

the laot annual report. 

■•ither the ap i*tljr.« for l*st year nor tho«o for the 

13 . 
currant fiscal year are adequate for the oar* and upkeep of this 
park, and ur.til the necessary ir;provencnte have been rmde I 
believe that the Yellowstone should receive i:i the neii'hbo'vooJ 
of half a nilllon dollars annual*:. . 

-V. - '. 

The revanuoa of Yollovjston* Park are steadily inoreaei , 
and dur'i o current fisoal year the total anount collected 

will approach, if not exce, l , 1 :;,000, 

The rever.ues for the 1920 fiscal ye«r i'cllowi 

Sale or" autoaobil© Md notoroyclo pcmits «... 

Collected fros corporations and individuals operating 

hotels, 7©rnan«snt Canps, t a transportation line, stores, 
and picture chops •• •••••••• 

Sale of electric current ••••....••.••. 

Sale of water ••.. • • 

fiscal lar.oous oolloctione •••........... • 


All of these funds were deposited to the credit of 
cellar.oous receipts of the United States treasury. 



Births.— A baby boy, losooo Harold Monnell, was born to 
L'r, and >rs. fred Lome Ikmnell, one of our Kueohanlcs, at 
Haaaaoth Hot Sprl-^s, on September 9, 1920. 

'■odcil BMg — ■* Be ft* Danilton, who haa a atoro oonooaaion 
in tha park, anu UjM WUf r.penoe, o;" "t. Paul, Minnesota, ware 
nerriuo at the Yellowstone 7mrk Chapel, at Aaaaath Hot Sprin-a, 
at IOij.0, boptanber 8D, 1,..-.. tesldents o park attended 

the weading« 

Ngg i — a. prU IS MFMl i.-cr . , Johns, - ; fta 
landtag fron one o" his patrols through the perk and about 1* 
nilec inside of tho ..ark, on ''ollroftrin; Oreek, foabd Mo body 
of a nan, the snow vhioh corered hlra havin waited ao that a 
little of hla olothinr ehowe . oe to tho &wver* weather, it 
was inpractioaLlo to t-jovo the body, and it vas carefully trapped 
in stron*. oanvas a.-.d lurled near the spot where it was 

ru7e ia located about 1^ nilea inside o^ the park frota the 
north boundary, on the ri~,ht bank of cllroarln ; "reek, Mai le 
narked with stake* at the head Mai Toot, and the tree nearby is 
biased. The oan apparently waa a foreigner, re as posi- 

tively no swans of idanti float ion* 

Hr« Jake MHm»j .-., ocnlx, Aritona, ciod c '.eert 

failure near M e top of Sylvan ?aaa on Juno 30, 192C. ■ *nd 

hio son, Jake filler, Cr m$ were nakinc the trip through the parte In 
a ord oar, and as the oar was not pullln- very well in — 
up the f~rade In Jylvan Pais, I r # "lller, r., deolded to walk, 
hia son coins ahead with the oar* :<hen the eon had rone about 
two hundred yards he looked baok and saw his father 1; .e 

road* The old nan was dead when the son reached hia. Doctor 
Howe, of Ce , yoain;,, exarined the body and reported that 
death was duo to fatty de-eneratlo?i of the heart, r. iller 
was 70 years of a^e and very fleshy, wc about 215 pounds* 

On July 31 **!•* 'tary Snlth, a rirl of about fourteen , 
traveling with her nother and stepfather, ' r* * • "oodwin, died 
in the public autoaobile eanp at Old aithf ?1 of heart failure. 
An undertaker net the party at "arciner, and the «b shipped 

baok to "ort "ollins* 

rn July 11 :'r* J* • Aldereon and his wife, son, an.- a 
daughter, of Strtnvberry Foint, Iowa, in a "\dck li -}<t six oar, 
were er.route fron the Canyon to Tower alls* When they were 
abo-:t five nilee fron the ^anyon, &>\nr up Mil, the engine died* 
The son, . . Alderson, who -was drivi: , C. out to crank I , 
as ths starter would not work* He unwi* - left it in re- 

verse instead of neutral, and when t.he onrine started the oar 
ran backwards and went over the bank, sad was wrecked* 

I 11 cliiibed out exoept the nether, who sustained a badly wrenched 


rl^ht shoulder and son* Minor bruise* and contusions* r>,or* 
were r,o broken bones, ar\d at the lent roport tho sot 'or 

The Yellowstone Park Transportation on -any' s ten- 
oar *'o« 69, loaded with tourists, left tho road on a curve a 
little eouth of the nlne-sailo post, '.Sesoeoth towards v 'orris, about 
2iUl> tho afternoon of July 1G» The only person i- jured was 
J« Be barter, 71 IWi .-trect, r oleco, ' hio, who sustained a 
fractured am* The am ma set Igf Dfw ?• V5» Beyers, of " ichite, 
Kansas, teio was travelim; in another one ftt the transportation 
coapeny'e oars* Tho other ten paaoan^ors in tho c*r «cre in- 
terviewed, and -with one tocos thoy all spoke well o r the 
:river* ' octor Redden was called fron lunstii and took the 
injured oan In, and another car *e>o s<mt to take tho rsessen'ers 
to tta* ellwwstone* Several passengers said that !'r. "ertcr lusqx 
fron the oar and landed against a stvaap* 

Cn July U Dfw J« .'• .'.trykor, of Livinr,6ton, "on tana, ^ur. 
froa a nine in 7. board of a oar arc landeu ta '"ront of another car 
which was run-in; close behind* The lscy .irivinr the rear oar 
was unable to stop when the car ahead slowod down and she ran 
out to the eif.o* octor Gtryker was quite seriously injured, 
several ribs bein* broken snd hie am badly torn and lsoorated* 

On July 2>., the Yellowstone Park Transportation Conpany's 
ear "o» 5f;# «n route to est Yellowstone, wen' " the road be- 


the ryinc Pan and Korris, tipping over on its side* This 
was occasioned by Mm cer* o ■••ting the transportation oowpe? 
oar o* 136 galaf !■ the epos its direction toward* Jtusooth* 
Btobody ias seriously hurt* 

On July lo, the "ellovstone Park Transportation 3wjMW*t 
hired car ?To* \£f), driven by tho owner, r. Pelpln, loft tha 
roau at a cir c at tha eleven-cilia po»t fron ^ld t. I towards 

Thumb, str a tree* Tho occupants of the oar were «-. loyeea 

of the Yellowstone Tarx. "otel Company engaged In outtinr woo ... 
All of than ware more or less bruised, but no bones ware broken* 
The driver claimed that he struck a soft spot in tho road whore 
the grader had boen over it # throwing hir. o • 

A Chandler oar soinr towards ''pper lasin left the road at 
a sharp turn at ijtoelelor 'eyser about 3*30 a*n*, on Aurust ', 
turned over twice and landed ri-ht side up* There were six peo 
in the oar and nobody was injured beyond a few scratches* The 
driver was tried for speeding* 

On Aupnist 1 , HM v ellowstone la"* Transportation Company's 
car no* 111, nearinc Madieem Junction on the road from Horris, 
mart the company's oar 'To. 1' , in- towards "orris* *:o. Ill 
nlsjudr.ed the speed of * o. 21'. or. ht hs had roon to pass, 

and In attenp' o avoid a rut ho oaused a oollisi' . 

S. A. "avin, on the loft hand rear scat o" Cr es HI* oither 


had Ms held out o. ','..© ear or wr. swayed out to ono aide and 
received a eerero LIot* on the : tad, !!e was cared for at V e 
hotel coc£eny , s hospital at "a ?»th, taken hone by the 

rery Hev. fa A. Vartii., . ' • , of ;oly rotary ',hureh, Vinnoepolia, 
' iir. # w^o cane for * In T'cpteaber ? and left Septenbor . 

A baby Cvcrland Pour ^ylir.Jer oar owned by C. L. Huffmn, of 
Wichita, "ansae, driven by hia son, left the road about a nile 
west of the Dufalo -ar» and turned ovor. • uffnen* s shoulder 
was fractured. 

On AuTist 21, Penry 3ay«r was Injured In an accident to 
the extent that he sustained a p.mcturod lu: . ■ -x-erous 

abrasions about the bo.:.-. .-• layer was in corprny with Xr. and 

rs. „d Sohulte in a Cadillac u&r, 1920 yordn^ issue, To. ~3, 
all or them residents o" Casper, '<¥yosda£e The party was on *he 
road to the Cody entrance, 1^. roiles eac I * o Lake anj^er Ste 
J'rs. I jo was driving the oar at * noderate rate oC speed when 

the accident occurred. It wac elained by witnosaes to the ac 
that Crs# Cchulte turned to the side o: tl o reel to allow another 
ear to pass, which w*a ^oing in the eaae direction, sad in so 
doinr, rar. iff the ban!, turning the oar ooispletely error* An 
investigation was instigated a* onoe, and Ra*£er iness reported 
that in his opinion the pessinc party wac ay reeponaible 

for the aocide: - The driver of the car was reprirmnded. 

li tat. was attended, at the request of Panger Vines s, by a 
private doctor visiting the Lake Publio Auto Caap* 


Cn Geptenber 21, a ftiiok oar <lriven b; .-. . • ~den, 
and carrying two passengers, ran into a tree while nekin~ a 
turn near the twenty-milo post on tho road froa Lake to Sylvan 
~»3S, The o»r was bein<* driven at a speed. 

ion '-ad four ribs brokon, and I'iso t-dith Rbi I , one of the 
passengers, sustained several bruises and a broken jew, caused 
by tho breaking of the windshield* A passing nachine hm 

occupants of i^i» wrecked car t . . Tho broken oar was 

later towed into Cody. 


■ ■ ■ ■ ii 

The contemplated permanent arrangeaont '"or furnl 
nodical and hospital service in the park tho year around, has 

yet boon accomplished. The Yellowstone Park Totcl 'onpany 
taployod its own doctor during the tourist season, with tho usual 
eor.plc:iorit o ' urces lt*ti«Md at SJMh Iwtsjl* fl S OT*ny 
also had a nurse stationed at eaoh carrp. 

A temporary arranceoent was nede wit Doctor • . raw » 

which went into effeot tho alddl© jst, whereby he ahes 

nedlcal sorvico to rovemnent erployooc, and to cover the ex- 
pense each employee is assessed at the rate of |1 a tan- or K 2 
' o desires to have the free servioo extended to hie f* 

• •-•• 

:iful native stone Governraent chapel, which was 
built bv the TTar T )epart:T specie' oprlation in Vj , 

ar which has since been open ^or u3o o" all deoonlnatione alike, 
was need regularly ell winter r, or services by ^ev« J. . ritcherd, 
of ini-rer.t, Montana, e aisolonar .'".ive of the 

ProteetantHbpiscopal Church, ur irection of the Rt. ->ev, 

A* ff» Febe*-, ishop of ?iontana« Let season both 

■orninr; er.d erenir.£ services vere held every Sunday and were 
well ettended by both travelers and park employees. 

Bishop fhber raade his anrual visit to this lalsslon on July 
11th and conducted services both nomine and evening, and on this 
occasion confirmed a class o* ei^ht nonbers. 

Catholic services were hold occasionally unci r direction 
of Father Macro, of Livingston, Montana, 

rlstian Scientists also I el services frequer/ 


In the absence of any provision by vermsent 

sehool fecilities for children whose parents ret 
in the park as employees of the ovemne*-.t or conceesionera, e 
private school ms emirtained at the expense of the fanllios 


Motion pictures e wore 'he 

Jiall once a v*c ' -■ ,our # • the winter these 

ware financed by & cooperative a rr*n;;enont between the park 

and the resltfonts o"' r, "onttna. Murine the 

season they were taken over a* by tho Park 

of the recoaneudetions aade 5 t I want 

to here renew* Theae tnd *ow reeonaocdationo not made last 

year will j any i»eans cover tho ne this park, but 

should the Service be plaood in a oositior. to carry out the 
Croater part of then the park itcolf vc 3 t only be tre- 

mendously bar reds c isands of ?r 

or more who will ris* J I next year and there- 

ar will derive a such If recreation I 'assure 

than the thousands who have already visited the Yellowstone. The 
reooBDend^tiona followt 

1* ore attention 3hould bo -,iven to tho privato notorists. 
Additional public oarcp r rounds should be developed at once. These 
should be equipped with water systems, comfort stations, fire 

«fce, and an adequate means of c*rbace disposal, Camps built 

this yoar at !*.•■ , ear Basin, and tha 

nd Canyon e* c further oxtwideil and lnproved, and new 

oaape built at the outlet of, the Teat Thumb of 
the Lake, To .lis, orris Geyser Ifcein, and the eastern 

entrance, and at other points whore campers congregate in 
lar-e nuiaDers* Thau smaller camps with fever facilitios should 
be built fron tine to tine as needed* 

2* "loselv related to the development of large publlo camp 
is the need of near stations, particularly at 
'eyser Basin, La>e outlet, and the Grand Canyon, where 
*▼<«■•-!•".- »*At.1noi are in a state of dilapidation and unfitted 
to serve present needs* These should be replaced lwtediately 
by larre new stations with a central rooa which can be used as 
a cooaunlty contor or calipers, this roon to contain an infor- 
amtion office, a branch postoffico I : » snd such other 

faoilltios as will better serve those visitors to the park who, 
for one reason or _ '# ' * care to lire in tho hotels and 

3* increased appropriations should be 
road systen ef the park* The tremendously heavy 
it is now subjected is ru out large sections of the 

road, and particularly those having a travelled surftoo. 
iapor ta nt still, the s rlrV.rlin/ system must be largely rebuilt. 

due to the feet \» r-raetisal!' >oa long 

usa^e with h -AnlnuB ef r e pa ir 

U» A pmdoal no«t 

apes 1 -* II Mftj J - - be adopted and -pro~ 

ively cnrriod ? < T nder such a ions of 

the road which ore hn.r alntair. si ul be bettered 

and aa funds are available thla work should be continued until 
all sections o.~ the road not bavin,: a natural surface that is 
during and setisiVjtory are In the proper condition to withstand 
as heavy travel as the systes will be likely x o be subjected to. 
. The rood known aa the ireholo Cutoff t between «a.!iaon 
Junction and the Cascades o^ the . "irehole, should be finished. 
It will coat about I , 100 to' fir is road. The fact that 

a ver>- lar.-o sua of money has already been expended o Arngr 

Bngineers is another reason why this road should be completed 
and opened for use. 

6. A new road should be tail! *h Lower eyser Basin, 

naking accessible t' <* rreat Fountain B ey aer # Ireholo Lake # 
'.lack Warrior, and neny other interesting features. : ver 
autcnoMlea were adnitted to the par ewer ~eyser Basin has 

been practieell; -sap sc far as the op 

Its wonder f ;1 springs arul geysers is oonse w ssd» 


7» The road between the 'Vest 7hunb o*' Lake Ye^owstone 
and Bridge JJay, not r*r rora the Lake Hotel, haa exacsslve 
grade*, no water with whioh sprinkling can be done, +nd is other- 
wise hard to nair.taln. This road should be abandoned as soon 
as possible and a new highway constructed alone *k* shore of tha 
lake following ':he general rout© o" the ori,~inal road which waa 
abandoned aboot nineteen years ago, 

8* The Inspiration Point road at the Hrand Canyon should 
be widened and protected by adaqj&te parapets* ^alks should 
also ba ecrur- - 1 i read, la order v a' podaatrions 

way not be selected J > uoe of the 


. There are several sectio: r eastern 

appro* c , "8 wall as tw niles c 

approach road bolow Lewis Lake, which 3k>ulc be race ':ed, 

- ted, fftterod. Ms. 

s" ' on ap; 

Likewise, several bridge* on the ear 
shone "ores* -i rebuilt. 

\ l rast w! ■ icrn entrance with its splendid 

arr , rn and rest, "rancos appear vary ur. 

and •jcce*din*ly ordinary. Kt ractive r,ato-*ays struoturaa a> 
be built at those points. 

11. At several places alon , and 

also alonj ~^° r * n ? *he seoond canyon of tho Yellowstone near 
Tower "alls on the Mount ITashburn road, and other equally da- - 
garous places, the rwds should bo protectod by well-built 
parapets, preferrlly of rock cot In oenent. It is particularly 
necessary that a parapet a Ion - tl\o rand Canyon and on "ount 
"Tfashbura be erected next year. 

12 # The telephone systea should bo very greatly extendod 
and as soon as possible metallic circuits should be constructed 
to tho outlot of Lake Yellowstone and to r eyser Dasin. 

If funds could .a nade available the advisable thins would be 
to acquire the independent line o" the Yellowstone Pmffe 'otel 
Conpeny, and upon a consolidation of this line with the ^overnsaent 
line establish a first-class syetesa that would cure for all 

13» The utmost attention nust be ;.ivcn to the care of the 
elk, buffalo, and other wild anlsalc. It is very evident that 
additional hay ranches oust be developed at once, end the creat 
areas of aativo r;r*B8 now r-ooesslbla in tho Slouch 'reek Valley 
should be utilised. This will roquire the oonstructio 
ranch house, bam, and fences, as well as th( r ase of 
mehlnery r or cutting and handling hay. ore land at the buffalo 
ranch should be al3o put under ^l<ivatlon, and additions made to 


buildings at the ranc' • 

Tl^ There should be a 'urthor adjustnent of Erasing 
privileges on the na + ion%l forestc »f tho park, to tho 

and that nore o iral tvi.r.tor ran.-o of tho oik way bo 

^•reserved for use of those ani nls when driven outside the park 
boundaries by storae, 

15« There Bhould b© Tory radioal olian£os in the 1'ontana 
rase laws, and I reoonraend that tfc ; onal Pari n Loe do 

eve ry thing possible to urge the delimitation of the season to 
a Ten short period , preferably two weeks, until sane of the 
losses of last year are mde up by the natural increase* The 
75-day season now authorised by the laws is indefensible frost 
any standpoi I . 

l£e !V>re ^inds rrust be provided for the t . -b and 
grounds at headquarters* ? it.hln two years it wil ooessi 

to -air.t rest n % the bull I the old ~ort Yellowstone, a 

•valuable plant that should - / dor any cirouontiinoes be allowed 
to deteriorate* 

17. Mew trails should ~e b .lit, partioultr -pose 

better -tlotw Wherevor possible existing 

trails should bo narked and inprovod. It is particularly de- 
sirablo that the trail system paralleling the roads be completed, 
and also that a trail be built fro*n I eart Lake aoross the ai 
of Lako Yellowstone to the Tellowstone dver. 

IB* All In "a, wr j well as "~hy 

on«a, r!,i>3' bl van nc , Ircu-nstanoos. 

Vo irri.-stion projects i^volvj r>p the voters of Yellowstone Park 
that hare been discussed reed ba constructed wit! part 

boundaries, baoeuce there are adequate eitec for tho stora e 
of these wator* 'a of the per . 

I • After a careful oonsidere'loc of all 'oris of 

the park, I w , : ' ion o the Ireholc 

Cutoff road, the proposed highway owor ieyaor Basin, 

the rehebilitM ion of tho old road alort^ the shore of Lake 
Yellowstone between IFeet Thupib and the outlet of tho lake, and 
the improvement of the road in tho park: connectins with the 
Vest ~al3atin *oed, no other hi-hwaya c It in 

Tollowstone For' , Ml or v creefter, 

20. It would be -sost advantageous I -»r' If the 

legislation proviu! o axtc of the rxir-: to include 

the heedwatura of the Yellowstone ;>n ^aunts' '.on 

should be enacted into law. }.»y reocssnendetion nf^rdlnr the 
construction of no raore now roads would also extend to the 
area involved iu t osod ->ont. ! r owevo-, the neln 

*v p. cross this area, now ?nder Mst Jurisdiction o' 
Part Service, should be further improved east always kept in 
-ct-class condition. 

, , at tho headwstors 

of the Lazsw* , t* i*r!-, Lnf the valleys of 

I :alfeo # a. r»okQ, at well as the Lamr iver 

itself, 1 bo added to tike pa:- , or that the eastern 

^fHtf r y »*y ^« of the coiar" . 

21* Th« tla # ca:ipc, and tr station line should all 

be required to expax*] their as fast as possible, in 

aay accomodate the ever-i::creasln(* thr of 

▼loiters* It is particularly neoessr come of the hotels 

'••• . l..r ,/"■'= ' -'.r. of :cv slo ;'. v roons ar,. extension* 

:-3 t xis« ''ore oc side trips nust bv Vept 

hereai*tor ut tho '. r^st. 

. A ooro "V. study auet be aade OJ ^anitary problona at 
i t oysor Dasiu, Lake outlet, and the 

. f the United States 

rufclic Health .-crvioe and sh onsive, extendi , 

;ible, ovar the entire sea6 , cr that conditions 

ear- , and a' . roeson, nay be obsonred 

able that sever ays tens will hare to 
be esbablis). ':he ec. o at each of the nair joints of 

- z ,, a is th the pari: will hero so 

■any ctfter.sions of their own to finance, these systems are 11 
to becone a charge upon the federal ~ovornaent. 


encoded Lf poMiblo author^ ' 

be »«c ./atone ,*o- 

int of the rundry oi. 
Mil. Oartf s loh r plar purohaao of 

?li*a en<'. « . ,xrted # 

• the c ion of the p^ ;ld 

be oc ■- ~t«; ' , ..1 r 

ben eople of th- .o par!:. , 

it wo'jlri be ' ?irabl rovonuos of the par': coo] 

be expend ho r.alnlorta. rrosaeai roada and